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Looking for CDing info that is twin-specific

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(Posting this in both the Parenting Multiples and Diapering forums)

I have 13 1/2 month old g/g twins. I'd like to switch at least partially from sposies to CDing them. My idea is that I would use the disposables for night time and outings and use CD for daytimes at home or perhaps even short trips out. I have done some research and asked CDing friends IRL and have decided that Motherease OS with AF covers are probably the ones for me, most likely with the disposable liners at least at first. Most reviews say these are "workhorse" diapers and I am definitely looking for a workhorse. My girls pee average amounts, not huge amounts. I go through between 6-7 disposables per child in a 24-hour period right now.

I am looking for twin-specific information on CDing, changing to CDing from disposables, the routine of CDing and how to work it into your day, etc. After 13 months of one routine that I don't have to think about, the idea of changing routines is a bit daunting. As those of you with twins know, any change in routine means enormous upheaval for the household. That being said, I'd really love to hear positive CDing-of-twins experiences and don't hold back the detail including the hows, whens, and wherefores of how you do it.

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Hi! Mostly wanted to send encouragement that cloth diapers are very doable for twins. I don't know that this will help you much, but this is what I do:

I have about 3 dozen assorted diapers and 8 assorted covers. The girls are always in cloth during the day, even for long outings. They sleep in disposables. I change them probably six-eight times a day (they are 25 months old). Poopy diapers get rinsed in the toilet and then put in the diaper pail. Wet just go straight in the diaper pail. When the diaper pail is crammed full, I dump the diapers in the washer, put it in a soak setting for a few hours (or overnight if I time it right), spin them out, wash with a cup of vinegar in the rinse cyle, and dry outside as often as possible.

I love cloth diapers and the money I have saved! (Not to mention the garbage I have not produced!)

There is another thread on this too, I'll try to find it for you.

Good luck!
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flminivanmama is a cloth diapering twin mama that sells CDs. I think her website is www.babiesinthesun.com . She gives discounts for twins.
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Thanks ladies! Mamaleah your routine sounds very streamlined and very much my style! I am looking forward to changing over! Laralou, thanks for the recommendation! I checked out her site and she doesn't stock MEs but does say she can get anything I want (unlike the Rolling Stones ) and with that twin discount it may be worth it so I will be emailing her.

Thanks again, I also got some great responses over on the diapering forum and I'm really excited about my upcoming conversion!
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My twins (10 months) are in cloth full-time and my 3.5 yr old was in cloth until she pottytrained (and still wears a cloth diaper to bed!). I didn't start cd'ing with dd#1 until she was 17 months and, like you, I chose ME diapers. That didn't last long I didn't care for them and dh really didn't like them (he wasn't into the whole two step process). I didn't find them very absorbent and didn't like how the whole diaper got soaked and dd got *so* wet. I really didn't like them for overnight. So I got a pocket diaper for overnight (a Fuzzi Bunz) and then sold all my ME to get all Fuzzi Bunz and that's still what I use with my twins. I probably change them about 6-7 times a day and do laundry every 2-3 days. I use Fb at night, too but put 3 inserts in instead of just one in the daytime. I have a dry pail as well. Poop gets shaked off into the toilet, wet ones do directly into the pail (which is a waterproof bag in a rubbermaid container with a flip top lid) and on wash day, bag and dipes get put into the wash. I do a rinse cycle on cold with no detergent, a heavy duty cycle with a 2nd rinse on hot with a small amount of Tide and then another rinse cycle on cold. I dry my dipes in the dryer.

I love cd'ing and think it's definitely doable with twins

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I am just lurking but wanted to say I don't like MEOS either. I was using them with both kids last year (my son was in them until he potty trained at 2.5 last summer) and they soaked so quickly! And my kids were just average wetters. I add another vote to Fuzzi Bunz. That's what I used with my daughter from 9 month until a month ago when I switched to disposables because I have been horribly sick and just had surgery. I have Fuzzi Bunz training pants and plan to start potty training her when I feel better. The Fuzzi Bunz are great a cheap tip is to use the microfiber towels from Walmart inside. They are incredibly absorpent. I would wrap one around a Joey Bunz and it was SO absorpent! Good luck! I didn't do twins but I did do two in cloth diapers for 9 months until my son trained so I know its doable.
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I CDed my twin girls. I used the fuzzi buns, too and really liked them. I used cloth full time until one of my girls potty trained at 20 months, then the other one until she was about three and day-time "trained". Once she stopped wearing diapers during the day she refused to wear the cloth diapers at night anymore and we went to disposeables.

My routine was pretty simple; I would pre-load the fb's after each washing and have them ready to go in the drawer -- can't get any easier than that! Wet ones would go in the diaper hamper, poop into the toilet then the dirty diaper into the hamper. Sometimes I could reuse the covers by just reloading them, which helped on the laundry circuit. I had 12 or 16 covers and a few dozen prefolded diapers from a service (but I washed them myself). I was able to pass on most of our covers after using them, too. I washed the diapers and covers everyday or every-other-day.

I wished I had been able to use the cd's with both girls to the very end, but the one that needed them longest is a very sensitive child and disliked the feeling of the diaper after being out of it for a few days. Since your girls are younger I think it is a good time to make the switch, but the daytime/nighttime switch may not work forever.

Good luck! It is totally doable!
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I fuzzibunz'd

I fuzzibunz'd by twin boys also in their second year, in the daytime. I loved it, found it easier, and I think it helped with poty training.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to give such helpful and detailed replies. This is EXACTLY what I need to hear. I need to hear that it's doable and that people have found a system. So many of you prefer the FBs I'm going to check those out. I don't want to deal with absorbency problems after being lulled into a false sense of dryness over the past year!

I am already practicing for my switchover by dumping poop into the toilet before putting the diapers into the diaper genies and by changing them every two hours during the day so I can be ready for that many changes.

I am still a bit confused about the cleaning routine. I figure twin moms will have a quick and efficient way of handling this so if anyone has tips (thanks to fivepears for yours, it seems like a streamlined very doable routine) let me know!

Thanks again, I'm off to check out Fuzzi Bunz!
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Just had to post and voice another opinion re: MOS and Fuzzi Bunz. I hate MOS, and LOVE fuzzi bunz too! We used a variety of prefolds and fitteds for the first year and half, and just switched to FB a few months ago. They are so much better! They are trim, easy to wash, easy to dry, easy to put on and take off. The boys like them better too. MOS are pretty bulky, and the AF covers are weird, IMO. Especially since you are switching from sposies, I'm guessing you'd be a lot happier with something that went on more like a sposie and that would still fit under your dds' clothes the way a sposie would. FB are basically like reusable sposies.

I stuff our FB with the walmart towels too. Great way to save money.

And you can easily use FB when you're out and for overnights.

Congrats on making the switch!
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Just wanted to add that I've too tried ME & FBs and find FBs far superior for my twins.
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I really can't thank you ladies enough for these tips! I checked out the FBs and I'm convinced! I read all the reviews here and at diaperpin.com and visited several sites on the web. I found one that ships free to Hawaii (Caleb's Corner) and has package deals in the number of diapers I'm looking for.

I've already planned when I'm going to place my first order and how I'm going to make the transition so our routine and our budget don't have any sudden changes.

Thanks again so much! I can't wait to get started! DH is even grunting less and saying "OK!" more about this! Can't beat that, eh?
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Originally Posted by AmyY
I am already practicing for my switchover by dumping poop into the toilet before putting the diapers into the diaper genies
I'm SO glad you are doing this. EVERYone should put poop into toilets ALWAYS! Our landfils are not made for human poop! Especially with vaccine toxins leaching into the poop! It even says so on the disposable diaper packages (like anyone has time to read those, lol)!

Sorry, this is a pet peeve of mine.
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Betsy - wow, I had NO IDEA!!!!! Anyway, I'm glad I'm practicing. Perhaps one day I will read a box of Huggies. In the meantime I will indulge my new obsession, surfing the web for CD info and products. And I have learned since I'm now paying more attention that my girls poop A LOT!
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Originally Posted by fivepears
I'm SO glad you are doing this. EVERYone should put poop into toilets ALWAYS! Our landfils are not made for human poop! Especially with vaccine toxins leaching into the poop! It even says so on the disposable diaper packages (like anyone has time to read those, lol)!

Sorry, this is a pet peeve of mine.
At what age is the poo supposed to be solid? I can barely scrap theirs off because it is like a paste. I guess it is because they nurse so much. I do try to use the kushies disposable liners because they are flushable, but it seems my girls only poo when I forget to put one in.
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I ordered my first six Fuzzi Buns! Woohoo! I've had them for a week now and love them! I use two per child first day, one per child second day, then wash. I plan to order a batch of six Wonderoos next, because I want to try out the suedecloth and also because they are one-size and my girls are in different size FBs and I want to see if I can get them both into the same size diaper.

I've had some laundering issues, like using the wrong pail method (which I decline to describe but which involved lots of plastic bags suffocating the dipes :; wrong detergent; wrong amount of detergent; etc etc. I think I've just about got everything except detergent amount and presoak selections (my washer has lots of options). A CDing friend came over and I had her sniff them (yes she's a good friend :LOL ) and she swore they were clean so I guess I'm on the right track now.

Now my problem is I WAYYYYY overbought my latest Costco run, and I have seven boxes of Huggies I have somehow deal with. A friend drives to the other side of the island for me to get them so I won't be asking her to return them after she went to the sweat of bringing them to me. I'm hoping to unload about four of the boxes, and once I get rid of at least two (we must have discipline!) I'll allow myself to buy the Wonderoos.

OK off to stuff pockets, the dryer is done! Many many thanks to all of you for your information and support, I am so glad to be making this move!
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