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Drop in body temperature

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A friend of mine just took her 15 month old to get immunizations last week- he had a ton done, including the MMR. I don't know what all else. He's been really tired and sleeping alot ever since, and eight days after recieving the vaccinations, he woke up at a normal time in the morning, freezing cold and shivering. My freind says her house wasn't cold- she was in thin pajamas. she took a rectal temperature on her son and it was 90.7. She took it several times to make sure. She swears it was 90.7. She called her Dr, and the nurse freaked out and wanted her to bring her DS in, but then my freind gave him a warm bath and dressed him warm, and his temperature came back up to normal. She didn't take him in.

I have never ever heard of anything like this happening. My friend didn't make any comments that she might suspect the vaccinations were involved, but its always in the back of my mind now. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this in reaction to vaccination? Is there any literature I should steer my friend to, or suggestions I should make, or should I just keep my paranoia to myself?
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I've never heard of low temperature as a vax reaction only the opposite of really high fevers.
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That fits the description of hypothermia. Here is a description...


I am not certain if that can be a symptom of a reaction. I will see what I can find.
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It just seems very strange to me- how does a healthy kid get hypothermia snuggled up in his bed?

LIke I said, vaccine reaction is always sitting quietly, sometimes not so quietly, in the back of my mind.
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Originally Posted by RiceMomma
It just seems very strange to me- how does a healthy kid get hypothermia snuggled up in his bed?

LIke I said, vaccine reaction is always sitting quietly, sometimes not so quietly, in the back of my mind.
Did you tell her?

Because you really should.
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I have never heard of this as a reaction, but I suppose if the vaccines messed with his thyroid or some other regulatory gland, temperature may be affected.
I would think the simpler answer would be either the thermometer is not correct, or she did not position the thermometer correctly.

I found hypothermia as a sign of overdose or toxcicity from the following drugs. (I am sure there are more) but not specifically any references to vaccines in people. I did see it mentioned in vaccine reactions in animals. Reading about veterinary vaccines - it appears we are much more careful with animals than people.

Phenytoin Nortriptyline Amitriptyline Doxepin

If the mother takes any of those drugs and is nursing the vaccine could pose a problem.
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is there an update?

very concerned over here.
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My kids had the opposite reactions, very high fevers. My 2 year old sometimes runs a random one with no other symptoms and my ds has had problems regulating his temperature since he was about a year old. He gets overheated very quickly and sweats often, usually in his sleep. I have never heard of a reaction making a child too cold but I have learned anything is possible with vax, the MMR especially.

To be fair, the baby is unvaxed and doesn't run fevers like that, controls her temperature fine and the only time she ever had a high fever was when she cut her first 2 teeth.
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Thanks for the replies and concerns everyone.

This freind and I exchange emails often and see each other once week. We aren't terribly close- we have recently met. As far as I know, her son is fine. Her emails haven't mentioned anything. The day after he was vaccinated(last week, a week before the temp drop), I was at her house, and she started telling me about how tired he had been since getting the shots the day before- she made a comment about how they really pumped him up. I carefully started telling her about how I've become concerned about vaccinating, and have stopped vaxing my kids for the time being, and we had a lengthy discussion about it... In the mean time, my friend had an ear infection and I emailed her some info about herbal remedies for that, which she didn't seem interested in... SO--- I didn't want to be an alarmist or interfere too much with her personal life unless I knew this was something really serious with the vaccines, so that's why I came here. Sorry to post such a long explanation!

About the temperature- she did a rectal temp- aren't those pretty accurate? I've never wrestled my kids down to get one myself. He was shivering and acting funny, but the house was warm. He was very cold. Also- my freind is not nursing, and I doubt her son would be taking any of those meds.

The thing that freaked me out about this was what if he hadn't waken up that morning- what if his temp dropped in the middle of the night, and never came back up before morning? My first thought was might this have been a brush with SIDS?

Anyway, thanks for all the help and concern. I'm going to bring it up to her next time I see her and gently ask her if she thinks the vaccines might have anything to do with what happened. Might get her thinking for future shots.
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According to this VAERS report (see page 21) : hypothermia is #275 of frequently reported adverse effects.

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