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Week Nov. 8 - 14

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Well I hope everyone's week is starting off with a blast, it's chilly Nov. weather in NY, lots of leaves blowing around. We're all getting into the last tri now, which is exciting and uncomfortable...I thought I'd ask people what they are doing for relief. Some pregnant people do take otc meds, like motrin or whatever...any non-med methods would be great, too. I'm thinking of the following complaints, not all of which I have, and any of yours that I didn't think of...

sleep deprivation (already!?)
piles/vericose veins (I sent out some ideas earlier)
water retention (ankles etc.)
allergies (starting to fade, thank goodness!)

I have seen a lot being written about getting comfortable, especially sleeping. I have a body pillow (it's bent in the middle) and it works great. I also make DH put one leg between mine so that I'm more propped up and comfortable. He's not unwilling...hee!

I hope everyone is feeling good! Andy
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I've been MIA (sorry -- just really busy) but I'm back!

I don't do OTC meds whether pregnant or not so I'm not much help. I am definitely feeling a lot of pain though. I possibly have a kidney stone -- something is causing tremendous pain on my right side. It overshadows my other 3rd trimester symptoms so it's been my focus lately. I've been trying to cut back on activities and rest more. We've been doing fewer playdates and more at-home activities so I can lie down when needed.

Water retention and vericose veins have not been a problem for me fortunately. I try to drink tons of water and exercise as often as possible. When I slack on exercise I have leg cramps and my feet fall asleep a lot so I make exercise a priority.

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this has been a really strange pregnancy for me... forgetting that there's a baby in there, not gaining any weight, feeling super bad morning sickness for months, and hormonal rages. the thing is though I have three kids under 6.5 and a husband working two jobs while we still bounce rent checks....i'm sure some of my symptoms are stress. i can't relate to most of the cravings because i try not to have them. we never go hungry but we sometimes have to make do with very slim pickins in the refrigerator and i have to accept what's there. i do eat ice a lot (i hope i am not anemic) ...i mean i eat POUNDS of ice daily...crazy.

i only took motrin when i was so badly sunburnt i was blistered from head to toe a couple months ago (we thought a two hour moderate hike in the 80 degree range in the shade; we were lost for five hours on a mountain in places where we had to crawl and scale three kids up five foot smooth rock and it got to 97 degrees..in september, uggh). i took antacids in the early months just to make it home from the grocery store or my son's school without hurling. sometimes i barely made it in the door.

my symptoms now include:

leg cramps and spasms when i am tired

moaning in my sleep, as i fall asleep

severe annoyance at nursing or holding my very clingy 2yo (who wants constant attention with dad working days and nights)

racy heart and severe shortness of breath

the way i dealt with some of the above is by instituting a bedtime based on my mood for the kids (they used to stay up until 10 or 11 daily) now i put them to sleep quickly and firmly after bath/story/prayer sometime between 7 and 8. we took out our queen bed and put two doubles in our room so i don't have to be touched all night by the co-sleepers. i drink tons of water (to wash down my ice) and I try to take the kids to the park daily to get their energies out and keep stress low and to get extra fresh air.
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Wow scattreredtribe - I think you're doing SO much! Sounds like you need some help...got a sister/friend/mom who can come for a while before the baby comes??? Although I think much of the mood thing will lesson up after the birth, it'll still be a ton ... take it easy sister!

Welcome back babytime! It's nice to have mroe voices! Thanks for the pump on exercise. It's the one thing I'm slacking off on - I enjoy it, generally, and do walk 3-4 miles 2x/wk, but I'm not doing my yoga too much and I can't figure out why... also getting cramps in legs and a little shortness of breath on the walks now. hmmmmm.
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Hey everybody!

My symptoms aren't too bad yet. I seem to be doing fine sleeping wise. I actually sleep quite well. But I know it'll probably get worse. Let's see, I have a varicose vein in my labia. It isn't too painful. It really only hurts in the morning when I get up. I had it with my first pg as well. It went away. I don't really do anything for it.

And my most annoying symptom of pg is having to pee every 5 minutes!!! UGH! I hate it. Oh well.

Oh, you guys. I almost lost it today. My 23 mo dd and I were in the bathroom. I was wiping off the sink and before I knew it, she was dipping a Q-Tip in the toilet bowl. I immediately went to stop her and before I got to her, she sucked the water off the end of the q-tip. I just about died!

Luckily, there was nothing in the toilet and I don't use any sort of wierd toilet tabs in the tank. I just don't think I've ever been so grossed out in my life. I was mortified enough that she was even dipping the q-tip in the water, let alone putting the thing in her mouth. BLECH!

Plus, I just wonder how did it happen. I mean, I was right there. I don't know, I feel like a bad mother even retelling the story.
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marysmama-- when i was pregnany with my second and changing my 1st, my baby cousin (whom i was babysitting) came up and ate a mouthful of the poop. i was so spacy i could not even figure out where he's found the chocolate and I was sitting there changing my son right in my lap. go figure. toilet water is still better than a q-tip in the kitchen sink, where food germs are. i am sorry though.

about the vericose vein..how did you know/suspect that was it. i have had some vaginal pain, kind of a pulsing in my labia that feels almost like i am being bruised. i had never heard of vericose veins vaginally (although it makes sense).. just curious
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Thanks, Andy, for starting this week's thread.

I'm drinking lots of water to help with excessive BH contractions. Also supplements, calcium and magnesium, and herbal teas like Pregnancy Tea and chamomile.

For sleeping, I take a bath. My husband bought me some lavender bath salts last week on the day I had to work late. What a great man he is.

Exercise, ack. Exercise gives me BH. That's my excuse.

Does anybody else feel like you're in a pregnancy fog? I noticed this at my shower yesterday. It's hard to interact the same way with my friends. I feel very connected to my husband and my mother, but everybody else seems ... irrelevant almost. Work feels that irrelevant too most of the time. Is it just the exhaustion, or is this a pregnancy thing?

P.S. On the toilet water - it's not really much dirtier than bath water, is it? Toilet gets rinsed every flush - that's a lot of rinsing. Don't be mad at yourself. Animals drink out of the toilet all the time, and like it fine, and they don't die. Now if it were a portapotty or outhouse, then it would be gross.
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Hey everyone,
I'm still feeling pretty good. I think my nightly soaks in the tub really help with that. There isn't much a bath doesn't help, stress, backache, restlessness, leg cramps, headache, itchy burny skin etc. I the bath

I had my gtt and that came back fine however I my iron levels weren't so good. I am just above the cut off for delivering at the birthcenter, so thats good. However I need to get those iron levels up. So now I am taking slow Fe, yellow dock, and I picked up some danilion which I haven't started taking yet. Oh and dh has become the food police big time (and here I was hoping he'd lean up since I gaind 6 pounds, finally bringing me over my pre-pg weight)

The baby has been kicking away. DH is totally in love he kissing and rubbing my belly while talking to the baby last night
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Az - I am SO jealous of your lovey DH. Mine just sort of shrugs...ok, I admit this 2nd was my idea, so does that mean it's mine to deal with exclusively?

Today I pulled out baby clothes/diapers/etc. from the two attics (neither big, one over the garage, the other over the 2nd floor), trunks of stuff, some of which needs to be weeded out and passed on (girl stuff). I guess it's nesting. I washed a TON of diapers, receiving blankies, etc. It was wonderful! I love the smell of it all clean and folded and waiting.

Jessitron - I am in a complete fog and have disassociated from a lot of people. I don't do it on purpose, but I missed three appointments last week while painting the baby room. I just kept painting. These were dates that were clearly on the calendar, had some importance to me... tomorrow is my midwife visit, which I love doing. DD comes with, then to school. We enjoy doing it together. She sits and listens for a little, then buggers off and plays with toys and then comes back to listen to the heartbeat etc. She's a love. I think I have totally fogged out my parents...I just hope I remember to show up for T-giving!

Ok, 'nuf ramble.
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PS - Azreial - my Dd is also 6/98!
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During my first pg, noticed lots of swelling in my labia/vagina. I'd stand up in the morning and feel an immediate painful swelling sensation. So, I got to feeling around and noticed a definate squishy swollen spot in between my inner and outer labia on my left side. At first I wasn't sure what it was. I asked my OB and she was so nonchalant about it. She said it's a varicose vein. She said it's common. Just like a hemorrhoid. There is such an increase in blood volume and with the pressure of the baby, it's no wonder we get varicosities. You may have one, in your vagina or your perineum, or your labia.

Mine went away after my baby was born. Now that I'm pg again, it has popped out again right in the same exact spot it was in before. It's not too painful. Your not supposed to sit for too long or cross your legs or stand for too long in one spot. Apparantly, walking is ok, because it keeps the blood flowing instead of pooling.

Hope you don't have one.
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All is going well. I am having some sleeplessness and difficulty getting comfy in bed. I have a few pillows that help, but ds loves to sleep close He doesn't like the added pillows to interfere with his momma time. Sometimes he does shift to daddy for a bit which helps.

Our visit with our awesome midwife went well last week. However my iron is REALLY low, too. I am open to all kinds of ideas anyone may have to increase it. I have tried adding more meat to my diet. It is still only lean chicken, so it isn't a huge help. I bought a cast iron skillet and use it for everything from eggs to sweet potato fries. I am taking nettles, though not very religiously. Any other ideas??

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Hello All,

We're doing well this week. I had my follow-up US last Friday to determine if the previa had resolved. No word yet, but keeping my fingers crossed. The "Baby Fiesta" is only 1.5 weeks away, so I am getting excited about that. We have invited so many people. More than was at our wedding. We are hoping that no one feels the need to bring gifts, but they are appreciated just the same.

I found out the hard way that eating before an US is a very silly idea. I nearly hurled on the poor tech. She had the nerve to tell me that I needed to drink 44, YES 44 ounces, of water 2 hours before the US and hold it unitl after the US was nearly finished. I think I snorted at them. I mean, a 32 week pregnant woman can not hold that much liquid without wanting to die.

I will keep you all updated as to the outcome of the US.

Have a great week.

Nicole and Will(EDD 1/3)
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Well, I gained 15 pounds in a month and a half, which is more than I gained total with dd. I'm partially blaming living with my sister for a month as we literally fed each others' junk food cravings.
Now that we're in our own house, however, my diet is imporving. Last night we picked up our first freezer order of organic, free-range grass-fed beef that is actually cheaper per pound ($3) than the meat at the grocery stores! Maybe it was psychological, but it tasted much better, fuller, and smelled a bit sweet when it was cooking.
For varicose veins in labis, I've found that being more faithful with my pelvic floor exercises seem to help. I've identified my two triggers: crossing my legs to nurse dd and sex (expecially having an orgasm :-( )
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Yikes, I haven't been here in forever! My kiddos keep me busy!
I'm 29 weeks, and I feel pretty good. Just the usual stuff, peeing constantly and not sleeping well. Not a huge appetite either, but that hasn't slowed my wt. gain down, lol! I think I'm at 20+ lbs. now. I tend to taper off at the end though. We know its a boy, and are very happy about that. Hmm...I guess that's it......

Oh, for the mama wondering about iron...I use Floradix, which you can get at the health food store. Its a little expensive, but it works great. Its a liquid, and a very absorbable form of iron, plus B's and some herbs. My whole family takes it actually, especially during the colder months. We are veg. so we need the extra iron and B's...HTH
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Originally Posted by tofumama
Oh, for the mama wondering about iron...I use Floradix, which you can get at the health food store. Its a little expensive, but it works great. Its a liquid, and a very absorbable form of iron, plus B's and some herbs. My whole family takes it actually, especially during the colder months. We are veg. so we need the extra iron and B's...HTH
Thanks for the recommendation. MY midwife suggested FLoradix also. I just haven't gotten to the store. It is on my list for today!

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Nicole, that is nuts. Like we can go two hours without peeing, much less after drinking over a liter of water.

My midwife had to postpone my appt again yesterday. It's been 5 weeks since the last one and nothing is on the schedule now. This is the disadvantage of an independent midwife.
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Hi y'all!
I'm at 29 weeks and I have to say I"m geting impatient. I've gained a lot less weight this time and I don't have a lot of the aches and pains...although, I really think this is because I've done yoga a lot more this pregnancy. So that would be my reccommendation for most muscle aches and pains. Also, drinking calcium fortified juice or milk before bed time seems to curb the midnight leg cramps.

For Iron here are good food sources:
Iron-fortified cereals
Dried beans
Whole grains
Eggs (especially egg yolks)
Dried fruits
Dark leafy green vegetables

Nicole- my last ob appt was my 20 week ultrasound. I had to drink 24 oz an hour before and the ultrasound tech was running behind, by 30 min! And no one came out to tell me so I sat there til I could hold it no more and then I complained. Not nice to make a pregnant woman wait 30 extra minutes to pee. Kind of sealed the deal for doing midwife homebirth.

Oh and I am so spacey. Yesterday I missed the highway exit to drop dd at daycare...had to drive 15 minute out of the way! Oh and I left dh on hold 'til he hung up 'cause I forgot I had put him on hold.

Hope everyone has a good week!
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i was told by an ultrasound tech that second and third trimester us don't require the full bladder anymore...outdated practice i think. i know woth my ectopics i had to fill up so much (100 oz water in 15 minutes) and once a catheter to empty...uggh. with 19 week i had no specific drinking instructions...thank goodness, porr mamas.

mary'smama-- thanks for the info. i will feel around later when kids are asleep and I can focus, but i am pretty sure that's what I have. i never had heard of vaginal varicose veins during pregnancy. i remmeber that during my third baby-s pregnancy i felt a lot of throbbing and pulsing (like you would after sex or maybe during menstruation) when i would be standing at the park, etc. this time i feel it often, it also feels a little sore and bruised and sometimes aches (not stings but aches) when i wipe. it is a little worse the hours after sex and the next morn. i read today vitamin b6 can sometimes help as well as ice packs...uggh. last pregnancy post-partum i would bleed after sex and pap smear, they used a microscope vaginally and found a vein that was protruding (i imagine like a varicose internally) and when it would be brushed against even with a q-tip i would bleed bright red for several minutes. they talked about cauterizing it but by nine weeks it had disappeared. thank goodness no lasers. i never had the bleeding during the pregnancy though.

i try taking daily baths, but i get really uncomfortable really fast, ansy and the water feels too cold too fast. i used to want waterbirths and figured it would take longer to fill the tub than i would stay in. now i either jump in at the end of dh's bath or take a five minute bath before the kids or dh get in. we don't pay for personal water use but rather the average for our family and apt size so our ten loads of laundry a day and three baths don't cost much, but i feel wasteful. does anyone else feel trapped in their tub or ansy while bathing--maybe i should make it even hotter?

it's nice to hear from you mamas again, i've been away too long...
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So much talk about vaginal varicosities- how exciting! I had one on the left side with my last pregnancy (8 years ago) and this time I'm so lucky to have them on each side . This is truly one of the worst things in pregnancy I've had to deal with because they throb- esp after sex, and if I've been sitting too long, or even walking a lot. My friend has one of those belly support things, and I'm going to try and see if that helps- IF i can keep it on in our heat. They aren't really a big deal and generally move right out of the way when pushing. AND, they resolve with the birth of the baby- which isn't too long from now!!!

scattered tribe- you do 10 loads of laundry DAILY?!?! I'm impressed. that's a lot.
FWIW I take long hot baths. I make them as hot as I can be in comfortably, and then they last longer. I also make sure the door to the bathroom is closed so it stays hotter in there. Otherwise, a cold bath is icky. I sit for a long time and read in there.... my salvation for the day- eventhough my boobs and belly stick out

I'm feeling like I'm going to blink my eyes and my baby will be in my arms. I have another 10 or so weeks, but I know it'll go by quickly, and I'm finally starting to feel excited. Woo Hoo!!!
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