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what's the grossest packaged food you've seen?

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This might just be the grossest packaged food I've seen. An ad for this in Sunday's paper: "Uncrustables"--a peanut butter & jam "sandwich" that comes as a round frozen patty. And I quote:

"The easy way to PB&J--just thaw & serve! Soft bread gives kids the fresh taste of homemade! Kids love no crust!"

As if PB&J is so hard to make...

That's just nasty.
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Women on another site I go to love these things. They say it makes it easy to make the kids' lunches in the morning. : I started making my own lunches in about the third grade and my mom didn't have to do anything but clean up a few remaining crumbs.

I think the odd colored food is the worse. So far they've done ketchup, fries, and margarine. It might be interesting if they could make brocoli look appealing to kids, but I don't think most American children are suffering from a lack of ketchup, fries, and margarine.
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blue french fries. no, the CHOCOLATE french fries.
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'nuff said..

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There is one of those refigerated vending machines at my office. They have the most disgusting things in them. Can you imagine buying a prepackaged, tuna fish sandwich? or a hot dog, pre-stuffed with cheese and chili? gross!!
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Something my mother tried to get me to eat that just made me gag:

deviled ham :toilet
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I think deviled ham is spam all ground up!! :LOL

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They now make peanut butter "slices"... wrapped like the cheese!
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Purple and Green Catchup - I just keep seeing my kids running around like maniacs from all that food coloring! Why? I don't get it?

There was a vain in my Spam can once - that was the last can I ever bought! Now I'm vegitarian...
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Oh, I am about to cry I am laughing so hard! :LOL

Yes, there's nothing like coming home to a homemade meal that I have spent all day preparing -- PB & J!!

Previously, I have enjoyed being grossed out by the crustless wonder bread I have seen advertised "with all the fiber of whole wheat." HUH?!

I went to a mainstream grocery store today because they sent me a coupon for $40 worth of free stuff (relaly great stuff and a canvas totebag, too!). Anyhow, I left there all sicked out by all the packaged crapola. Oh, and I went to Target yesterday and I bought some refill liquid soap in a huge plastic container. I feel so guilty about it, but it smells soooooo good and it is very pretty.

Shame on me!

Please list some more yucky stuff -- I am enjoying this immensely!

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ooh, what about

"potted meat-food product!"

what the hell do you think that even means? no, never mind, i don't think we really want to know.
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Oh, that reminds me of another one...

Kraft "Rip-ums." Three out of four kids don't get the recommended calcium. So, instead of giving your kid a salad, give him these cheese food product strips so that he can play with his "food," instead of eating it with respect.

Technically, I think they use the term "potted" because it originally comes from the potty!

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I think the colored ketsup is the grossest. Ugh - what color does that make your toddler poop?

Lunchables are so nasty, I would have to put them on the gross list.

My husband ate some Hostess products the other day and I sat and read him the labels - beef fat is part of a Twinkie. Gross.

The crustless PB&J just seems like pure laziness - I guess gross to think that we American's are THAT lazy.
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Originally posted by shoshannas mom
blue french fries. no, the CHOCOLATE french fries.
Oh, those "Funky Fries" by far! I just stood in the frozen food aisle blinking, unable to move. I couldn't believe it. Chocolate-flavored french fries. Blue french fries (and NOT from blue potatoes). They also have cinnamon-flavored french fries.

Because, you know, parents have a hard time getting their kids to eat enough french fries.

Oh dear.
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Does tripe count? It comes in a package. Along that same line, pigs' feet, kidneys, and brain. They were all packaged too. Thank God. Don't know what I'd do if I met an un-packaged kidney in a dark alley...
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how about cereal + milk in a bar so you can eat t on the go???
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Those baby food meatsticks, they just look disgusting to me.
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I know it's not a new item but I'll never get over the fact that one can buy cookies and dunk them in frosting as a treat (they come packaged together). ICK! I thought junk food hit an all time low when that came out.

What's this peanut butter slice thing? Weird!! Can't imagine what is used to hold it in shape and not melt.
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I wanted to know what the heck an uncrustable looked like, so I did a search. Smucker's has some web info - yes, an uncrustables FAQ! http://www.smuckers.com/fg/otg/uncrustables/default.asp

I also found that some schools are serving it on their lunch menu. For example, in Springfield, IL, kids will be eating:

Uncrustables Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich
Baby Whole Carrots
Apple Half
Doritos Chips

What's with all the corporate food products in school cafeterias?!

I am in shock!

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