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Thanks fern and leah for the happy birthdays I am definatly thinking about what was going on exactly two years ago... last night I was thinking how I was in so much pain (she was born at 2:30 in the morning) at that time 2 years ago. I almost cried yesterday, but I guess I'm getting to be a road weary parent, so it didn't impact me as much this time. My BABY is 2!!! WOW! Now I see how adults always say "they grow up so fast".

This morning haeven found her little books that I wrapped for her, and I let her open it (she had already started ) we are going to have three other babies over today, and a bunch of other mammas... going to have organic chocolate cake w/ organic icing and two beezwax candles... oh yeah, and lunch before that. Should be fun.
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A belated happy birthday to zachary! sounds like the party went pretty well considering the little sleep factor.

we are having a birthday party for elwynn before his actual day because his falls on dec.26th and everyone is always busy that day..so we are going to have a kid and family bash on the 19th then have a quiet day on his actual birthday.some of my good friends from vancouver are coming so im pretty excited about that.

yesterday i went to the farmers market and sold my felted gnomes and toys, beeswax christmas tree decorations and we did really well..people loved the things i make and i sold them faster than i could make them. it was really fun to meet people in the community too..i made some good connections and i need that in this community.

hope you all have a nice quiet sunday afternoon!
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: happy birthing day mamajaza and december sun and birthday blessings on your little ones.

Leah, I agree saritasmile is wonderful and her slings are awesome and yep, Razi is adorable. He and ds and me and sarita met up this past summer, an instant connection.

Great to hear all your wares were so popular, mamafern. That must be a satisfying feeling. I looked at your things thru your sig link. Very nice
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Yay!! Zackery's party was fun! And it was so great to finally meet Leah and company! Thanks for the nice words about my slings mamas!!

Happy Birthday!!! mamajaza and haeven

and to brayg

well razi has been acting rather different lately, he's been fairly subdude and shy around most people, he keeps saying 'shy' and 'scared' and waking up at night crying and freaking out. he even came and sat on my lap at playgroup and everyone noticed he was being so mellow. solsticemama can attest: this is not razi. i've been pretty worried and then last night i got a finger in his mouth and felt one of his 2 year molars right under the surface! poor guy i think it's been hurting pretty bad. but i was also wondering if there was also some growth or developmental thing happening too. i need to check my books.
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Saritasmile some child development philosophies equate the coming in of teeth with the refining and developing of the mind. I find this an interesting theory. Teething is often a time of discomfort and agitation for babies and toddlers and the development and refining of the mind, I would think, would be quite a contracting experience on a certain level if you think about how expansive and limitless a newborn's gaze and being is. Naming, defining, recognizing etc are both expanding in that they give a child more ability to communicate but they are also binding because once something is named it becomes fixed and finite.

Sarita, Razi may embodying what is going on psychologically/spiritually, a tremendous developmental leap. Ok suddenly feeling a bit shy. Time to
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solsticemama, did you move? i've been out of it.

the leaps are real and transforming. what i have found getting used to is realizing that i am just as moody and strange to live with.

we've been fighting thanksgiving illness and i feel like the only reason i have it is because i actually went out last week. since my mil quit her job she offered to watch the "sleeping" children so i could watch dh play his last gig with the band. i found it really ironic that i had to arrange a situation to do this coveted "adult activity", which was sit in a bar for two hours and behave freely, like a child. yes, i had fun and no one awakened while i was gone.

i'm experiencing an interesting manifestation of illness in a child. reed has been extremely clumsy. i forgot how far he has come this year. like he has been running into and stepping on us and the spills and falls are constant. the worst was that yesterday i noticed from afar (in the yard) that he had a bo-bo on his foot, since his pants are usually covering it. turns out he has a second degree burn the size of a quarter, peeled, from jumping around on the bed and his foot touched the very hot lamp. when asked when it happenned, he replied "tomorrow". so far he has had only had a sniffle to clue me how bad he has felt. he hasn't even cried about it and barely complained. he hurt his finger the other day that he was very much in tears about, though i guess much of the upset was that he felt he was directly responsible?

ruby is horse crazy.
i'm finding the knitting meditative and simple and portable. though it is a different pace from the sewing and fabrication with intense design that i'm used to doing. i'm making about a scarf a day.
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WOW! what a partay! I connected with a bunch of mamas today that came to haeven's b-day party. We all feel the same way... That it's not too healthy to be stuck in a cabin alone with your children and or partner for endless day/weeks.... We are going to have a monthly get-together now! YAY! We all cloth diaper/co-sleep/generally do our best for our babies, so it's nice to have such like-mindedness to hang with.

Haeven had to have a nap in the middle of her party, cause she was sooo pooped! We had so much yummy food and a big ol' choco cake. It was fun for everyone. The playsilks were a blast.... I highly recommend them for a present.
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casina~ I just rented a movie for haeven yesterday called "Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron".... all about horses. I really liked it. It's non-disney, and has a really great story, and beautiful graphics. Your ruby might love it. I bet she loves horses partly because she (and all our littles) were born in the "year of the horse" and she's a sag too, right? Lotsa horse there.
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Originally Posted by saritasmile
well razi has been acting rather different lately, ...solsticemama can attest: this is not razi.
This is what I came here to post about. While BeanBean has not been shy, per se, he has been uncharacteristically introspective of late. He speaks to me sometimes in this solemn, grown-up voice, and his babyness seems to be melting away to reveal a serious, thoughtful little boy. His sense of humor is changing, and he's picking up on more from his environment...

I was wondering if anyone else's kids seemed to be growing up overnight? I'm not sure about molars, I guess I'll ask him to open his mouth tomorrow.

Casina-- I'm a knitter, too! I'm going to make a scarf tomorrow for one of the moms on Tracy's thread, and I've already made a hat & scarf for the baby (I crocheted them, because I couldn't find my big needles that day). I knit very quickly, and my guage is super-tiny so I always have to size up my needles three or four times to get my guage. That's why I love knitting scarves, because it doesn't matter. I made two fun, fuzzy scarves for my nieces out of some yarn I bought early in the summer when it went on clearance. I showed my older niece the one I made for her (she wasn't allowed to take it home until I finished her sister's) and she just flipped! :LOL I'll have to get pictures, for my knitting journal if nothing else.

I absolutely love knitting, I taught myself years ago because.... well, I finished my book and I needed something to do while I waited for the bus and it seemed fun. :LOL
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funny, we just got spirit from the library yesterday. "horse movie". she imeediately put it in. i suppose i'm glad from the break of hearing scooby doo and totoro and kiki's. my boys are hooked on gumby.
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Birthdays Galore!! Happy Birthday Haeven and Zachary Mariah's birthday was Saturday Two years allready, wow!! I spent the day as you mamas did, remembering what was happening at that time two years ago. Dh and I got out the pictures after the little one was asleep and reminesed further. We had planned to go to a near by state park for the day, but the weather man predicted a rainy day so we stayed home. It ended up only drizzling briefly, but we had a nice day at home anyway.

Mariah's two year molars are really bothering her lately too. They are still below the gum and she has been waking frequently the last few nights, something she hasn't done in several weeks. I really like your theory *solsticemama* I think it is true for us.

Casina, hope you guys are feeling better.

I wonder how Heather is doing with her two boys??

MamaJaza, glad your party went so well! I would *love* a monthly get together with some like minded mamas.

MamaFern, congrats on selling your wares i've looked at your pictures too. I found them to be quite inspiring actually! So lovely, dh and I are looking at making some ourselves!
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i just started knitting two weeks ago because i noticed a fellow homeschool mom with these fluffy modern yarns and it is compatible with my life like it doesn't require sepearate time from the kids and is portable and my hands naturally need to be doing something. and scarves are the easiest. i taught myself to knit from book when i was little and my mom did show me how to crochet at the time. clay and ruby are not quite happy with me nursing both and knitting at the same time, but it was interesting trying that.

i'm sort of enjoying the fighting illness state we are in. i'm in limbo. otherwise i'd be extremely stressed and i don't have the energy to burn. damen is talking about buying a catering truck since his job will very likely end sometime between the end of the month to march. for one night i imagined going to restaurants i haven't worked at for ten years and what it would be like working in those places again. i'm barely getting by because i'm so foggy and for the most part i don't care. i'm seeing it as an imposed break. when i'm well next week then i'll have to feel responsible again.

i'm aware that i'm shirking my duties and this could possibly sound insane, but otherwise for now i could just be paranoid that reed's foot will get infected and be aggravated with the entire holiday gift thing, and the explosion of possibilities with needing money on top of general duties of the home. and then we want to start a band but i need him to have the real impetus. i am not able to boss him around to help me with our brilliant ideas. damen and i are very capable and i need him to just decide that what we want can be manifested. i need him to find faith in us. meanwhile i'll just breathe and do a little knitting.
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it is a cold and snowy day here in mission.. i love the first snow of the winter...something about the smell in the air..and the tickle of tiny flakes as they lick and kiss my face.

elwynn and i bundled up and ventured to the family place. the drop in here is really wonderful. the mommas and kids are great. he really loves it and i enjoy it too..

then we came home and rolled out the gingerbread dough that we made yesterday and cut out and baked a whole bunch of amazing cookies.

check out our picture page to see elwynn being my big helper! its really pretty funny.

i hope you all had a day as nice and yummy as ours.

fern and elwynn
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Oh, elwynn is as cute as ever, fern! Today we went to the chiropractor (samaya and I) both got adjusted.... we feel pretty good now! Ahhhhh.

Here's some new pictures of haeven's birthday etc...
http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/...29&uid=2143685 enjoy!
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Sweet pics mommas.

Still in the middle of moving. Taking a breather right now. It's all going pretty slowly but I imagine it'll speed up in the next week. We're hoping to be moved in in the next 2 weeks.

Mamafern what did Elwynn do when he first saw snow? Mukti has never seen it yet but we read The Snowy Day book alot and he is fascinated.

: happy birthday to Mariah!
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Hey mamas...just checking in again...I had emergency surgery yesterday because my tube tore and I was bleeding. Way better than rupturing, but they still had to pump 1 1/2 liters of blood out of my abdomen. I ended up in the ER yesterday with severe pain and very low blood pressure. *sigh* I hope this is all over with finally. :*(
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Zachary is not happy about something right now- he keeps pointing to his diaper and saying "Hurt!" I ask him if it's his diaper, or his tummy, or his pee pee hurting, but he doesn't want to tell me, so there's not much I can do about it... It's weird. He's getting very particular about what color diaper we put on him. We need to get more red ones, since that seems to be his favorite color. I think I've found a way to encourage use of the potty- use the cool colored diapers first, then when they're dirty lety him run around naked so he can use the potty. He runs away from me yelling "NOOOO!" when I try to put a plain white diaper on him anyway. :LOL

casina, I really hope you and the fam feel better soon.
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and s and healing vibes, Rachel. Take care...
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Rachel i hope you feel bettersoon..
we are sending you healing vibes

elwynn liked the snow.. it wasn't sticking to the ground only falling fast from the sky but he giggled as it tickled his nose and kept saying "snow snow snow!" "cold!" he didnt like it so much when we were walking to town and it was blowing hard directly in his face though..but then again neither did i.. :LOL

i wish that mother nature would cover this ugly little city with a white blanket for the winter.

jasanna: samaya is getting So big. i cant believe it. i hasnt been that long has it? very cute pics!
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rachel... all the best to you! Good thing it's winter so you can rest as much as you need to.

We have about 3 inches of snow here right now. Haeven played outside while I went to town today (in my new van) She loves eating the snow.

fern.. the house looks awesome. You have a great decorating eye.
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