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Faint Pos's

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Hello everyone,
This is the first time i have posted on something like this so if i do something wrong dont moan-just correct me and ill do it better next time!!

Anyway I am on the july board as my period was due 23rd oct i thoguth but my cycle varies soo much its mad!! and i worked out my conception date must have been 12th oct so it would have been later.
Anyway i started doing hpt from that date and got 3 neg (but on a realy cheap brand) then left it for 2 days and bought some clearblue easy tests both of which came up very faint pos 2 days in a row with morning urine.(done on tues and weds last week) I got super paranoid as i hadnt worked my dates out then and thought my hcg must be low so bought a clearblue digital pack on fri i tested an hour and half after morning urine so pretty watered down and got neg. Done another test on sat morning sample again and got a gerat PREGNANT reading!!!
Sinse i have worked my dates out i think that i tested to early to start and thats why i got negatives my edd is around 5th july.
I got docs appt on thurs for a preg test with them so i let you know how i get on.
If anyone else has simular problems please let me know as i still feel worried even though i got sore breasts/tired/craving prawns and oranges/and got a pot belly lol.
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Welcome aboard, Sophie! You are posting like a pro already!

We are all sitll a little afraid this early on, but trying to cheer eachother on the way. Prawns and oranges? I remember craving orange juice like crazy when I was pg with DS.

Good luck and keep us posted!
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I took great comfort in reading other posters on this board saying "a line is a line" -- my first one was SOOOOOOO faint you really had to squint to see it. Two days later, with first morning urine, it was a little better -- but a line is a line!

I remember when I tested with our son getting very faint lines initially as well. So drink some orange juice and welcome to July!

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i got a faint line the first couple of times too..and this was at 14 and 15 dpo so i'm sure you are fine> welcome and congrats
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Thanks for the welcome,
I have done another test this afternoon (i couldnt wait to see if my lines had inproved) and i done with afternoon sample and it was a great dark line!!!
Doctors tomorow anyway just so thatthey know and can get my first midwife appt for me. I'll let you know how i get on tomorow.
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I tested negative 10 dpo and had a very faint positive 13 dpo. Had my beta levels checked 3 times and they progressed as they should so I am a little more confident but still very nervous as it is so early. I am almost 6 weeks now. Can't wait to get past the first tri.
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Hello! Welcome to the boards and CONGRATS! Sounds like your line has gotten darker! Dont you love those digital tests?!
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