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which essential oils soothe migraines?

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Anyone know which essential oils, if any, are good for soothing migraine headaches? I have a freind who has been suffering and would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.
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for myself, i use some peppermint on my temples and maybe take a whiff of lavendar, or a lavendar bath. i bought a "migraine mix" but don't recall exactly what oils it contained other than the above mentioned. if i catch my migraine early on it can help, doesn't if it's too far along. good luck
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I don't know about essentioal oils, but I have started taking fever few one dose twice daily. (Ind the past I have used a calcium channel blocker to prevent, Botax to prevent, and several to stop when they occur.) I average two-three a weeks especially around AF, I have only been on fever few for one month and have only had one minor migraine. Huge jump for me. I haven't even taken my mazalt at all to stop that one I just tripple dosed on the fever few. I have a great herbshop just a block away and the owner is a liscenced herboligist or something of the kind. The fever few wasn't that expensive it was about $20 for a bottle of 100 which I think will last about 2mos. Mybe you could also suggest this...I know I would usually take anything to get a headache to stop, even if it meant going to doctor for a shot of demoral...usually only went after first 48hr when I could no longer take any more Rx dosoes.
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I got migraines for the first ( & thankfully ONLY times) when I was pg and the midwives had me take feverfew. It worked for me most times - took it right as I felt them coming on. Also used a lavendar eye pillow when I had them...

hope that helps - I have always been headache prone but never migraines - when I got them I just cried and all I could do was feel sorry for people that got them all the time!
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The best thing I have found for a migraine is to eat a banana and place the peel, gushy side down on the back of your neck at the hairline. Message it into the hair lightly. Use 1/4 of the peel at a time untill the whole peel is used. Should take a few hours.

It is a little messy but very effective.
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According to my aromatherapy decoder/chart the best essential oils for a migraine are peppermint, chamomile, grapefruit, lavender, basil, and rose. Hope that helps.
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Thanks everyone. I appreciate your taking the time to reply. I may get her a little lavender oil.
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I don't know anything about the principles of aromatherapy, but whenever I get a migraine, I find most odors quite painful. When I'm in migraine mode, the only odors I can tolerate are peppermint, rosemary, and to a lesser extent, eucalyptus. One of my favorite migraine therapies is a very warm bath with a few drops of rosemary oil in it.
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