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anyway to prevent thrush while taking an antibiotic?

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I have to take an antiobiotic for a little while. (There's a spot on my C-section incision that is oozing pus.) I'm petrified of getting thrush. Is there anything I can do to help prevent it? I read something at kellymom.com about probiotics (something I know nothing about) but I'm wondering if there's something easier. I can definitely eat yogurt! Anything else? Also, what should I watch for, so that I'll know if we have thrush? If we end up getting it I want to be able to catch it right away so we can start treatment ASAP.

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We had yeast. You're on the right track trying to head it off. I took the probiotics acodophilis (sp?)....and ate tons of yogurt. You could talk to your doctor about maybe taking Diflucan with the antibiotic as a preventative measure.

What to look for.....on you, burning nipples at the end of or after feedings. Also, more red than usual. Babies may show a white tounge that won't wipe off or they may have no symptoms. If you catch it early, you can definately beat it. Ours was mistreated for 5 weeks! and we eventually got over it.

Most of all, try to rest and not stress (easier said than done I know). Hopefully you'll prevent any yeasty activity. Also, handwash like a madwoman.

Good luck!
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I scoured kellymom and other resources for yeast treatment. I think we had yeast since he was born (I finally started treating it at 4 months and licked it by 5) It's no fun, but here are some things that might help:

wash your nippes with a solution of vinegar after each feeding
Goldenseal tastes horrible but is a great anti-fungal. I took it in capsule form.
Garlic is also an anti-fungal.
Some people feel that lansinoh and similar nipple ointments encourage yeast growth. I used motherlove nipple ointment. It's main ingredient is olive oil which also has anti-fungal properties. I applied it with a q-tip so as not to contaminate the jar.
I stopped wearing a bra. yeast treatment guidelines say to wash your bras everyday in hot water. who has time for this? I figured I changed my shirt daily, so I just stopped wearing a bra and got rid of the middle man. (warning: this did cause my breasts to leak more)

These are all things I used to treat the thrush, but I can't see why they wouldn't hurt to prevent it as well. Good luck!

ps. My ds had to take antibiotics recently. he's never had yogurt before and I didn't want to risk it while he was on the drugs so I gave him infant probiotics. The one I have is a powder. I'd mix half a tsp with a little water and put it in a dropper and he'd drink it down (it's pretty sweet like breastmilk). probiotics are no big deal for him or me, it's just remembering to administer them!
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Good ideas here. Here's my $.02 (M)

Do all the preventative stuff, which looks like someone already pulled from kellysmom page. Personally, probiotics and as much of them as you must take to keep up to normal. In my personal experience most antibiotics kill off good bactria in the gut but the degree to which I've had symptoms varies depending on the antibiotic. Zithromax hardly bothers me at all. Bactrim and that family of drugs need only hit my tongue and I have instant yeast issues. You could talk to a nutritionist or a reliable health food supplier who can help you figure out a dosage.

Good lucky and speedy healing prayers to you.
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