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Whose little one voted in a sling?

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Ronan was in our green silk Zolo. And the whole time we were in the booth, he was shrieking, "bye-bye! bye-bye!" (which I hope means, "bye-bye, Bush," but that's another thread).

Did you use a sling to help you vote?

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Mine voted--in his very patriotic flag sling!
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Yep! Jack and I just got back from the polls. He was in our fleece Cozy Baby sling with matching hat. Everyone ooo'd and ahhh'd of course.
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o.k. this thread is gonna get pulled cause it's not diaper-related but....this was willa blue's first election. we wore our new oopa baby sling.

for diaper's sake, my dd is wearing a mudpie babies in mocha (love that print) and a kiwi pie cover.
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Fia did! Our poll was just down the street so dh and I walked down with her in our Sachi carrier. She slept the whole time. I was looking forward to being an advertisement for babywearing, but there weren't that many people there at 10:00 this morning
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My Veronica was in her Ellaroo wrap at the polls!
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My little lady was in her backpack, does that count?
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Um, this isn't the diapering board, lol!

Somerset was on my hip in the Hotsling pouch, voting a straight Democratic ticket, lol.
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Mine did! In her dark periwinkle PIP. I even put the I Voted sticker on the pouch.
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this was originally posted in diapering....and it was moved, as it should have been. those mods have eagle eyes!
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my baby voted in his homemade apple green ring sling!
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Quinn voted (after cracking up over the word democracy) in our KKAFP, everyone's new favorite! Here's hoping that he learns about change from this election.

Megin, mommy to Quinn (19mo), wife to Katie
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Yeah! Jacob voted in a sling today!!
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Keller helped hold my ID in our KK solarveil sling. Its our only sling, but I did just pay for my Kozy!
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Devlin voted in our natural organic cotton Taylor Made sling, on my hip as usual!
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Quinn voted for Kerry in a Wise Woman Sling.
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Bran voted in a kkafp.
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LOL, glad I'm not the only one, DS woke up when we got to the polling place, then we voted, him in his sling that we got from 1000 villages, and after we left he fell right back to sleep

I love my slings!
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Chloe was in her pouch sling - made by Mama2Grace.
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Baby Lillian and I waited in line for over an hour to vote in Ohio. (and that was the shortest waiting time I've heard of yet, in our state!) She slept for the first half, cooed and smiled at people for the second and fussed as soon as we got in the voting booth--must have been closterphobic. Everyone loved our purple sling.
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