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week of Nov 8: go Ann, flitters, and Soogie! - Page 3

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Sorry to keep you all waiting! Was forbidden to come down the stairs for a few days-but we have a WILD ride to announce! :LOL
Baby Boy (no name yet ) was born at 12:15am Nov 11 in our van!! :0
We were on our way to the birth ctr and I started saying "oh no, oh no" and knew I had to push. Our doula was with us telling me to pant but you all know when it's time to push panting ain't ganna cut it! So out come a 8lb (much smaller than expected) baby in the "caul" or amniotic sac! Very cool
All are well!
Will tell more later in announcements...
Was I last?? How about flitters?
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Congratulations Ann!!!!! Welcome little boy!!!!!

Can't wait to hear this story!!! (speaking of which, I still have to write mine!)
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: Oh my gosh Ann!!! What a story! If I hadn't decided not to go to the hospital during Harrison's birth he probably would've been born in the back seat of our car.

: : Baby Boy!!! :

Congratulations Ann!!!!!
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ann wow!!!!!!! you may be last (we'll see what flitters has to say) but sounds like your birth was the wildest one yet!!! congratulations!!!!!
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nak..... Congrats Ann and Soogie!
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OMG Ann, that is amazing! Can't wait to hear more details! Welcome Baby Boy - hope you get a name soon
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Wow! That is one heck of a birth story you're going to have Ann! Congrats!! I have never heard of a baby being born in their sac before. I think you get hte prize for the wildest birth!
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Cool Ann! Babies in born in the caul are supposed to have psychic abilities (so I've read here on MDC) Can't wait to hear his name and the rest of the story.
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YAY! Ann!!!!! What a UNIQUE birth experience. Very cool! Congrats and welcome to your little boy!!!!!
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Congratulations Susan, and welcome baby Duncan
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WOW!!! Ann what a birth experience!!! Congrats and glad its all over for you. Looking forward to reading what his name will be.

Flitters...hope you are babymooning.
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Congratulations Ann! I can't wait to hear what you named him. You should name him Van. J/K, I'm being stupid. That's a cool story though, both in the van AND in the caul.
Happy Babymoon!
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Congragulations Ann!! Sounds like an exciting birth!!!!! Can't wait to hear the story and find out what his name is.
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Thanks everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their "newborn heaven/hell" We are a bit sleep deprived here with a babe that eats every hour-never used a pacifier with the other two but just sent DH to buy one! No sleep will make you desperate!
He finally has a first name: Colbey. Middle name will be James or Thor (long story).
See you on the "life with a babe" thread!

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Congratulations Ann.......!!! so happy for you...can't wait to hear your birthstory seems so interesting...
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since we only have one mama left to go (and i'm guessing flitters has birthed by now) lets just keep this thread going, rather than starting a new one for this monday...congrats again, ann!!!
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nak....welcome Colbey!!!
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Welcome, Colbey!! :
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Too funny, I just had a dream last night about a Colbey I went to school with (and had a big crush on all through elem. :LOL). I have always liked the name a lot!
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