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so what new toys did all of your newbie 2 year olds recieve? and what are their favorites?
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more HAPPY birthdays! where does the time go? werent our little babe's just in our arms yesterday?

eilonwy: its good to hear that everything is going okay. but it must be pretty stressful going in and out of the hospital..

punk: thanks elwynn is very much the love and light of my life..he calls helecopters "copers" hahaha..

and...the shoes he is wearing are padraig cottage slippers..hand spun/dyed wool..they are lovely. i have a pair and his pappa and his grama and haeven and samaya and jasanna too! they are hand made in north vancouver, very close to where i grew up.. so i just stop by their wee shop when i want something..but you can order them online just look up padraig cottage.they have a website.

we are farm sitting at my aunties this weekend.. elwynn is busy feeding the dog rice with a spoon and im felting felting felting for a big waldorf christmas fair that we are doing in a week!. im making gnomes and woodland people..little people with hoods or Erk's as elwynn calls them?!..mushrooms, birds..sheep...balls... soon ill have pics of the stuff i make on my picture page.its very exciting.

last night my auntie and i stayed up till the wee hours of the morning dying wool..oh the colours are amazing! reds and yellows and oranges and blues and turquoises and greens and browns! i love wool and i love making stuff with it.. if any one needs costom made wool toys for christmas/birthdays let me know

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BeanBean got three wooden puzzles and some blue jeans, size 2 slim (they're big in the waist, :LOL). I gave him a little wooden train that I found at Tuesday Morning on his actual birthday (not at the party). Oh, he got a car. The cake was a HotWheels cake and had a little car on it, and one of those launching thingies. He loves cars! :LOL My sister gave him a gift card to JC Penney's, and we're probably going to get him overalls with that. Maybe some socks, too. :LOL
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MamaFern I love the images you shared of felting with your auntie into the wee hours of the morning, all those wonderful colors and your enjoyment of the textures and different figures. We recently went to a Waldorf puppet show and Mukti really liked the puppets which were large felted dolls. Maybe I'll pm you about making us one The pics of you and your family are lovely.

Eilonwy glad to hear your dd is doing better.

BethKm what's happening with the penny? Has it come it out yet?

We've got a flat tire. Dh is working 1.5 hrs away and I still haven't learned how to change a tire : It's making me think of my mom who raised us without ever driving us anywhere since she didn't have a driver's license. My dad did all the driving. An afternoon without the car is inconvenient but years and years of it is something to think about!

We're moving in a few weeks so we're starting to be surrounded by boxes. Mamas who've moved, how did you help your dc with the process?
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we are moving in a few eeks too..so like you there are boxes everywhere..elwynn doesnt seem to mind much. hes been helping me pack..but he calls it "clean up" the good thing about our move is that we are moving to a familiar house..his grama's..she is going to mexico so we are renting it. i think the most important thing is just making sure that they know that they wont be left behinfd. i try to make it fun and exciting too.,

i'd love to make puppets.!.ive been thinking of ideas for finger puppets but i hadnt even thought about hand puppets..oh the possibilities! i know ill be very busy this winter felting..last year i was knitting but felting is much faster..

solsticemomma:ick. cars.. i feel your pain ive never gotten my liscence and people always bug me about it but i really dont want to.. i like bikes myself..

yesterday when i was riding around doing errands the nut holding my pedal on fell off and i lost it...so i ended up walking everyhwere instead cause i didnt have the tool to fix it or another nut..it took me 3 hours rathewr than one..but it wasnt raining and i had some me time so it worked out.
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Originally Posted by *solsticemama*
We've got a flat tire. Dh is working 1.5 hrs away and I still haven't learned how to change a tire : It's making me think of my mom who raised us without ever driving us anywhere since she didn't have a driver's license. My dad did all the driving. An afternoon without the car is inconvenient but years and years of it is something to think about!
I grew up in a household without a car; my mother couldn't drive. She couldn't pass the vision test after they changed it (so you had to actually be able to see with both eyes ) and had no desire to learn anyway, since her father died in a car accident when she was nearly 14. Four kids, one parent, no car. It was pretty crappy. :LOL When I married Mike, I got my learner's permit, and two years later (when BeanBean was a few months old) I got my license. Back in May, for the first time in my life, I became part of a two-car family. I still can't believe I have my own car sometimes; just imagine, not only can I go to the grocery store any time I want to, but I can take the kids with me! And I don't have to figure out how many bags I'll be able to handle at the bus stop or for the walk home, or how to arrange them on my back & bike so I can still maneuver. It's absolutely incredible to me, and I still marvel over it often.

I did, however, learn to change a tire. There are actually instructions in the owner's manual of both the minivan and the car. There's a jack, a spare tire, and directions. Since the minivan is really designed for a female driver, I'm confident that I could manage the tire change even without the greatest tool of all (the AAA membership which MIL bought us for our birthdays :LOL) and that's a good thing, because I don't have a cell phone. :LOL

Once when we only had the Saturn and Mike was driving to work (BeanBean and I were in the car so that I could have it for the day) a tire blew out, and Mike pulled over to put on the spare. A few minutes later, a bright green tow truck pulled up; apparently, DOT tow trucks roam around on the busiest highways during rush hour, looking for people who need help! The kid driving was very sweet and helpful. Mike was nearly finished changing the tire, but he helped with the last bit (getting the blown tire back into the trunk) and had some wipes which took the grease right off of our hands. That was very cool! It's nice to see tax dollars doing something useful, you know?
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I'm getting my own mini van soon . It's my mom's, so I know it was treated well, and she selling it to me for just 2, 000. And is letting me pay for it in payments. . It's so *new* too (1994!!), wow! As you can see, I'm not swimming in cash over here:LOL I really need a car, because we live so far out of town, and when my partner works, I'm stranded, and the old car is falling apart (windows won't roll down/up, door won't close) And one day I can use the mini-van to go on camping trips and whatnot. And it seats seven... I can start my own taxi service.
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Congrats on the van, Jasanna!

Great news on the pregnancy, Rachel! You have been waiting so long! I can't wait for my turn... :LOL

I can't belive my little boy will be 2 in two weeks. I just can't even grasp that concept... He does NOT seem 2!!! I remember when he was a teeny tiny little guy...

Zachary has started saying "Oh, man!" instead of "Oh, no!" It is the FUNNIEST thing! He must have heard it from one of us, but I didn't realize DH or I said it that often. Funny what they pick up.

Good night, girls...
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Thanks for asking about the penny, I never can remember who I've updated and who I haven't... we saw a surgeon about the penny last week on THurs. He said there is a greater risk associated with putting Tyson to sleep and scoping him to remove it than to wait for it to pass. He thinks the reason it hasn't passed is because his tummy and intestines are too small. So, he thinks it may be awhile until he grows enough to let it pass. I'm still supposed to watch for signs of blockage/bowel perferation etc. The surgeon doesn't think it looks like a penny either, rather something bigger. I still think it is a penny but I guess only time will tell. So, we are glad not to have to meet our deductable this year with a surgery ($4000!) but I'm still kind of uncomfortable with the whole situation.
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Beth-- did I read that correctly? You have to wait for him to grow big enough to let the penny (or whatever it is) pass?? Yikes! I can't imagine! Well, I suppose I can-- I have to wait for BooBah to grow to see what her kidneys will do (if they'll be able to function well enough as she grows). I'm not a big fan of the waiting game, myself, but you've gotta do what you've gotta do, right?

BeanBean is extra clingy today. I have no idea why-- probably because I've been upset with him, if I had to hazard a guess. : I'm working on it, but I really need time to meditate and clear my head without my kids around to function well, and I just haven't been getting it lately. *sigh*

Before BooBah was born, I never thought of BeanBean as a spirited or difficult child. I honestly thought that he was an easy baby! Looking back, that's probably not entirely the case. At 4.5 months, BooBah can wake up, look around, and soothe herself enough to get back to sleep; when BeanBean was that age, he'd scream bloody murder if Mamma wasn't there (even if he had no desire to nurse). If I put BooBah down in the stroller (she sits up, so the kicky bounce doesn't work anymore) to go to the bathroom, she hardly seems to notice; BeanBean would freak out if I was out of visual range. I always said that BeanBean was an easy baby, because he wasn't colicky and didn't cry all the time, and if I was holding him/with him he was all right with other people. BooBah, on the other hand, is so much easier than BeanBean was it's like... well, like they're entirely different babies! :LOL She's so easy that she makes BeanBean look like he was really difficult.

I don't know where I'm going with this... just rambling, I suppose
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rynna, the difference could also be that he is male and she is female, and all our twos are going through these changes that increase their frustration in general. they also can remember a little, not consciously, about having mama to themselves. that itself is part of the adjustment. clay does not remember being the only baby or being the only one nursing and he and ruby are 23 months apart now, but there was a period of change for all of us. i remember having a really tough time which i blamed on the spacing. but then now i have a ruby that seems to understand consequences and results. but i'm finding her trying to be around these days regardless.
i've got two yelling to nurse.
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holy carp! I missed the first four pages. I went out of town last week and was busy the week before.
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Yeah, I'll be squishing poopy for awhile! As if I didn't monitor DS's health already, now I have something totally new to be worried about!
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Congrats on the van MamaJaza

Thanks for the update Bethkm, I have been thinking of you and your little boy
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i often wish i did not have to deal with a vehicle. it is almost impossible to live without one here.
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Casina, I know what you mean. I wish all the time we lived somewhere with decent public transportation, somewhere where I could walk to the library, market, etc. I don't particularly enjoy driving and dd despises her car seat.
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:LOL just today i told dd that maybe one day we'd get to take a bus somewhere (she likes to point out buses, esp. school buses). but we'd have to go somewhere like chicago (or another big city) to do this....
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betkm... that is really odd that your doc thinks you should wait till your DS is bigger... that could take a *long* time. Have you thought of maybe giving him a "loose bowels" diet for a few days? Maybe some prunes, and probiotics, etc. and lots of boob milk? I don't think I could stand that if it happened to my baby. I'm a real bacteria freak, and I worry about heavy metals, parasites, and all that sorta stuff.

I'm enjoying thinking about having my own vehicle for the first time in my life. Last night I went to a sticker store on the net and picked out a whole bunch of great stickers. I drive slow, so I got one that says "Women are great leaders, you're following one", and "god is coming and she's pissed".:LOL
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we live in the city and I have to say I hate getting into my car for anything. We can walk to just about anywhere library, parks, stores and museums. For a special treat we sometimes take a ferry to the aquarium. My dh would love to move someplace rural but i cannot fathom the idea of NEEDING a car just to get a loaf of bread.

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Things that go!!

This morning was spent equally between playing in the park and watching a nearby construction site in action. Mona, ds also likes to point out buses, making the distinction between city buses and 'sool bus' :LOL He's also keen on firetrucks and we've visited several fire stations around the area. Sometimes the fireman on duty lets him sit in the truck and steer. Very, big excitement! This morning I was awake early and heard the garbage trucks, it must have been six a.m. Ds was sound asleep but as soon as those trucks rolled by he was wide awake saying, 'what's that? garbage truck? go see it?' I was able to encourage him back to sleep for about 45 mins but then there was no way around it and once again I found myself outside shivering in the dawn air while we watched the garbage trucks load up their garbage.

Ds also has a doll and stuffed animals that he cares for but gosh does he like big trucks. Mamas of girls, do you think your dds are as keen on vehicles/things that go as boys?
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