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ruby and clay both have had rotten front two teeth. reed was fine. all nightnurse (or reed did). clay had his pulled out which i regret. i think the teet is genetic and based on diet in utero and modern diet going into human milk now. no one had dental caries before sugar and refined wheat. reed just lost his front teeth due to his size so none of my kids have front teeth. i have had a hard time dealing with how things are and what i can control. i think it also was aggravated by my kids popping those teeth at four months of age. i dunno. ruby's are worn down to her gums but since they don't positively aggravate her i haven't done anything dental about it.

i have to brag about the compliment i received today. wednesday morning my closest friend jessica was using the computer and her six year old son navid wanted to use it (just wait till you have this problem...). she told him that she wanted to see who won the presidential race. he said "ooh! i hope ms. casina won!". it makes me jump up and down everytime i think about it, that a little boy could think so highly of me.
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mamamoo- i remember you! welcome back and congrats on baby #4!

my sig line was originally a post i made on a W & P thread. then i liked it so much i made it my sig.
glad you like it.


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Originally Posted by casina
no one had dental caries before sugar and refined wheat.
That's not really true-- they're always talking about the horrible teeth of people way way back in the day on the Discovery Channel and such. It's pretty crazy, they even have dental instruments from the Roman Empire that look downright terrifying. :LOL
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really? that sort of makes me feel better. my children's rotten teeth are a big source of woe when it comes to family's and people's reactions to my radical parenting. it looks bad. i can't promise to be a shiny advertisement for nursing and no vax and cosleeping and nospanking and unschool and such, but their teeth look like i'm purposely neglecting them to be rebellious and it is annoying. i guess if i had total confidence in myself then it wouldn't be a big deal.
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Hi mamas! I wish I had known about this group when I was pregnant with my first. My oldest DS turned 2 on Nov. 3rd. He's a cutie! We're having issues with his weight, anyone have any advice? He only weighs about 22 lbs though he eats well (I think!) He's also still not talking a whole lot. But, he's got the brightest eyes and loves to smile and laugh.

And...POTTY TRAIN!! He just got a potty chair and loves it. He sits on it when me or DH go into the bathroom. Hasn't been able to "go" in it yet, but he's pretty much doing all of this on his own! I'm pretty proud of him
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Hello! Many of us have small kids, myself included. 22 pounds doesn't sound so far out of line. BeanBean only weighs about 25, fully dressed wearing shoes and soaking wet. :LOL Sometimes I worry about him, but most of the time I'm okay with it. He nurses a lot and occasionally drinks Pediasure for Mike, so I know he's getting something and maybe that's all he needs. I can't tell him he's hungry when he's not, you know?

We're having our party this afternoon, so : : : Happy Birthday, BeanBean!
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hey mamas ~

what a week, ive been in such a funk between Tues. fiasco and morning sickness kicking my @$$ all day...

Happy Birthday to all who have had birthdays

Casina, that is an awesome compliment and I'd be excited too :LOL

About weight, Zoom has always been on the long and lean side, since birth. I'm not concerned because 1. everything Rynna said and 2. everything she eats is of nutritional significance (i.e. she does not eat candy or other "empty" foods)

I'm wondering how I will fill my down time this weekend since I won't be able to aimless wander mdc....
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I am worried about DS's teeth. Not so much the decay, but the straightness... He has a big overbite, and while his teeth are very straight now, I'm afraid eventually he'll have buck teeth! : Nothing I can do about it, but it is a concern. And Rynna, I have never given up hope for Zachary sucking his thumb. :LOL He doesn't have any other pacifier besides me, and it gets difficult at times... But, again, if he needs it at night, he needs it at night. Who am I to take it away from him, when I sucked my thumb to get to sleep until I was nearly a teenager?
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hi mommas..

chow46: my son weighs about 22 pounds too.. i used to worrytoo but now that he is getting older and using the potty and talking and eating what he is happy eating( most of which is very healthy) i understand that it is just his genetics and nothing that i have done or not done..i hope that you can come to accept your son's smallness as something wonderful like i do. i mean, im about the only one i know with an almost 2 year old that can be carried around with one arm without any worry!
one thing that i have noticed is that he didnt used to digest his food very well.. there was always a lot of chunks of food in his diaper..and i wondered if maybe he wasnt obsorbing enuff of the nutrients, so i looked into it and found a chewable digestive enzyme..made out of papaya and within a day i noticed a difference and within a few weeks he had gained almost a pound and has been gaining steadily since which he has never done since birth. he has always been tiny. you may want to try this..its totally not going to do any harm even if it doesnt help.. good luck.
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Mama Fern :

Can you tell me more about the chewable digestive enzyme? What enzyme(s) is in it and all that. I read your post to my dh and he wants to learn more.

I'm the only mama I know with an almost two year old who still slings which I can only do cause dd is small so I totally here ya on the one arm carry wiht Elwynn
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im not sure the exact name of the one i give elwynn since im not at home and my memory is the milk that flows out of my boobs...but what i do know is that the enzyme in papaya is called papain and it is found only in the papaya tree and fruit and it is extracted to make these digestive enzymes...

i looked it up on the web and this is what i found...

" The fruit, as well as the other parts of the papaya tree, contain papain, an enzyme that helps digest proteins. This enzyme is especially concentrated in the fruit when it is unripe. Papain is extracted to make digestive enzyme dietary supplements "

just go to your local health food store and they will probably have something like it.

i have also hear that chlorppohyll (sp) helps with digesting but i havnt tried that yet.

sorry i cant be more help :P and i hope that morning sickness gets better soon.. i know with elwynn it was terrible and i hope with my next it wont be so bad..but who can tell.. rest as much as you can!
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I never thought to give BeanBean a digestive enzyme, but we give him dried papaya all the time, he absolutely loves it. My BeanBean rarely rides in the sling, but that's because I'm too fat and I've only got one sling most days, not because he's too big . BooBah definately gets priority in the sling, you know? BeanBean is, however, the oldest child I know IRL in a rear facing carseat. He will have a WCC at the end of the month, and if he weighs 33 pounds I'll have to turn him around. I'm really kind of saddened at the idea, you know? But on the other hand, it'll be really nice because I'll be able to put him in the backseat next to his cousin, and he won't be able to reach his sister to take away her blanket. :LOL
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Hey again. I wanted to mention my older two kiddos had/have horrible teeth...they both had caps put on all of their molars around the ages of 1.5 and 3 and I think they had carries on all of their teeth. Sam on the other hand has great teeth so far, and actually has been exposed to more sweets than the older two ever were at this age(hard to keep them away from the little one when big bro and sis get them here and there), I have even been more lax on juice and stuff. All three night nurse/d like maniacs, and the only difference between the pregnancies is that I had NO antibiotics with Sam while pregnant(I did with the other two for chronic sinus infections). I am convinced that it is mostly genetics(dh has awful teeth), and possibly a link with the AB.
I definately wouldn't night wean becasue of it...maybe just be diligent about brushing before bed and when you get up?

Oh and on the weight thing...I have the opposite issue. Sam weighs 32#!!! He was 20# at 6 months! I wish he were smaller becasue I haven't been able to sling him for quite some time and I miss it something awful! But on the bright side he is thinning out a bit he has been 32 for about 6 months now...just getting taller, and all of his medium dipes are starting to fit again. LOL

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razi is a skinny dude too. actually pants that wouldn't fit over a cloth dipe at his 1 yr birthday now fall off with a disposible on. they only fit if he is wearing cloth. he weighs 24 or 25 lbs. dh and i still sling him around but it's getting harder for sure. (whick sucks cuz he's kinda my advertising) :LOL yesterday we did the no arm carry w/o a sling. razi was holding on so tight! i just let go for a second to show dh. we got a good laugh. :LOL he is just pure muscle i feel like. i do worry a little because he really doesn't eat much although lately if i actually feed him he'll eat alot. his favorite food is tortillas with mustard in them. i don't know why but at least the tortillas are healthy ones and organic mustard. i would like to get an accurate weight w/o going for a checkup.

punkprincessmama, so sorry about the morning sickness. i lost 10 lbs in the beginning w/ razi. was sick the whole preg. if it last past 3 months, let me know. i have a great remedy. here's a random idea. would the chewable enzyme help?

happy birthday beanbean!!
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Mamamoo welcome back. My ds calls me mamamoo sometimes :LOL I'd read the same stuff about ab and teeth too. Thanks for your input, it eases my mind somewhat.

Saritasmile I'd agree w/you about Razi being pure muscle and mamas, he's fast and very agile. Mukti likes mustard too tho he likes to dip green beans in his.

I'm still slinging 32 lb ds and am even thinking of ordering another sling. My muscles are getting so big!

Punk I also had really strong morning sickness with ds. Apparently it has something to do with the liver's inability to process the pregnancy hormones. B6 is supposed to help somewhat by supporting the liver function tho it did nothing to help with mine. But I would look into liver building herbs like milk thistle and burdock.
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Happy birthday,Eli!

morning sickness and liver herbs... I like to take dandelion root, yellowdock, and burdock mix when I'm feeling "sluggish". I take them in capsules, and it really gives me energy. Alfalfa powder is also good to take in pregnany... high in vit.K, iron, calcium, and keeps ya "regular"(iykwim)
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Wow solstice mama~you are eon strong woman! I started having really bad shoulder pain when he hit about 25#. I wanted to try a wrap, but it is really hard for me to find carriers that fit(I am ummm...let's say very goddess-like. LOL), and so I kind of gave up. I still carried him a lot, but just in arms so that I could switch frequently. I know he misses it too.

Oh, another herb good for the liver(I think, my mw has me take it) is nettles...she said dandilion root and nettles.
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I've got a question for you-- on this thread, BeanBean is about average sized among the kids. On the June 04 thread, BooBah is one of the smaller kids. For birth weight, however, BooBah was definately the smallest of the full-term babies, and by a substantial margin if I remember correctly. So it makes sense that she would be one of the smaller babies now, four months later, you know?

So here's the question: What was your 22-24 month old's birth weight, and how does it compare to their weight now? BeanBean was 7 lbs 8 oz, 20" at birth (exactly 50th percentile). Today he is about 24 pounds and 35" tall (I think) which is a little smaller than average and slightly underweight for his hieght.
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dd was 7# 14oz at birth, and 21 inches

23# now (and for the last year :LOL) and height? gotta double check
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Sam was 8#4oz at two weeks early. LOL He has been 32# now for at least 6 months...not sur eon his height now(pretty sure he is of average height now), but he was born 22.25 long.
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