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Now that we're all solidly in the second semester and some of us are approaching the halfway mark, let's make some predictions! What's your EDD and when do you think you'll actually have the baby? What sex do you think you're having (quick, u/s peekers! post before you know!)? If you want to be more specific (length, weight, time, appearance), go ahead and post that too. We'll bump up the thread in April (or March?) and see how we did.

I'll go first:

EDD: 4.11.05
Delivery date: 4.5.05
~ 8 lbs., 20"

ETA: Since y'all are giving reasons for your dates, I will too. Dd was either born exactly on time (going by LMP) or possibly up to a week early (going by fetal appearance/size and the alternative possible date of conception... dh was living in another city at the time, so it's pretty easy to narrow it down!). More and more we think she was a tiny bit early, so I'm guessing the same for this one. Then, I was silly and looked at the full moon calendar for when she was born and for April, and chose the date that is the same relative distance away. I don't put any great stock in the cycles of the moon influencing anything, but other people do and it was as good a way of choosing a date as any. :LOL

Oh, and dd was 7/12 and I expect this one to be a bit bigger, espcially since dh was 8/8 I think and I was 9 lbs. even. I kept the same length, though.
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All right, I'll go!
~ 9 1/2 Pounds

I should know the sex in a month, we'll see if I was right.
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EDD: 4/11 or 4/12/05
Delivery: 4/1 or 4/2/05
Sex: Girl
Weight: 8 lbs 7 oz

reasons, my other two were 21 and 14 days early, so i'm guessing i'll go early again. the heartbeat of this babe was high just like my two girls, and i am hoping the weight to be in the middle of the other two, 7 lbs 10oz and 9 lbs 4 oz.
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Oh, this is fun

EDD = 4/6
Birth Day Guess = 4/9
7lbs 8oz, 19inches

My dd was born 2 days after her due date & was 7lbs 14.9oz. I ate a TON of ice cream at the end of my pregnancy & I think that's why she was chunky (since she's NEVER been chunky since) I'm going to be much better this time, so that's why I guessed a smaller baby, hahaha
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amy, i gained about 10 lbs less with bella than i did with xandra, weighed less when i got pg too, and she was almost 2 lbs heavier!!!!!!! than xandra at birth, even though she only cooked for about 5-7 days longer LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Due Date:4/07/05
I think I deliver at or very close. DD was a week late.
I am having my U/S next week and I really think we're having a boy. Only because this pregnancy has been nothing like my first, in any way, shape or form, completely different.
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How fun!!

Edd: 4/6/05
Birth: 2 weeks early
boy, approx. 7 lbs

Just a guess! Ds was 10 days early and almost 7 pounds. I've already found myself referring to the bean as a "he" so I think I should listen to my intuition. It worked last time!!
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edd- april 23
delivery- april 25
leaning toward boy lately, although i was sure of a girl two weeks ago. so its for sure a boy or a girl. hope to know by 20 wk sono, which is still 4 weeks away.
weight-8 lbs even. or smaller. or bigger.
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Edd: either 4/16 or 4/25 Going by bleeding of miscarriage, even though I have 5 week cycles. Will find out exact due date when I have my ultrasound at 21 weeks.
Delivery date: 1 week early
weight: 7 lbs 8 oz 20 inches long

Was induced 12 days early with Sav and she was 7.15
Sam came on his own. We thought i was due the 16, but was really due the 23 (the 5 week cycle thing) and he came all on his own on the 15th. He was 7.4 Both were 20 inches.
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I like this!

EDD (according to charting): 4/22/05
My estimation: 4/15/05 (tax day!)
Gender: Girl ('cause DH says so)
Weight: 7 lbs 5 oz.
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Oh, fun!

EDD: 4/4/05
My estimation: 4/8/05
Gender: boy
Weight: 8 lbs 4 oz
Length: 21"
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EDD: April 16th 04
My guess: April 23 04 (by then, dw will be finished teacher's college & I hear a week late is typical for first timers).
Gender: ????????????? girl, I guess ?????????
Weight: 8lbs even

What fun! Hard to guess for this 1st time mom.
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Oh, I forgot gender, I predict girl, but that could just be my secret longing.
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EDD: 4/2/05
My guess of date: 3/30/05
Gender: boy
Weight: 9 lbs 5 oz
Length: 22"

i really feel like this is a boy because this pregnancy has been different. i think it'll come a little before my due date even though dd was 5 days late. dd was 9 lbs 1 oz, so i'm guessing this one will be bigger. 2nd babies are usually bigger, right? scary. dd was 22" long so i figure this one will be about the same.

we had our u/s last week and they couldn't see the gender. unfortunately, i have placenta previa, so we need another u/s in 10 weeks. good news is maybe they'll be able to tell us what's in there! boy or girl!
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EDD: 4/2/05 (based on charting)
My guess of date: 4/6/05
Gender: girl
Weight: 7 lbs 13 oz
Length: no idea
Also guessing I'll have back labor

My pregnancy has been so much like my mom's so I'm basing some of my guesses on that. My mom went a week later with her first, but she didn't adjust for long cycles back then, so I'm guessing I might only go a few days over and I picked the 6th because that is the day I m/c'ed my angel. Girl because that is all we can think of, even have a name, and my dh is such a girl daddy. Weight - my mom's kids were 7lb11oz and 7lb13oz, but she smoked so I'm figuring we should've been in the 8lb range. Dh was 6 something, so I chose my birthweight! Also, I added the back labor prediction because my mom had it with her first and my uterus was tilted which is supposed to be an indicator that this could happen. Oh, joy - still planning on going natural and just thankful that I have such a supportive dh who will massage me through it.
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EDD: either 04/12/05 or 04/22/05
My guess of date: 04/25/05
Gender: girl
Weight:8ish lbs

I had confusion over my ovulation date around when I conceived, so I'm not sure of my dates. I am going to guess later though, because I get so impatient toward the end and I figure expecting the baby later as opposed to sooner will probably help Besides, I was 2 weeks "late" with ds1 and 1 week "late" with ds2 so I think I cook em a little longer.

I am guessing girl because I feel quite different hormonally this time. My first 2 pregnancies were different from each other too though, so who knows really.

#1 was 8.5 lbs and #2 was around the same (maybe a little smaller, we didn't really weigh him) so I am thinking this one may be around the same.

I am sure I am wrong on all counts, I have a good intuition for most parts of pregnancy and birth, but the stats always have me baffled (I have been wrong both times now :LOL).

I am so excited to know for sure (in about 5 or 6 months.......)
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EDD April 15: I'm predicting a big boy 9+lbs with a goofy, cheerful personality.
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EDD: 4/14/05
My guess: 4/15/05 or thereabouts
Gender: Girl
Weight: 10lbish

All three of mine have been on time give or take a day or two so I expect this baby will be on time as well. So far DH and I have had two girls and so we joke that this one will be a girl too since that's all Dh makes. We should find out a week from Thursday. I'm guessing the baby will be about 10lbs since #2 was just over 10lbs and #3 was just under 10lbs. We'll see!
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oh i am loving all of these predictions! i wish we only had 3 weeks until we all knew the answers!!!!
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EDD: 4/14/05
My guess of date: 4/18/05
Gender: boy
Weight: 7 lbs 9 oz
Length: no idea

I don't have much to go by, so it's all guessing here. I predict a boy because I had my first baby dream a couple of nights ago giving birth to a baby boy. Although, it was a scary looking baby. He has a lot of hair and a full set of teeth at birth with lots of cavities. Go figure! Hopefully we'll know for sure this Friday when we have the u/s.
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