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Anyone tried a natural method of induction? What works?

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Has anyone tried a natural method of induction (after going over edd)? What seems to work and what works best? And does any of it really work? I’m 25 weeks pregnant and just trying to prepare myself. I went over with ds and they induced me, so I’m definitely trying to avoid this time!!
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You might want to do a search on the boards for some great older threads on natural induction techniques---there's a wealth of info 'round here. Personally, I favor the tincture of time , but I'm a fan of homeopathy....and Pamamidwife's protocol for homeopathic blue and black cohosh is fantastic.

Hope it won't even be an issue for you....but info is power

Best wishes!
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After my water broke with my first pregnancy, (that was the first thing that happened) I didn't have any contractions to speak of for almost 12 hours. My mw suggested that I rub casor oil on my bump (NOT taken internally) and put a warm cloth over that. Then do nipple stimulation.
We did this and that's what got my contractions going and my labor started. Don't know if it would work for everyone, but that's what did it for me.
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With my daughter, I went three weeks over and finally my midwive stripped the membrane.

With my son, my water broke but nothing happened so I took castor oil and then went on a walk with my midwives where I took black and blue cohosh sublingually and black and blue cohosh homeopathics and I was in labor within about 45 minutes. Again, though, my water had already broken.
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I'm wondering too...

I'll do a search as well, but I'm looking for things to try asap. I'm only 2 days past my due date and pretty comfortable, but I'm concerned about my baby being rather large. My first was a week early and I still needed assistance at birth. I'd love to avoid that if possible.
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Natural Induction recipe

Hello Ladies:

This recipe comes directly from a very knowledgeable midwife that I know, who has over 20 years experience. She gave it to me to give to a client, should she wish to try it, whose doctor intended to induce her the following Monday. I gave the client this recipe on Friday and she used it on Sunday. The only thing she did not follow exactly was the vodka. Everything else was exact. When the midwife told me the recipe she told me to make the client very aware that this recipe WORKS WELL and not to dismiss any contractions. Sure enough, by the end of the day the client was in labor. She labored less than 3 hours. When we got the the hospital she was complete and pushed for 3 minutes and birthed a beautiful, healthy baby girl (APGAR's 9 and 10).

So here is the recipe, should anyone wish to try it. I do not make choices for clients, I simply assist with information, they make their own choices. Doulas do not give medical advice, they help in gathering information and supporting birthing mamas/families. This natural induction recipe is for pregnancies over 37 weeks or more. This is really for those who are overdue or there is a medical induction hanging over their head by a doctor. I have never used the recipe, but I have seen it work.

Natural Induction

For use when artificial induction is going to be required, or for post-date pregnancy. If someone is asking for natural methods, you can give these instructions, reminding that you do not give medical advice, this is not medical advice, but if you personally needed induction, this is the method you would try first, before resorting to artificial induction.

A full day is needed, as mama needs to start first thing in the morning.

In the morning, after a relaxing breakfast, mama and daddy should make love together; making sure that semen is deposited high, at the cervix.

Mama should squat with every Braxton Hicks contraction, throughout the day.

At 12:00 – Noon, mama should have lots of fluids, and a good nutritious lunch of high protein and carbohydrates.

Just before 1:00pm, mama should cut 5 capsules of 500mg Evening Primrose Oil, then roll a tampon in the oil completely, and insert up at the cervix.

1:00pm, mama should lie down to take a nap.

When mama gets up from the nap, between 2:00 – 3:00pm, she should take a bath. Before getting in the tub, she can mix up a “Birth Cocktail”.

Recipe for Birth Cocktail – One Dose
2 ounces Orange Juice
2 ounces Castor Oil
2 ounces Vodka
This mixture should be shaken. (If they don’t want to add the vodka, they could omit it, but vodka is much less harmful than pitocin.)

Mama should first relax in the tub an hour, approximately.

At 4:00pm, mama should take the first dose of “Birth Cocktail”.

At 5:00pm, she would take another dose. Mama should drink lots of fluids. After this she would take out the tampon, and then eat supper.

She should continue squatting with contractions.

After supper, mama would begin taking Black and Blue Cohosh, 20 drops of each, every 30 minutes – 1 hour. Should be in labor shortly, if not already. (The cohoshes can be taken up to 6 hours, but probably won’t be necessary.)

This combination works fast and well if baby is ready! Mama should pay attention to her body.

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I used Castor Oil - three separate doses throughout the day. It was easiest to take it in a smoothy. I DO NOT recommend frying eggs in it and then eating them (which was one suggestion I tried), I could not eat eggs again for almost a year without gagging. :LOL

It worked VERY well. My labor started by 9 or 10 that evening. I think it was 61/2 hours total from start to finish.

Good luck with whatever you choose!
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I did the Castor Oil/Oarnge Juice combo ws DS and it got my labor going. With DD I was induced becuase I was getting an NST and the heartrates dropped too many times and I was unable to go home and try any natural methods. If you are intersted I found an intersting article aout natural induction methods that I can pass along. PM me if you want the link. Not sure if it's okay to post the link in the message. I would rahter do castor oil again over pitocin. That really sucked mainly becuase the darn nurse disregarded my ob's orders to turn it off once I was in labor on my own.

So I vote for castor oil and try acupuncture I did that too with DS then I did Castorl oil and I went into labor that evening.
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Hi - I went 2 weeks past EDD with my son. I tried a combo of acupuncture and homeopathy... Hope this helps!
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I started acupuncture on my due date. Treatments twice daily are supposed to trigger labor in a week. One week later, to the hour of my first treatment, I went into labor.
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I wanted to induce naturally near my due date b/c my husband (sorry, I have no idea what most of the shorthand website initials for things are...where DOES one find that out?Anyway...) and sister were only going to be around to take care of me for a week (husband starting new job, commute bla bla bla) and if I was late I'd be on my own more or less.
So I took castor oil (not as bad as I thought) with vodka and OJ, did black and blue cohosh as well as see an acupuncturist for a few weeks before due date.
Day after due I started pro-dromal labor. Ugh!
Intense, can't-sleep-through-them contractions all over the board, no pattern or progression for 24 hours. Then they stopped (after I went to the birth center of course). I took a wee nap, had sex and they started again, still irregular and crazy-making. Another 20 hours later and I gave birth.
SO...maybe I kick started things before I was truly ready and thus had to endure a long labor. Or maybe not. Hard to tell. But the castor oil was effective.
With 2nd baby, no way was I going to induce. 3 hours before she was born I was shopping at the farmer's market, feeling the contractions thinking, "I've got 2 more days of this right?" Went home and out she came.
Natural inducement certainly can work but I think the heart and mind have to be aligned with the process too. During my first long labor, things only finally started progressing when I had an emotional release about what it meant for me to have a baby. Good Luck!
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I ate a cheese steak. There is this deli here that has had many women eat their cheesesteaks and go into labor the next day and sure enough that's what happened with me! I don't know if it was the grease or the peppers and onions but it worked. I don't know if you eat meat but its worth a try if you do...
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Originally Posted by Arolinecay
IDuring my first long labor, things only finally started progressing when I had an emotional release about what it meant for me to have a baby. Good Luck!
Very true. I had a 66 hour labor, complicated by a bigger than expected baby in a posterior presentation, with a funny shaped pelvis that required her to turn to get out, only there was no room for her to turn. BUT it was when something clicked and I decided I indeed was up to being her mother, that we started getting somewhere, around hour 64. It was when my midwife called in the OB. She had some extra techniques up her sleeve, so to speak...but something about her attitude spoke to something inside me...her manner was sort of, you can figure out how to do this your own way, and it will work. It had meaning beyond the labor.
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Everyone in my family had so far had to be induced including me with my first baby, with my second i was eight days over due and having quite strong braxton hicks for about a week before. My midwife gave me four evening primrose oil capsules 2 to take orally and 2 for pessaries. I took them at about 9pm and went to bed and woke at 2.20am with slight discomfort and my precious girl was born (while on the toilet) at 3.50am.
EPO will be my 1st choice next time round
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tried them all

I tried acupuncture, spicy foods, some crazy salad that everyone told me to go eat, jogging on the beach which was a site being almost 42 wks, then the homepathics (ask a professional), castor 2x , and 2 days before I was to be induced we did nipple stimulation and I went into labor that night. You should ask your health care provider about this and or doula. We were given the go ahead by the Doc to try our best on our own. The nipple stimulation can be very intense and put in into labor very quick and strong I have heard so it is important to consult with a professional and not use it if you are NOT late. Good luck , it will happen.
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A good alignment by a chiropractor accompanied by accupuncture intended to induce labor did the trick for me. Make sure your chiro is experienced with pregnancy and induction before giving this a try. My doula (practicing now for 9 1/2 years) recommends this to all of her clients past their edd who are being pressured to induce and she has yet to see it fail.
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The one that worked the best was to have sex using EPO as the lubricant. Every time we did that I had strong cx and dilated 1 cm. I got to 4 before going into labor. Later that day I thought I might be in labor, but had sex just to help things along since I'd had several false starts. Only an hour after that I was *sure* I was in real labor and had dd less than 12 hours later.

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I was ten days overdue with my second child, my homebirth midwife told me that if I could wait no longer, I could try going home and putting a hot towel (as hot as I could stand) across my chest, wrapping around under my arms. I was to repeat this several times. I was so mentally overdue that I went home and did it. My appointment was mid-morning, I went home did it and that evening went in to labor. I have to say though that given the chance to do it again, I would let mother nature take her time, because my second child's labor was much longer than my first, not harder, just longer. My body was slow to get going, as if it just was not ready yet. I still wonder if my interference had something to do with that. You might really want to consider letting your body decide when it is best.
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Originally Posted by Momamia
Has anyone tried a natural method of induction (after going over edd)? What seems to work and what works best? And does any of it really work? I’m 25 weeks pregnant and just trying to prepare myself. I went over with ds and they induced me, so I’m definitely trying to avoid this time!!
I just had my baby 2weeks ago. He was 16 days overdue and weight 12 pds. I had a home birth and water birth. It was nice. I had an ultrasound at 14 days overdue and my placenta was a grade 3 what means it was getting old so we needed to get baby out soon. So I tried every thing.I started out taking some herbal formula made to start contractions with blue and black cohosh in it what gave me some contractions and helped me dialate but it was not enough. So in the morning of my 15th day overdue I took 1 portion of castor oil mixed in orange juice on an empty stomach and had breakfast after wards. 3 hours later I threw up. I took another portion after lunch with no problem. In the evening and through the night I walked a lot and did nipple stimulation a lot! and had my baby the next day. All these methodes together and not giving up and also prayer brought the results. So don't give up. Friederike
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My daughter was born 16 days past her due date (and I also had a home waterbirth). I spent the first 13 of those 16 days trying everything. I spent the last two days in labor.
I tried castor oil for a few days, black and blue cohosh for a few days, evening primrose oil capsules (pierced and placed near my cervix), and I tried combinations of all three for a few days. I had accupuncture, ate spicy food, hiked for miles, went on bumpy car rides, and had sex. Nothing worked.
My body didn't go into labor untill the day after I stopped messing with it.
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