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Rancid flour?

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So how do you know if your flour has gone rancid? I read about this often and wonder if my flour is rancid and I just don't know it! I bake so seldom that my flours have been around for quite some time. Can anyone shed some light on this topic?

thank you!
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I'm bumping myself! If I don't get an answer here I don't know who I can ask!
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Give it a little stir with your finger, give it a sniff and a tiny taste off your finger. If it smells at all weird, throw it away. It should have a fluffy, clean taste and smell.

I've read stories about whole wedding parties in Inda dying from eating food made with rancid flour.

You can store your flour indefinitely in the freezer in an air tight container.

If the flour is more than a year old, throw it away. I personally would throw flour away after 6 months, but I am paranoid about that sort of thing.

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My understanding is that any ww flour you buy at the store is already rancid. If you grind your own flour, it is good for 72 hours (not refrigerated). Or so I have read.
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I agree, I think if it tastes "off", stale, musty, then I pitch it. (though people dying - I think that's from a particular kind of grain mold like ergot or other food poisoning. Just rancidity is not dangerous.) I don't go through my flour fast so I keep it in the freezer to solve the rancid problem.
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