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Sleeping Baby ring sling pattern

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I won't be using the review form for this review as most of the questions wouldn't be applicable.

I wanted to review Jan's free ring sling pattern (at www.sleepingbaby.net) to tell folks how great it is! The shoulder, using pleats instead of accordion folds (like the Maya Wrap, for example) is so comfy and much more intuitive to use, IMO. It cups over the shoulder in a stable way that doesn't slip or hinder arm movement. It's also *truly* switchable from shoulder to shoulder, with no weird adaptations or new techniques necessary.

I used Jan's pattern to adapt the shoulder of my Maya Wrap sling, which I had not been able to use for months because it hurt me so much. I now use that sling daily and wore it for over 4 hours at the fair, switching shoulders once. Fantastic!

Since this shoulder is the one Jan uses to sew the slings she sells, when people ask me about my sling I direct them to her site and tell them she can make them one if they don't sew.

I definitely rate this pattern Thanks, Jan!
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I definitely agree that Jan's pattern is awesome!!! I don't sew, but I managed to make a sling in under 2 hours. It is comfy and is the first sling I reach for!! I also bought one from her that I adore!!
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The link is a little hard to find from the site.

This one is the direct link
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Product name: Sleeping Baby sling pattern

Store/Site of purchase: www.sleepingbaby.net
Price: free

How long have you used this product? 3 weeks

Fit/Sizing: Since it is a ring sling, it is infinitely adjustable, so one size fits all.

Performance: Very comfy in the shoulder, and distributes the baby's weight very well. I needed a sling to use at the pool so that I could keep up with my older two as well as the baby, and so I used Solarweave fabric and rings from slingrings.com. The pattern is very well documented and not too difficult to follow.

Workmomship: This was me doing the sewing, so the stitching is not perfect, but that is due to my user error, not the design.

Customer Service/Communicatino: N/A

Would you purchase this product again? pattern is free, but yeah, would definitely use again if I wanted to make another sling

Additional Comments: I have used this a few times now in the pool, both in shallow and deep water, and it has worked really well! I love how lightweight the Solarweave fabric is, and it does not take forever to dry either. A bonus that has helped me is using the tail to cover so I could discreetly nurse my baby in it too. I did use only 2 yards of fabric instead of 2.5, because I wanted a shorter tail (too long and it gets in my way). I have also used this one this summer as a quick grab and stick baby into while toting older siblings to their activities a few times and it works awesome outside the water too.

I give it (How many thumbs up out of five?):

Here it is in action: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v2...6/P1000242.jpg
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