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I'm pregnant!

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I still can't believe it but I've had 2 + hpt's so it's pretty conclusive.

I'd be due July 18th. I'm so excited!!!
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Erika YAY!!!!! that is awsome... so glad to see another ttc grad here
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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are due at the same time!
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Congratulations Erika!! I'm just popping in from the June boards, but I remember you from the one thread! I'm so happy for you!!
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Welcome aboard! Have a happy and healthy 9!
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Thanks everyone! I'm desperately trying to find a midwife... I had no idea there was such a huge damand and such a low supply of them. But I still have a lot of time so I suppose in the meantime I can just call my OBGYN.
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I happened to see your name and wanted to come over and say "Congrats!" I recognized your name from the ttc list and I'm so glad you graduated! Enjoy!
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I am due July 15th, 2005.
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I wandered over with Mclisa! :LOL Congrats, Erika! :
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LOL Thanks everyone! When will everything sink in? I still don't believe it even though I already have heartburn, morning sickness, fatigue, constant peeing and mood swings. Why on earth I have these symptoms so early this time is beyond me. LOL
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