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I'll prolly be editing this next week. My first appointment is Monday.

So for now, I'm predicting a boy. Dd was heralded by a crane and this time the message came via a falcon.

Probably will deliver near my brother's birthday (4/12), since I'm hoping for a Taurean child. Dd is a Leo, and I think one child with a firey nature is more than dh and I to handle. So Murphy's Law would stand to reason that I'd have a firey Aries.

Dd's due date was on target, so I'm expecting the same for this one. I'll find that out next week.

And the baby will prolly weigh about 7lbs 6oz and be about 19 inches.
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EDD: 4/2
Delivery: 3/29
Sex: Boy
Weight: 6 lb 8 oz

I predicted the delivery date early becuase I am having a c-section. I really hope I make it that long. DD#2 was born at 37 weeks 3 days, but I hope I make it longer this time . We are REALLY hoping for a boy, but like wasabi. we joke that dh only makes girl spermies . I guessed the weight closer to #2's weight (6lb 2 oz) since she was early and #1 was late and bigger (7lb 3 oz).

We will find out the sex on monday and hopefully a healthy baby (we had a scare with #2, but she is fine!)
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EDD 4/13
Delivery 4/08
Gender boy
Weight 7lbs

I don't know how accurate these will be, prolly not very. I had one dream where I was having a boy, and I tend to trust my dreams, having a few premonition-typre experiences, including a very symbolicly graphic dream about my miscarriage a week before it happened. Dh also swears it's a boy, he wont even look at girl names in our book. As far as the weight thing goes, I am having an incredibly hard time gaining weight (I'm still about 10 lbs lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight) and I've read that that can lead to low birth weights and early labor. Hopefully though, I can start gaining like I should and not go too early or with the baby weighing too little. Hmm, the 8th just kinda popped into my head and wont leave... maybe that's a sign!
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I'll play but I had an U/s

Gender:Boy ( I had an u/s, but i knew he was a he at about 8 weeks preggers)
Weight:9 1/2 lb & 20 in long

I haven't any clue if any of this is close. Both girls were so different in weights that I don't know what to expect this time..lol ( 1st was 8 lbs and 2nd was 11 1/2 lbs.) So we'll see it'll be fun to look at this after we deliver.

Oh yeah , Hi everybody ...I am a lurker
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No US here so it's all guessing

1st week of May (I come from a long line of ten month mamas so I KNOW this one'll be 'late' too ... I'll be surprised if he's not!)
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