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Amy what kind of work do you do? maybe you could get an in-home babysitter so Henry doesnt have to be away from you if he really needs you, and it would be less expensive...I used to do it in high school for a neighbor of mine. She got more done, and even took naps while i was there if she didnt have work. Sometimes she didnt have work, so that meant that I didnt have work ,lol, but she would make it up to me by letting me watch her kids while she and her DH went out to the movies, etc. I dont know if its anything you considered, and i think its a better alternative to daycare. HTH!
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Gossamer, as the others have said, you are always welcome here. We think of you alot, and consider you one of us! Possibly more than any of us here, you know the raw emotion of what it means to be a mama.

I sometimes wish Emily would slow down with the things she's doing. She saw her sister push one of her chairs up to the wall, stand on it, and do something. Then, today, she moved one of the chairs (they are very light), and the next thing I know, she's reaching for something high up. Sheesh! Be a baby for a little longer!! Please!

I'm going to send out birthday party invitations next weekend. I don't think I'll do a theme, just make it festive and birthday-like, not like Christmas, though.

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Angelica's party is this Saturday. I dont remember if I ever mentioned a date to ya'll.
Bec, she copied me once to. I was trying to bribe her to walk and I had a blue nerf type ball. I put it in my mouth (on my lips really) so I could both hands out to her to see if she would walk and when she came over (no steps on her on) she took the ball out, looked at it and put it back in my mouth.
Tonight she took a half a step to me, then a whole step to the table. She did that on purpose cause she let go of my hand! Then another half step to me again.
She's saying mama more too this week.
I pm'ed Chelly2003 last night. She is doing well she said, just a busy mama. Gillian got all the babies beat I think with 10-12 teeth! She's not walking yet but is crawling up a storm!
Okay, nighty night
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Houston, we have a molar : While he was screaming for his Daddy tonight I got a peek and one of them has broken though. The left bottom molar. Looks like a little white mountain range back there. Poor babe. he has been waking less the last couple of nights- only 4-6 times per night instead of 10-12 :LOL

Amy- I know what you mean about the nightwaking- many times DH and I have talked about nightweaning and he has even tried to convince me to "Ferberize" but we are sticking it out. I understand where you are coming from- it is terrible to be exausted all the time, especially when you have to work.

That was a good suggestion to get someone to come to your home- maybe a neighborhood teen can come over every afternoon and let you get 3-4 hours of work done. That would be 20hours a week- a good start at least. And it would be structured so Henry and you would expect it.

Where are the picctures from all these birthday celebrations!!!! I want to see some cute cake pictures!

Bec- Em is climbing ALREADY?!! - I am so not looking forward to that.
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Here are some pictures from Iris' party... I did a whole wheat, maple syrup sweetened cake with a butter cream type frosting with blueberries. It was really good!

Iris and her cake


When are they gonna get me out of here?

Opening a present (A silver engraved cup)

Gossamer: I think about you often and I am glad when you check in.

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Awe, Iris is so adorable

I hate the climbing. I spent 95% of my days chasing after DD and taking her off the stairs (grandma refuses to put a gate up 'cause it'll wreck her paint on the walls ). If she isn't climbing the stairs, she's climbing out of her highchair, trying to climb into her playpen, climbing up her highchair (grabbing the bars and lifting herself up by her arms - I didn't think their arm muscles were that strong!), or climbing up the side of chairs or trying to climb out of her crib. *sigh* I climbed out of my crib at 1yr and fell to the floor knocking the wind out of myself and I hope she doesn't learn to do that.

Here's DD's birthday party last week:
studying her cake
done eating her cake

She didn't go too nuts with the cake - not like I thought she would. The party didn't go well either - someone threw up, and I had no choice but to plan the party to start AT her naptime, and end 3 hours past when she would have napped. Now that made for a fun afternoon. By present time, she was whining and didnt want anything to do with the presents. Next time I don't care who has to work at what time, I'm making the part AFTER nap time.
/end rant
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Gossamer, love to you and Mary Rose in our birthday season.

We had the Eid this weekend, and Meryem had a blast. There were tons of kids everywhere we went, so she was happy. I took my kids, with some friends and their kids, to a childrens museum. She was CRAZY! There was a play vet hospital, a play grocery store, and big kids all over. She looks at kids her own age and smaller and calls them babies, and then runs off with 7-year-olds if we let her. Seriously, 7. She got a stuffed puppy and a toothbrush and could not have been more pleased.

OK. Time for school.
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Thanks for the picture fix, y'all Precious.

We are currently planning a B-Day party for Ds. It will be in conjuction with FIL(12/7) and cousin Jennifer(12/1) and that's fine with me. With everyone's schedules crazy during Dec. I may even suggest ( since there will be lot of people there) that we draw numbers ( 1,2,3) or names so each guest only buys one gift. That way we will come home wiTh 1/3 of the plastic toys we normally would :LOL

DS has been sleeping better- I guess since that molar is through. More later- gotta go.

Good to see you back jooj!
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Nice pics Star and sagewinna!
Lucky for me most of the people that will come to Angelica's party will give her money for the bank!
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Awesome bday pics everyone Too cute

Well, it happened...remember me telling you about regretting setting up the xmas tree so early....
Take a look:

Christmas tree

Doesn't he look quite proud of himself??? : This child can't be left alone for even a MILLISECOND!! He's an accident in the making, waiting to happen :LOL Just so glad that once again, he wasn't hurt. Matter of fact, he found it pretty humerous. My daughter was more than happy to re-decorate the tree.....

Amy I hope you're able to find a solution that will work well for all of you. I am faced with returning to work in January and am also struggling with what I'm going to do with the 3 kids A friend of mine does in-home daycare and I am hoping we can work out something. I so wish I could just stay home with them but financially, it's just not feasable. It really makes me sad

Hope everyone has a good day.
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Star, cute pictures!

Stacy, that's what I fear our tree will look like! I might try to borrow a playpen from someone to put the tree in this year, and we aren't going to put it up until the last minute.

Happy Eid, glad Meryem enjoyed herself!
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I love the pics guys! It's great seeing faces to go with the new names! I can't wait to put our tree up! I'm just not sure where and what to decorate it with. First it was my cats, they play with the decorations (glass balls) and knock them off, so we lose 2-4 each year that way, then they would EAT the cotton underskirt, so I had to get rid of the cheap stuff and buy a real one, which is quite nice so no loss there! But let's see, for Connor's first Christmas we put it on a table in the corner, and he was only 5 mo old, so no danger. Last year, we put it on the floor and he was really good about leaving it alone. Justy on the other hand is younger than he was so I don't know how she'll do. I guess we'll just have to see! And buy non-breakable ornaments!!
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I've been following this thread, but haven't posted in a couple of months I think! I love to hear what everyone's babe is up to, and am loving the birthday pictures!

A quick update on Charlotte... Yes, we too are battling the dreaded molars! We have 8 teeth, and not sure how many molars trying to come in... at least the bottom two. She's really close to walking, is brave enough to take a step or two and then she topples... but it won't be long!

I have to end this post b/c she keeps stealing the mouse and is generally unhappy about me typing... but I can't believe she's almost one! WOW!
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cute pictures! i still have not uploaded the stupid halloween pics yet too busy...maybe today....
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Originally Posted by momof3cutekids
Awesome bday pics everyone Too cute
Take a look:
Christmas tree
Well now your making me nervous!
My mother just bought Jonathan 5 sets of Disney ornaments at 32.00 a set!
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tammi~~ that's alot of money to spend on a toddler, especially on something as breakable as ornaments!! Will you be using them or putting them away?

i still haven't uploaded sages' pics yet........i know i know......
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Originally Posted by Christy1980
tammi~~ that's alot of money to spend on a toddler, especially on something as breakable as ornaments!! Will you be using them or putting them away?
Thier already out Christy- I have to table trees in my kitchen since mid october. I have had to glue 5 already. 2 were not his fault. He cant wait to put them on the real tree.
ttfn kid under foot
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Nice pics christy
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hey y'all,

trying to catch up! happy birthday to all our little one year olds!! can't believe it.

gossamer, . i was so happy to read your dh did well in his knee surgery. you are due for some good stuff happening!

henry's mama, the in-house babysitter sounds like a good plan. maybe a teenage neighbor?

i am NOT doing christmas until after ellie's b-day (the 29th). don't want to set a precedent. we'll start on dec 1st. i totally haven't worked out thanksgiving at my folks and thanksgiving at dh's family's and b-day celebrations. ugh. ugh. ugh. i guess i better start scheming.

i can't believe how big these kids are. dd1 was a later walker (17.5 mo) so she was definitely my "baby" rather than a toddler for a long time. dd2 is walking now, though she prefers to hold onto something, but she will let go sometimes and go 5 or even 10 feet by herself. she's talking up a storm, too. my project after i do this post is to count up her words. a lot wouldn't be intelligible by the average set of ears, but dh and i know what she's saying.

hmmmmm...better go try to do some plotting and planning and stuff before i get sucked into MDC, but i hear that $0 holiday thread calling me...
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