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What happened to...

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"I don't want to read spanking threads" in the gentle discipline forum?

I got a notice that there was a reply, and when I clicked on it I was denied access. Then when I went to the forum it was gone.
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I removed it Carmen. Hopefully it will be back on the board soon. Just a minor editing issue.
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Is it gone for good now?
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Sorry Cynthia-

I really don't want to be a bother about this but I am confused. Did I miss something? Did you post somewhere that this thread is gone now? Or are you still editing it? Or is it out there somewhere and I just can't find it?
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We are awaiting the member who needs to edit to do so. As soon as she does I will return the thread to the board. I hope that will happen soon - today or tomorrow - as she has replied to our request. If it turns out that she decides to not edit the thread will stay off the board entirely as I prefer not to edit posts for members. Seeing as hers was the leading post it would be rather confusing to delete her post out and return the replies only.

I hope I'm not confusing you even more.
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OK, I have to admit that I am a bit more confused:

Is it that you (or the powers that be) can decide that something is innapropriately said and then ask a poster to edit something? If they don't then the post can just be removed?
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When someone posts in a way that is offensive we try to contact them to work it out as quickly as possible. If there is no reply from the person within approximately 24 hours, we move it off the board to a private administrational board that is not visible to the public. In some cases we don't wait at all but rather move it off immediately. It all depends on the situation and what was said.

We usually leave a post explaining that the thread was removed and why. But we do forget to do so sometimes (as in the case of this thread).

If the person agrees to edit I give her/him access to that board so the editing can be done there and then I move it back to the board it was posted on. If the poster refuses to edit I will either delete out the post entirely, since we don't edit people's words for them unless directed to do so, or the thread will be left off the board, especially if the offenses are throughout a thread and some members refuse to correct the violations or if editing totally distorts the thread and leaves it incomprehensible.

The thread has been moved back to the Gentle Discipline board now. Thanks for your patience and if you have any other questions feel free to ask.
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