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Hi I'm New!

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Hey everyone! I'm new here...pretty neat! Due in Jan. I got myself a kicker! LOL....
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Welcome! When are you due in January? I know what you mean..... this time around I think I might have a little boxer in there. Unfortunately he likes to jump around on my bladder which has caused a few surprises....never thought I would pee on myself at the grocery store!!!
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I'm due Jan 10th. This is my second pregnancy. We are super excited and I really can't wait until I'm NOT pregnant anymore! LOL!
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Congradulations! I am due Dec 9th but hopfully he or she will come out early...I cannot take the hitting and the swirling in my tummy any more it is crazy but I would do it all over again. Good luck to you all!
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Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!! I'm due on Jan 8th, my hubby is praying I make it until the 9th (his b-day) and DD1 is praying I DON'T go on the 12th (her b-day)!!!!!

I have a kicker as well, I just look at it as his way of telling me everything is going well in there!
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Hi I'm New TOO!

This is new to me to, but pretty cool. I'm due Jan 9th, and need every bit of that time to prepare. I'm clueless, and feel like I can't learn enough. I hope everything is going good for you, just hang in there. Ps do you know what you are having? I don't
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