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Been MIA, but now I'm back

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I was really busy for a minute there and couldn't find any time for myself, much less to get on the net. Wait, I still don't have time for myself, but at least I'm here!

Halloween was fun, but it was a wakeup call to me. I have just not been eating right or taking care of myself nearly as much as I should be. Last PG I was so strict with myself, and I gained 35 lbs. This time I want to gain less, and I want an equally healthy baby, so I am really going to crack down.

Who's with me?

Last PG I kept a food/water/exercise journal. Does anyone else do this. I found that it was very good for paying attention to what I needed to work on (Ie - more calcium, iron, water, or exercise) and very good for peace of mind.

So this time I made my own diet, based on Brewer's Diet. I am going to be very strict and start as soon as I get the necessary groceries. I am just wondering if anyone else feels the need to do anything like this. It's almost as if its all or nothing with me, I guess.

Anyway, other than feeling like crap cause I've been eating too much sugar, I'm good and so is the fam. Can't wait to pass into the 2nd tri, and FINALLY tell the rest of my fam.

Hope everyone is doing well, sorry for the book here (if you're even still reading!!!) and it's good to be back!
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I know how it goes...if I didn't sit in front of a computer 8hrs. a day at work I would NEVER have time to check email, let alone get on this BB!!

I tracked my food intake with my last pg mainly b/c I took the Bradley Method Birthing Classes and they had us turn in sheets every week and "scored" us. It seemed like more of a committment or like I was in school looking for a good grade. : But this time around I almost WISH I was in those classes again b/c I have not been doing that great. Fortunately, at least not as of yet, my weight has not reflected it. But I do try to eat as healthy and as balanced as I can.

I've heard about this Brewer's Diet and had pre-eclampsia with my last pg and that this diet can help avoid that. Is there a website or somewhere I can obtain more information about it?
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I really need to look at my diet, I'm really dissapointed in myself. I know I'm not eating nearly enough protein and I'm scared Plus I really need to get excercising again... Ug I'm LAZY!
I will definately check out the Brewers diet
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I don't know of a specific site, I just searched under goodgle : pregnancy Brewers diet or whatever.

I am so with you Amanda, maybe we should start sharing about our progress, kindof as motivation. I'll start. Today I did really horrible. Halloween candy is ruining me!!! I haven't exercised in what seems like decades, and I am also lucky it hasn't been showing up on my butt, yet!

I'll have a better day tomorrow. I'm going to do pregnancy yoga, and eat according to my plan!
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