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Hi there I'm new here ...

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I'm trying to find a new spot to fit in online, here's my story:

My name is Betsy, I'm a 42 y/o sahm to Seth (8) and twins Audrey and Tess (3). I live in the SF Bay Area. I'm an AP mom. I've been online with a twins group since my pregnancy with the girls, but I just don't fit in there at ALL!!! I'm tired of minding my tongue and not interested in their lifestyles anymore, so I'm trying to find some like-minded parents to chat with.

We eat mostly organic, with an occassional stumble of fast food or candy (especially this week, lol). I nursed all three children past age three and they slept with me most of that time, too. We used cloth diapers most of the time, and I'm happy to say that we are done with all that . My girls are at a cooperative preschool (which their big brother attended earlier) and my son is at an alternative public school which is parent participation also. My DH has his own custom cabinetry business in SF and works all the time, so I'm alone with the kids most of the time. My children are not immunized (well, DS is partially, but the girls aren't at all) after reactions and a death in my family after a vaccine. I adore my children but I'm feeling a bit lost myself. I need to lose about 50 pounds, but can't get myself motivated to do anything about it. I guess I'm in a bit of a slump.

So, that is a bit about me. Any tips on where to "fit in" here would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Betsy. !

I think you've found the right place. The Parenting Multiples forum here isn't terribly active, but if you look around MDC you'll find lots of like minded mamas. Most people here don't have multiples, but most are AP/NFL. And you really don't have to mind your tongue around here if you're into AP/NFL.

My twins are 13 months old. I have yet to find any AP mamas of multiples IRL.
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welcome ... see my sig and you'll find that i have my hands full ... i'm also a local member of our mothers of multiples ... i usually don't go to the meetings but i keep informed about sales and deals etc ... i think they think i'm crazy ... we have a small message board ... i post things on vaccines, GD and other stuff ... no response at all ... i think they are scared of me or something ... i just don't get it ... they are safe as long as they stay in their little bubbles
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Those slumps can be hard to get out of, can't they?!

I hang here & also at a "midstream" community where there are several MOMs & others who are like-minded.
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