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Ds also has a doll and stuffed animals that he cares for but gosh does he like big trucks. Mamas of girls, do you think your dds are as keen on vehicles/things that go as boys?
only have a second here, but in short, yes. dd loves trucks- the bigger the better. loves the semi trucks. and tractors. bulldozers, ect.
had a great time playing w/ a metal truck at a food coop today.

but still LOVES her dolls
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About things that go: Zachary loves trains, and anything that resembles one. And he loves buses. And airplanes and boats. He hates motorcycles, too loud I guess.

About cars: I would love to live in a rural "community" without a car, kind of stranded. My dream is to get really rich, buy a huge chunk of land, and build a commune. Solar power is plentiful in Arizona. I'll invite all my friends and family to come live with me. Buy it all for cash so I don't owe anyone anything and I can just LIVE. We live at the end of our road, and two of the four parcels of property that surround ours are for sale right now... Oh, what I'd do with a million dollars! Funny dreams...

Tonight will be the fourth night that Zachary has slept in his own bed in his own room. We just got to the point where something had to be done- too much pulling and yanking and flipping and flopping going on- so DH made DS's crib into a toddler bed and he LOVES it. He loves that he can climb in and out of it by himself (even though his mattress was on the floor in my room and he could climb on and off of that...) He cried a bit the first night, but DH was the one to go in there and pat his back and tell him that he was a good boy. Zachary woke up that morning and said "Bed! Yay!" clapping his hands, like he was so proud of himself. He woke up twice last night and came into my room, and I just picked him up, gave him a hug and a kiss, laid him back in his bed and covered him up and told him "nigh-night", and that was IT. He didn't make a peep. He really has taken to the idea of sleeping in his own bed rather well. Now that I wrote that he'll be a devil tonight... LOL. Anyway, I always told everyone I'd get Zach sleeping in his own bed when he was old enough to understand it, not when he was 8 months old crying for the boob... It makes sense to do it this way. Zachary really has been so proud of himself, and he seems happier I think. Probably because he's getting more sleep (he was waking up 1-80 times a night to nurse). So, Zachary is getting to be a big boy!

I hope the penny issue doesn't burn at you Betkm... I remember swallowing a penny a time or two in my childhood, and maybe a nickle, so I wouldn't worry too much. Like the docs say, just watch him for signs of a complication, and he'll pass it someday. Think about all the things our kids will swallow that we will never know about...
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solsticemama~ my DD is into cars too. She started to say "carz" all the time, after hearing Elwynn say it a million times. I think I might give her some sort of car for christmas/yule time.

So what are yall giving your babies for their second birthdays? I've already bought haeven some of those "stockmar" crayons, and some cardboard Dr.Suess books, and some playsilks. I love buying her presents! When I was a kid I think I would have loved those things. I guess I'm making up for it now.
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DS loves any kind of vehicle. He talks about them all the time and looks for trucks and diggers everywhere we go!

We got DS a tractor, a set of toy instruments, a shopping cart and a medical kit for his b-day. I have playsilks, a bobcat (skidsteer as DH calls it) and a wooden kitchen for Christmas. I have to stop myself because I could buy a TON. Since we spent $150 on the kitchen I have to be done now.
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My dream would be to build a huge house on an enormous bit of land with some of everything; trees, a small creek, lots of grass to play in. I'd like it to be fully solar, and I think it could be done, even here, with a small back up generator.

It really irritates me that you have to have so much money to save money. It costs a ridiculous sum of money to set up a solar generator, even if it is only big enough to run your hot water heater. Once you've got one, it'll pay for itself in a matter of months (depending on how much hot water you use, naturally) but the initial payout is the real problem. It just strikes me as terribly... unjust.
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i vanished again! but now i'm back sometimes i read and just can't think of anything to say. also i'm so addicted to the sewing and craft forum!!! it's inspired me to do so many things i thought i couldn't do.

well razi got a little table and 2 chairs which he loooves. and finger paints (the table is already a different color :LOL ) he got some new shoes and i'm working on making him a winter hat. oh and a few cook set items from ikea.
i have a little $ left....oh the torture!

mamajaza- i know what you mean about buying present. sometimes i feel bad for wanting to buy him so many things. i would have loved the things i get razi too. he loves kitchen stuff so come christmas....

razi loves buses and firetrucks. we rode on a public bus in seattle this summer and that was really exciting! yesterday we were at the park and a firetruck with lights and sirens drove by. razi was pointing and they honked there horn for him (we were the only ones there). could you imagine what it's like to be a fireman/paramedic: all the girl love you and the kids think you're amazing. at least the kids love the garbage guy :LOL (poor dude)

so night weaning is still going fine but i think i'm having some sort of hormone surge because of it. i keep getting really sad about it. i got a visit from AF and figured that was it but its gone and i still keep crying about it randomly.

my family too dreams of 'communism'. farm, solar, the works.

wow this is kinda long
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boys tend to like vehicles. they also tend to like sticks and weapons. that's my big warning here and i've probably already given it. i had one friend who isolated her relatively peaceful inactive boy from all insinuations of action and combat and one day he bit his sandwich into a gun and pointed it at her (this is the same kid that at seven saw bees at the zoo and cried terrified and had to go home). i can't even explain my own stick situation. i can't even keep pencils and chopsticks and all the kitchen tools are in danger of being converted into weapons. as for vehicles, my boys always tended towards helicopters. at somepoint after 911 it was chilling to notice just how many helicopters there were.

meanwhile i'm thrilled by the girlness of ruby. she can occupy herself with drawing. she seems prime for one of the plastic pastel horses that she can comb. she said her first sentence yesterday, "horse book".
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this morning was the 5th night elwynn woke up woth a dry diaper..im thinking of not putting one on him anymore, but i dont like the idea of waking up in a wet bed so i think ill let him sleep a few more nights with a diaper, just in case!. he wakes up and first thing he does is pee on the potty..its so very exciting. he doesnt need diapers at all durring the day as long as i take him or remind him every 30-45 minutes to go on the potty. he hasnt had a pee accident in a long time..as for poop..i really have to watch him becasuse he still prefers pooping in a diaper and if he asks for one i put it on and then i know he needs to go so then i take him to the potty..

ive been felyting stuff for elwynn's christmas presents wheile he naps.. balls and a gnome child..i'd like to get him lots of other stuff but i havnt gotten into the present buying mood yet..im pretty into making stuff this year

we are moving in a few weeks to a house where we can walk everywhere in town with no problem..im really excited because where we are now its quite far and the sun just doesnt stay long enuff for us to get everything done in twon and then walk home and i hate walking in the dark through the woods! elwynn says scare..dark..mosters! he doesnt like it either.

elwynn loves anything with an engine or wheels or wings. he knows the sound of planes and trains and when one goes by somewhere he stops what he is doing and smiles and says "train!" or "plane!"
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casina, i always wanted to play swordfighting, but was never really interested in guns; my brother saved all the change he could find for six months to buy a cap gun at the corner store. Mike was never into guns, though (i don't think) so we'll have to wait and see with beanbean.

how old do you think the average child needs to be before you can teach them to eat with chopsticks? i love chopsticks... the most mundane food on earth is fun and interesting with them... well, maybe not cream of wheat...:LOL
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Look, mamas. This is what Mukti and I did the other day. Pretty eh? And then we set up the rainbow cave and doll and Monkey and dolphin and Mukti played inside
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solsticemomma: those are lovely pictures! i love the art. thanks for sharing.

im thinking of getting elwynn a whole bunch of art supplies for his birthday. i want pictures all over my fridge and walls and in by bed and everywhere!

children at this age are so amazing and sweet. it constantly surprises and delights me.
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fern~ is haeven getting a little felted thing for Xmas? remember we have that waldorfy store here in town, so if you want me to pick something up for you, just say the word . I wish I could make things too this year, but I have my baby in my arms 99% of the time. And I have a bit of extra cash, so I thought why not get the things I always drooled over? I thought H was sleeping through the night without peeing for a few night, so I left her with no diaper on, and then after a few night of no diaper she peed the bed twice, so she's still wearing diapers at night. this morning she gets up on her own, takes off her diaper, and goes poop in her potty. she came in the room and said "did poop", so I go wipe her bum and empty the contents of the potty. she's getting so independant.

solsticemama~ awwww, how adorable. I was wondering, is Mukti your kid's real name, or just an alias? Would you be comfortable telling me what his real name is? I just love all those different names that "alternative" parents name their kids. I went to a "baby party" the other night, and there was Siren, Juniper, Rythym, Haeven, Samaya, Shaylyn, Aoinn, and more to come. There is quite the little community here of people with alternative ideals.
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Originally Posted by MamaFern
elwynn loves anything with an engine or wheels or wings. he knows the sound of planes and trains and when one goes by somewhere he stops what he is doing and smiles and says "train!" or "plane!"
This is Mariah too -- though she has her own word for airplane - "meenma"
We live in the flight path for the airport and also near several major hospitals so we hear airplanes and helicopters through out the day. She loves trains too, though we don't see those as much.

Rose!! Love the pictures! Mariah is enthralled with the one of Murelli (please forgive my misspelling of his name) and keeps saying "more Nelli please!" She finally has the language to let me know she remembers him

I had so much more to say, but it will have to wait. Mariah is asking to go play in the dirt It rained (stormed, flooded) for about a week, it's only been the last two days that it is somewhat dry enough to go out so you can imagine what we've been doing
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BeanBean had his WCC yesterday-- 25 pounds, 5 oz, 33.5". Their scale is a teensy bit off, though, and I'd estimate his actual weight closer to 23 lbs, 12 oz. It's all good! He told the dr. the definition of a noun (after the dr asked "is he speaking in two and three word sentences?") and was a happy, healthy, running-around boy baby. Super cute!

We've got a cold. I am far and away the sickest-- the kids both get plenty of sleep and breastmilk, so BeanBean has sneezed a few times but hasn't even had goop running out of his nose; BooBah has coughed a few times, but that's it. I have goop runing out of my nose, a dry hacking cough which is very painful and out of control, I'm wheezing, my sinuses are full and I'm generally cold and miserable.

Now that I think of it, I guess I'll go back to bed. :LOL
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just popping in to say "hi" again. LOL! This is becoming a trend with me. *groan* So much to do...so little time!

Despite the fact that I have over 7 months to prepare for the new baby, I'm already getting started. I'll be losing my sewing room to the new baby (because I'd rather do that than to have the baby share w/Owen and wake him up or vice versa...since we have the 4th bedroom, we may as well use it). I'm going to set up a sewing area in the corner of the family room. Not ideal, but at least it'll force me to stay organized. I'm starting to freecycle a bunch of stuff that I just don't need (the couches in the family room for starters...we have a couple of recliners we can replace them with) that take up mega-space. Our house isn't tiny--not huge either, but there is no reason we should be feeling like we're growing out of it. The stuff has taken over!

Homeschooling is going ok. We've been pretty relaxed/eclectic about it. We've had a slow start and I'm second guessing myself on a daily basis. I feel like somehow I'm going to ruin Jacob. He's at the top of his class academically and I don't want to mess him up. I guess I wouldn't be so concerned about it if I knew we would be in this for the long run, but I'm suspecting that in the next couple of years, he may want to return to school and I don't want him to struggle with it. *sigh*

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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YAY! MDC is back. I didn't know what to do with my computer time during those three days. I learned a lot about various things which I never have time to look up on google.:LOL

my baby is almost crawling! She's a real go-getter. And she's so adorable too. Likes tochew on the table cloth when we're at the table and trys to grab my food too.
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: mamas

Nice to "see" you all again

eilonwy -- some healing vibes for you. hope you are able to get some rest and start feeling better soon.

i think Zoomey is going through a spurt of some sort. She is constantly eating, constantly! She's nursing too, though it varies daily as to how much. And she is talking non stop. She gets something in her head and theres just no way around it. She gets upset easily too. She dropped a bookmark behind our bed last week and was inconsolable about it (the bed is right up against the wall and there is no way I can move it by myself) It is definetley an interesting age!
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Tyson is such a joy these days! I swear there is nothing he won't say. He is really into saying, "remember when I...." Filling in the blank with something that happened yesterday or 3 months ago. It's a riot. Just now he was yelling from the other room, "mom! now I have two!" I told him to come show me and he had his doll baby on one boob and his teddy bear on another boob. Tandem nursing his toys...what a well rounded kid.

Can you tell we are having a good morning? We woke up early 6:00 which is unusual but I'm hoping for a long nap this afternoon. Tyson has spent the mornign playing independantly for the most part while I made 2 pumpkin pies for tomorrow. SOunds too good to be true.
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hey everyone..

we are doing well.. getting all ready to move..the waldorf sale was on saturday and we did really well..i sold pretty much everything i made and have orders too! it was a great fair and i got most of elwynn's christmas/birthday gifts there.. so many wonderful things..i could have spent a $1000 easily.. but im going to put most of the money i make from felting in a box for elwynn's education..i want him to go to waldorf, but i may not be able to afford it..im not sure. either way ill have a bit of savings..for travel maybe.

we are going to go visit elwynn's grampa and great grandparents in manitoba this holiday season. he has met his grampa, but not the rest of his dads side of the family. we might take the train, which will be wonderful for elwynn..

how is everyone today?
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Sounds like you had fun, fern. If you keep making your little things and selling them, you could make a lot of cashola.

Have fun with the "D" family.:LOL Good luck! Don't forget your fire-proof armour.

haeven and I just watched shrek 2. I like this movie because it is so anti-stereotype (prince takes girl into the sunset, barf)...

well, time for bed.
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