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In my family, kids go to preschool at three years old. Two mornings a week. It is learning through play and socialization. I can do lots of things with my three year old but I can't be a bunch of other little kids. I also like the opportunity for them to grow, branch out, experience things I may not do at home enough (like messy art, etc.) I know there are tons of neat things to do with them that will help them grow, branch out, etc. so please don't think I think they will be in trouble if you choose not to but I really see the up side in participating in preschool. We looked at lots of options and chose a co-op about 20 minutes from our house. At our co-op, the 3s class meets twice a week and one of those days (each week) parent stays to work. So on any given day there are 16 kids, one teacher and 8 moms. It is wonderful! Also quite cheap (it was $38 a month when dd1 went) and you get credit at a local tech college for parent education. Both dd1 and I made good friends. It was the perfect transition into school - from being home with me all the time to going to school where one day I left her (with a very caring teacher and 8 other moms) and one day I stayed. At 4 she went to a classic drop off preschool four mornings a week. At 5 she went to full day kindergarten in a multi-age elementary (a K/1 classroom).
I thought it worked very well for us and plan to do the same thing with dd2 - though she is starting a little early as we will attend toddler group together one morning a week. It is just like co-op preschool for toddlers and it looks to be wonderful. I am very excited to start.
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kirsten, as i mentiond a while back i think you have the perfact thing going for your children.
although for my son i know i couldnt have put him newhere at 3, hes one of those "spirited" children, highly sensitive to noise and stimulation. but i see him evening out a bit, and by four i would think hed be ready for such a thing.
alas we have no such option here, as i suspect that kind of caring option is simply not available in most parts.
when i first starting thinking about the possiblilityes of preschool, the images in my mind were of the classic-
lots of loud noisy unorderd children with one or two teachers, no parents and not on a level of ap standerds.
so i think it has a lot to do with the options open to a mother and her child that reflects how much they think preschool is valuavle to her child.
like many of the moms here have mentiond finding very bad things going on in their or other's preschools, unforturnatly i think thats the norm. however i also think its the norm for parents not to think of those things as bad.
this is why we are here, in the minority. triing to raise our children to the best of our ability including thinking for ourselves.
i know i wouldnt put my child in one of those places , and ive been lucky not to have to. but if i had a flexible,low child ratio,parent involved, gentle disapline, focused on more play then acedemics kind of place, i wouldne even look at that as preschool.
it sounds just like an extension of community life, and i think thats something most of us long for. a real community. most of us as apers know it really takes a village to raise a child but being in the minority there are hardly ne options for us to do so without slipping into the mainstream areas.
its too bad, and i appluad ne decision of a mother or father to do whats best for their child and not just what everyone else is doing.
there simply cant be a "preschool is bad or preschool is good" attitude inside a consious parent. its all about context.
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