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Are you nursing?

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I am nursing my 19 month old many times a day, and I'm pretty sure my colostrum is coming in. This morning after nursing dd said "Yummy yummy yummy!" and I can't remember her ever saying anything like that.

Her stool has suddenly become really soft, too, this week, and more frequent, and a bit less stinky. All signs of colostrum, I believe! Woohoo!
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I'm still nursing my 29 month old. I think I don't have anything right now (I can't squeeze anything out, although she says there is milk in there). I didn't think that colostrum came in until later, but I could be wrong (wouldn't be the 1st time, LOL)
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Still nursing our 18 mo ds, but I don't think there's any milk left, and no colostrum yet. My poor bb are soooooo sore right now, especially achy with the cold. Oh, it's awful when they get the cold ache! And they grew like crazy about 2 weeks ago or so. Waiting for ds to want to nurse more often, which is when I'll probably know when the colostrum comes in! Right now he seems to be a little disinterested if he's not just doing it for comfort.
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DD is still nursing. It hurts a bit less than it did a week ago, and I'm seeing evidence that she's getting milk, though I didn't think I had any left. Dunno if my supply is back up or it's colostrum, though I think 18 wks might be a little early for that. Who knows.

All I know is that she's very attached to nursing and in no hurry to give it up. I'm in no hurry either, as it makes bedtime and other times much easier.
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When nursing during pg your milk tends to start to dry up/change to colostrum between the 4-5 months. I think mine is changing. DD is nursing much less and sometimes she pulls off even when she is getting something and looks at my BB accusingly and asks for something to drink instead. So I'm guessing the taste is changing.
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We're still nursing, but I don't think that at 16 weeks, there's any milk. Finn (3 1/3) says there's not any, but it doesn't seem to slow him down at all. I also tried to express some a few weeks ago to treat an aching ear and couldn't get any. I wasn't thinking that I would get colostrum so early. Hmmmm, we'll have to wait and see. Probably better than nursing dry...

The sad thing for me is that he's had a cold and a stomach bug in the last two weeks and it was so odd not to think that I was helping boost him immunity or at least keep him from getting dehydrated. I really felt sad about that, especially when he wasn't interested in fluids at all.
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I am tandem nursing and this time around has been much different than last time. My ds1 was 20 months when I conceived ds2 and I lost my milk at 8 weeks. I conceived this baby when ds2 was 10 months and my 3.5 yo is only nursing once a day and I have lots of milk at around 16ish weeks. I am hoping to maintain a milk supply for a while yet as my ds2 is only 14 months now. The great thing about nursing through pregnancy is that the range of experiences are as varied as the pregnancies themselves. Some women lose their supply right away and some don't lose it at all until the last days. Some get colostrum early on and others don't get it until the baby is born. Anything can happen, even from one pg to the next (as I am finding out). It is an adventure
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We're nursing a little still---maybe once a day or every other day, mainly when he has trouble napping or when he wakes up in the night and has a hard time getting back to sleep. I don't have much milk left at all. I think I have one duct on each side producing a tiny bit; I can barely express a drop from each.

We're starting to talk about how babies can only eat mama milk, not 'big boy' food like Tristan. I'm hoping to get him used to the idea that the babe will be at the breast full-time for a while
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Still nursing too

DD Annabel is 25 mo and nursing. We're down to morning, evening and stressful situations. It stopped hurting about 4 weeks ago (YAY!), and in the last couple of days her BM have become much softer and more frequent. I think that's probably colostrum. I was leaking from about the second month on in my first pregnancy, so it wouldn't be out of the question.

DS Angus weaned when I was about 12 weeks pregnant with Annabel, but I'm starting to think that she's going to stick with it. He was definitely in it for the milk, whereas she's very much a comfort nurser (and thumb-sucker, too). I know that supposedly more than half of nursing toddlers wean during pregnancy, but I think we're going to be tandem-nursing come April. Anyone else getting that feeling?

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I am 99% certain I will be triandem nursing come April. If anyone gives up nursing it will be my younger ds, though I am doubting he will. The older one nursed through the last pregnancy already and tells me he intends to continue until he is 10 :LOL. At least we have an end date in sight (he is 3.5 years now).
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