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Great photos Christy!

Has anyone else snuck over the the November 2004 baby thread? I can't help myself...
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Originally Posted by sagewinna
Has anyone else snuck over the the November 2004 baby thread? I can't help myself...
Never even thought of that!
I'll get my baby fix soon enough. My friend is due next week!
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Dern it, sagwinna- I just peeked at the Nov 04 thread and I got baby fever again!!!!! I really don't want another babe right now- I really don't want another babe right now( repeat as necessary...)
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someone posted a few days ago ~ was it you wikida witch ~ that she gave her baby a PBJ. Well, since the doc approved it, I did, too. I can hardly believe what I'm doing! I was sooooo picky with ds1. My little guy had PBJ yesterday for lunch and tomato soup for dinner. Afterwards, he was so cute. I was eating chips and salsa and he would take his chip to his tomato soup bowl and dip his chip in it. I just had to laugh. This little guy insists on being big like his brother.
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Loftmama - I did PB for the first time this weekend too! I remember being so picky with Connor, and Justy it's like - well, shouldn't hurt! He never had shrimp until after his 2nd birthday, and absolutely NO peanut anything until after his 1st, and then I sat and watched him like a hawk while he ate it, LOL! Justy's had cow's milk for a couple of weeks now and I gave her some PB last weekend! I figured it was time, Connor had left a Banana Nut oatmeal bar laying where she could reach it and so she did, and that was a couple weeks ago. No harm done and apparently she really likes it too!
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Love the pics, Christy!

Yes, I've been sneaking in on the Nov 2004 thread for the last 2 weeks or so. I can't help myself. It brings me back to last year, but I still get baby fever when I read through. I haven't been to the Nov 2002 thread though... I don't think I want to LOL. I don't want to picture DD at 2 years old.
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Am I the only one who is scared to give their child PB? I'm kinda holding off until she's 2 or 3, 'cause my sister is really allergic to certain nuts and that scares me.
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Hi Julie - Great! I'm not the only one. I was soooo picky, too, with ds1. However, we have NO allergies in the family and we all live on nuts and nut butters. He's already gotten it on his fingers a few times and no harm done. So... oh well. Isn't it funny how different it is the second time around? Re: cow's milk. He's grabbed big brother's sippy cup and I've caught him drinking it a few times already. I'm trying to be vigilant, but I'm really ready for that 1st birthday milestone to be here, ykwim? He's also had a little of big brother's oj. Ooops.

The only thing that I'm really worried about this time around, though, is honey. We have PBHs every day and I know honey can be dangerous, right? Before one year, I think.

Star, if there was a nut allergy in my family I would be waiting, too. I know it can be extremely dangerous, even deadly. I don't blame you for waiting. I'd wait as long as possible, too, if I thought there might be a problem.
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Loftmama, That was me
Starmama- I would wait too if there were nut allergies in my family (plenty of nuts but no allergies )
I was very picky with ds1- he wasnt allowed anything, poor kid
ds2- less picky
dd- she gets whatever she wants! most of the time. right now she is eating her brothers pop-tart!
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Isn't it ironic?

I was so picky with ds1, and he is the pickiest eater in my family.

I am not picky at all with ds2, and he may bet he most adventurous eater we have!

Go figure.
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I am holding off on many of the common allergens, my oldest has food allergies (milk and oranges). So, no nuts, no eggs, no oranges, no milk (Probably won't ever give her dairy, actually).

I wasn't very picky with my first, and he had the food allergies! He is also the pickiest eater. My girls will both try and eat anything!
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Well, it's my half sister and she's deathly allergic to the walnut family, but shes fine with peanuts. But, I'm still iffy, esp after reading about a friend online whos dd swelled up and passed out from pb too.

Is anyone having problems with their children and tantrums/bad behaviour? I don't know if it's just my DD or if it's 'cause she's a scorpio (i heard they can be bad lol), but if for instance she's crawling up the stairs and i take her off and re-direct her, she will start squirming and thrusting herself around in my arms, and grabbing me hard, pintching me, scratching me and just screaming as hard as she can. Each freakin time! And there are times where she'll be standing there, and be fine and then suddenly look at me and start telling me off and yelling at me in her own little baby words. She just gets so mad all teh time and red in the face and always screaming. I don't know what's going on - have the terrible 2s hit early? I'm really afraid she's going to be a brat.
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We don't have any allergies either, but I'm still leery of OJ, that one Connor can have but we still do it sparingly. I'll take my time with it with Justy too, and shellfish prolly, but everything else is game-on!

Honey is one of those 1st b-day things, but it's referring to RAW honey. If you are buying processed honey from the store it should be alright, isn't that stuff pasteurized like milk or something? Anyway, we don't ever have any raw honey products, but PBH sounds pretty yummy to me right now! I bet Connor would LOVE that! Adding to the grocery list.....

Star - tantrums - Oi! Connor was doing what you describe before his first birthday. Justy will get upset and arch backwards or go limp, but not all the red-faced screaming and stuff. You may have a spirited child on your hands, not a brat! I've been reading about stuff and so far the Spirited and Sensitive descriptions fit my Connor to a T! He's a high-energy, high-strung, shy with new people, very particular about the way things need to be, more impatient than most, waits to show you what he can do until he can do it perfectly, not easily accustomed to change, very loud, red-faced screamer. And he's also the sweetest boy you've ever seen when he's in a good mood and goes around telling everyone how much he loves them and giving kisses! So while you may be experiencing the tantrum side of spirited, there is an equally overwhelming loving side to it too! I've got a book on it's way and I'm hoping to learn how to ease transitions for him and connect better - Raising your Spirited Child - recommended on the Gentle Discipling board.

In short, it's normal - I have it too!! LOL!
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Julie, DD is EXACTLY like what you said. One second she'll be giving you kisses and blowing them and talking and the next, if she doesnt get her way BAM, she will throw a FIT - sometimes for no reason. And yes, she has super high energy - i can't keep up with her anymore. I need a vacation! lol. Thanks for that recommendation, I'm off to search for that book now.
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Oh, Angelica got herself out of the swing again lastnight and she was strapped in this time. I have never left her alone again without buckling her up since that first time it happened.
ill finish upstairs
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I haven't been getting emails : There are 2 new pages to this thread Can't blame me this time :LOL

Temper tantrums - runs in the family and Jessica is no exception. If she doesn't get her way - WATCH OUT! Of course she isn't as bad as her big sister, but she isn't three yet either

Sleep - What's that? Need I say more? I was telling dh yesterday that I haven't had a decent night sleep in 3 1/2 years! Hopefully once the teeth pop through Jessica will sleep better, she was doing so well until she started teething.

Speaking of teeth - no molars yet - but I'm not dumb enough to put my fingers in there to check either, I like my fingers right where they are :LOL

Jesi is almost walking, she can do it, she just doesn't know she can do it. She will practically run across the room if she's holding my hands, but if I let go she drops to her knees. That's ok though, soon enough I'll be chasing her around. I like to watch her play with Danielle, Dani will run through the house and Jesi crawls behind her as fast as she can go, then Dani will turn around and chase Jesi only Dani will drop down and crawl after Jesi - soo cute to watch!

Here are a few pictures of Jessica's birthday since I didn't post them earlier
Birthday pics

Shannon (Star) : to dd tomorrow!
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We have that ball toy too. It's always been a hit in this house.
My dd woke at 10:30 last night and decided that the last 2 1/2 hrs before that was a nap. I was up till 2am. Then off and on nursing all night. Then Jonathan started in on me about 7:30 and I was out of bed by 8am.
And I made her wait till 8pm to go to bed. It's so hard to keep her happy long enough for it to be a decent bedtime. I dont know. I thought 8 was good enough.
I got an email from a friend today. Her dd will be 1 the end of January.
She told me she puts the babe down at 8-8:30 and she sleeps till she wakes her at like 5:30.
Makes me so damn jealous! :
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Tammi, if that sleep schedule makes you jealous, I don't think you want to know how my DD sleeps.

Thank you Sherri!! Only 12 more hours until her birthday. I think I'm in denial. Or maybe it's shock.

I love the pics, Sherri. That cake is beautiful and I love the cake face
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Originally Posted by Star
Tammi, if that sleep schedule makes you jealous, I don't think you want to know how my DD sleeps.
No, I don't think I wanna know.
: Sometimes all the lack of sleep makes me wish I didn't BF :
But then she smiles those beautiful smiles and looks up at me with those blue eyes, and I melt.
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Originally Posted by ~WickidaWitch~
No, I don't think I wanna know.
: Sometimes all the lack of sleep makes me wish I didn't BF :
But then she smiles those beautiful smiles and looks up at me with those blue eyes, and I melt.
I feel. the same way after DS has awoken me for the 10th time in one night :LOL Last night he was kind- only 5 times. I don't think I have gotten that much sleep in months. :LOL

As far as tantrums go, DS just gets mad if you take something away from him. He starts cussing me out in babe talk- it is hilarious. I try not to laugh because it just makes him madder! Gotta go- have a meeting here at the house soon.
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