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Pics of Olivia Maree

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Here are some pics of my beautiful babe! I love her so much, she is pure heaven. I'm so glad she's here!

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What a little beauty! She looks like pure peace.
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Oh my goodness she is so beautiful!

You and I had the same due date and I have to say, you're making me a little jealous! :LOL I can't wait!

Thanks for sharing the pictures!
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She is soooo pretty...Ya'll both look so good! Hope everything is going good! Congrats! Enjoy your time together. I love the name Olivia
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awwww..she is just darling!! Thanks for sharing!
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She's beautiful and you look great! Now get back in bed and rest!!!! You will regret it later if you don't! (I'm saying this due to the fixed hair/ makeup picture and your voting today.)
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She's beautiful!
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She's beautiful- and you look great too. Congratulations!
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Thanks everyone!! I think she is heaven on earth.

I know, I know.. I should be in bed. But I can't be! I feel really good and I'm hardly bleeding, so I don't think I'm over-doing it. I took Olivia for her first walk today in the sling. Just a short one, but it was nice to get fresh air. Having a baby is so fun!
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She's gorgeous! And I love the name!
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Congratulations, she's beautiful! Love the name, too.
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