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Sunday Gripes...

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I could wait for the weekly thread, but I ate too much Chef Boyardee pizza tonight (JUNK!!!! But yummy.) and I am so freaking HOT!!!!
The extreme temperatures that I'm experiencing are really annoying. Although each time I get a hot flash or I get absolutely freezing cold I'm reminded that there's a little guy in there and I'm happy to complain if that makes any sense.
I put on my jeans today and man they would not zip. All of my jeans are a little snug anyway (I probably shouldn't be wearing jeans made for teenagers with two births under my belt), but this time instead of them just being snug, they just didn't zip up. I decided to wear them anyway which was a big mistake and spent the day with my pants unbuttoned and almost all the way unzipped. When I got home I took my pants off and didn't replace them with something different lol!!!!
Hmm what else. Sleepies are officially here. If I could put pillows all around me and lay on my sofa with a remote and an iced tea... That would be heaven. Boobs still sore but at times they even throb. Ouch.
So who else wants to gripe?
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I'm always way too cold!!! I can be shivering and my husband is looking at me like I'm nuts!

Thankfully, I haven't gained any weight, though. I don't need to- I'm already like 40 lbs overweight, but I'm eating healthy now, so I probably won't gain much (I hope). My pants still fit so I'm pretty happy about that.

I've been craving iced tea, though, and reading your post makes me want more, but we dont' have any- waaaah!!! I'll probably dream about it tonight, lol!!!
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