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mamabecca- thats to cool that your dd is born the same month as my ds. I feel better knowing I'm not the only nut have their second child 6+ years after #1. On DH I'm sure a big part of the reason he is more excited than your dh is that this is his 1st child

I don't know whats with all the water drinking and us. With ds in '98 for my 3rd trimester us I didn't have to drink any water. This pg when I had my us, I was at 11 wks, I didn't have to drink any water then either. The tech had no problems at all. The us was also done right in the obs office so I can't imagine that it was some super fancy machine

Ok so we''ve got iron, aches and pains, and varicose veins tips, how about some heart burn tips?? I'm dying here. Sometimes I swear air gives me heartburn
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I've tried slippery elm for heartburn- no help. Now I'm using papaya tabs, and though they make me ill, they DO relieve the heartburn. So it's worth it. Have you tried either of these?
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Hi - Yeah Az, we're nuts here too! 6+yrs. but she's a big helper and wanted this babe as much as I did...for her own reasons, of course! For heartburn (which comes and goes) I just take DH's extrastrength Tums, which have the bonus of Ca, which I don't get a ton of since I can't do dairy. I don't do otc stuff, usually, but this seems to help. Also I'm taking a tea called Women's Blend which is intended for pregnancy and post-partum and has slippery elm and nettles in it...I guess good for both iron and indigenstion (my MW swears that her ladies bleed WAY less who take this tea)! For iron I'm taking Perfect Prenatal (vitamins) which have a ton of iron. I had to cut down to 3/day, instead of 4. Also I do eat "white" meat and occasional ground lamb. I haven't had any signs of anemia, but haven't been tested, either. My 19wk US was with some water, and I DID have to pee pretty badly before it was all over (just push a little harder over there, why don't you!). I think I drank one 20 oz. water bottle. I don't remember them asking me to, I think I just did it. They left me hanging for 45 mins. before telling me they were running "a little" late. Poor DD and DH sitting there the whole time, too. Drag...but the pic we got is so amazing . Hard to imagine doing that now - I do have to pee an awful lot! On the bath, I am not enjoying cold water at ALL (not even to brush my teeth). I think this one is a hot blooded little monkey! I too have the pulsing swollen feeling...I mentioned it to my MW today and she asked about it, since I had a GBS UTI earlier in pregnancy. She's a little concerned, but if it is a vericose vein, there isn't much to do but keep it from rupturing (Ugh!) and do the exercises.

Picked up a ton of stuff from a friend today - 3 lrg. bags of clothes, a bouncy chair, a gymini, a bath tub, one of those hang from the doorway swing things, a snap-n-go stroller...too much! I offered to compensate, but she wouldn't... I am so grateful! We got rid of almost everything we had from DD, and it really would cost a small fortune to get it all again! Yikes! Thank god babies grow so quickly that people can pass stuff along that's in great shape!!! Ok, time to get these feet up! andy
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We are doing alright so far this week. Heartburn is still bothering me quite a bit as well as lots of aches and pains..the usual stuff. Only this time around I have a two year old to take care of and a home business.
Anyone else waking up every few hours at night to pee?..its driving me nuts..the little guy really likes giving the old bladder nice hard kicks.
I guess it all goes along with the package It does feel good to vent once in a while!
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Sad about Nemmer and the babies...hopefully the birth mom is a good mom and they will be well loved and cared for. Sigh...
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Originally Posted by mamabeca
For heartburn (which comes and goes) I just take DH's extrastrength Tums, which have the bonus of Ca, which I don't get a ton of since I can't do dairy.
mamabeca, i wanted to answer this, but with the proper info in hand-- don't have time tho and I didn't want to foget. The Ca in Tums is not good- it's not absorbable and I think it's not good on another level- if you're taking a lot. I can look it up later when I have the time- I'm out the door.....
I do know that for a Ca supplement (which I know is not why your taking the tums), Ca Citrate is the most absorbable form- and does come in vegetarian form.

I did see Nemmer's post and I'm sad for her..... wish I could do something nice for her..... but I don't really KNOW her, KWIM?- i guess that's part of the whole virtual friendships online, sigh.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
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32 weeks 0 days

Hi Mamas-

Wow, so many topics - vericose veins, swelling, backache, etc.... The weird thing for me is that I that I have actually started feeling better (aside from fatigue)! In the early twenty weeks I had increadible pubic bone and back pain, which against all reason, has begun to subside as I get larger! The only change I have made is that I switched from all impact exercise and began swimming - perhaps this might help some of you with backache??

Anyway, it sounds like you are all making preparations for the baby. Yesterday I cleaned out the shelves of the baby room and am hoping to make it to the storage bins of clothing, etc from baby #1 sometime next week. I have also started to try to get my ds more self-sufficient in the morning so that it won't be really hectic when the baby comes. It has been a struggle, but he has started dressing himself and brushing his teeth - knowing that he gets rewards throughout the week for being a "good helper and listener."

Just think, we'll soon be posting birthing stories!!! I remember when I first found out I was pregnant, I would read the birth stories from the May and June Due Date Clubs....

Hope you all have a great week!

PS Malama- I would like to know why antacids are not good "on another level" as they have been my saving grace. You can't get away from spicy food out here and I take Tums regularly....
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I think the Tums aren't good because the calcium is coated with aluminum, or something like that.

Anyways, hi! I haven't been here in a long time. My life has been kind of crazy lately. Dh and I split up, I went into labor this weekend, the terbutaline makes me have panic attacks (along with the stress of my marriage, hormones, and the concept of having three children under age four). Blah. Lot's of stuff.

Other than that I physically feel ok. I get leg cramps at night if I don't take a calcium/mag supplement. And, of course, I have to pee all the time. I haven't had the vaginal variscosity problem. Just in...er...the other area. This weekend it was so bad I could barely sit down. I haven't been constipated or anything, I guess it must be all the pressure down there.

Anyways, I hope you all have a much better week than me!
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Thanks Malama - I know what you mean. I hope when you do have time you'll let us know about the antacid thing. I won't take more until I hear something ... I don't take them very often, maybe two or three a week, and I do take Ca citrate, just to be sure the little monkey doesn't suck the Ca right outta my bones! THANKS!
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I'm looking up the tums/ antacid thing and I'm being barraged with tons of info... here's some
http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/antacids.html (much of this is an advertisment for some "natural" antacid- but the 2nd question is clear about antacids increasing your stomach acids, thus making more acid and more need for antacids - i.e. dependency)
http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/nutrition.html on this page you can search tums and get some info

I searched for more, but the basic idea is that the Ca in tums is Ca carbonate, which is the least absorbable form of Ca, and that to process Ca you need magnesium (not in tums) and stomach acids (which tums neutralize).... so as a source of Ca- it's poor. And it may cause a dependency.
However, you wrote you're only taking a couple/ week-- that doesn't seem like you're excessively using them! Some women just chow them down!

HTH.... i need a nap
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sounds like you've been having a rough time! do you have some mama support there? it seems like you've been having a rough pregnancy, but your posts sound so upbeat- it's inspiring!!! i hope you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!!

malama pono,
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Mamamaya, I'm so sorry! Your pregnancy sounds rough for lots of reasons, mostly non-health-related. I'll tell my ribs to shut up next time they start complaining about the uterus smooshing them. They have no room to gripe.
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on the antacid thing...my MW reccomended a liquid calcium supplement, I don't know the name, but you should be able to ask at a natural/health food store. she said it would be a much better source of calcium than tums and none of the scary aluminum, etc.

mamamaya I hope things get better for you...sorry it's been so rough!
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Malama- I hope things get better for you, the last thing you need is added stress to your pregnancy....
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Hi everyone,

Sorry to hear about the leg cramps. I've always heard bananas are good for leg cramps. I guess it's the potassium that may help.

For those worried about TUMS, I don't know. While I don't think they're the best form of a calcium supplement. If they help with heartburn, shoot, take 'em. I doubt any of us are chewing up too many of them anyway. I think I've probably consumed about 4 during this whole pregnancy. And I don't feel bad about it at all.

I'm so sad to hear about Nemmer. Big hugs to her.

Yesterday, I had an OB appointment. This office does not do the typical diagnostic ultrasound at 20 weeks. However, they offer a quick check if you want to find out the sex at your 30 week appointment. Well, I didn't want to know the sex so I figured I wasn't getting an ultrasound, but then they offered to give me a picture and I said ok. Please don't flame, I know how some feel about the use of ultrasound for shallow purposes. It's funny, because I typically feel the same way. However, it was just too tempting. So I did it and it was really neat. The doc took a picture of the baby's foot. It's sooo cute. Just like a little foot print.

All in all, I'd say it lasted about 3 minutes. It was very fast, just to get a peek.

Many of you may remember that at my 22 week appointment, my fundal height was 6 cm too large. Well, now at 30 weeks, I'm measuring 32 cm. So, I guess I'm evening out. And I gained 1 lb in the last two weeks. So, I feel pretty good about that. For a few months in the second trimester, I was gaining like 9 lbs/month. EEK. Since then, I've been walking and trying to watch it with the junk. And I think it's helped. So far have gained about 29 lbs. YIKES!

Also, ladies, my next appointment will be at 33 weeks. My first was born at 34 weeks due to PROM. I'm not really worried about it happening early again, just I guess anxious. I think it's like the anxiety one might feel more toward 40 weeks. KWIM. I just am wondering WHEN? Like waiting for an expected phone call.

Sorry such a long post. Rambling mostly.

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I'm 30 weeks.

5 weeks ago I was miserable. Depressed, uncomfortable, not sleeping, in so much pain, and out of breath.

I feel really good these days. We bought a new mattress (Intelligel) and it was worth every single cent. I'd been sleeping on the couch and in a recliner and waking every couple of hours because I was in so much pain. Now I sleep through and only wake up to pee. It's amazing how much better I feel throughout the day after a good night's sleep.

I have been having heartburn some nights. I forgot about papaya enzymes! I have some, so I will have to take those next time.

I take an extra Calcium/mineral supplement and that helps with the leg cramps. I'm taking liquid chlorophyll, too, which is helping with the tiredness.

I think the babies have moved down because my stomach looks different and I'm no longer out of breath all the time.

I've been having tons of BH for the past two days. Normally I wouldn't be worried, but my midwife is going out of town and with twins I'm paranoid that I won't know something is wrong until it's too late. So I'm going in to get checked and reassured tonight. I hate feeling that I can't trust my own body and intuition.

Anyway, that's all about me. I can't believe I only have 67 days left of this pregnancy!
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Hi All
I haven't posted here in a hundred years!
I am 32 weeks. I have not gotten weighed this time around so I cannot comment on weight gained or anything......probably A LOT...like ususal!

I have had to start seeing a chiropractor at my midwives insistance. My back pain is agonizing & I have been having bad ciatica (I do not know how you spell that! LOL) So I have gone twice & have had some relief. I have heard from some friends that chiropractic has helped them have better labor.....hope that is true for me! My last birth was awful so I am trying to clear my mind of all that & focus on a nice labor this time.

I am definately uncomfy sleeping~~my rib cage KILLS me! I do have awful heartburn but have never found a cure that works. I am short of breath & HOT HOT HOT all the time! My poor kids are freezing in this house!:LOL

I chew ice all the time & have added FLORIDIX to my daily routine in hopes of keeping my iron up for labor.

Other than that.....I am just waiting IMPATIENTLY! I cannot wait to meet little #4 & end my career as a pregnant lady! I am getting to old for this!
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You girls are awesome e-companions. You are tired, aching, busy and uncomfortable but you find time to keep in touch, which is so amazingly cool! My best buds here seem to be so wrapped up and busy they hardly ever call. Just wanted to express my gratitude!

I am trying to paint the baby room with a jungle/rainforest theme. I finally found curtains I can stand (sandy colored with two light green and two light blue walls). The painting part now is the jungley detail. I went to the library to get some ideas, and I'm feeling completely overwhelmed. My artistic talent is seriously lacking, I can barely trace! I also got some stamps (bigish ones)and have a few stencils around...planning to use them but still...

I have upped my Ca/Mg to twice a day, and although I still get crampy legs in the early a.m., the indigestion is plateauing and not terrible right now. We'll see as things progress...10 more weeks!!! Stacey - keep the faith that this will END when the babe is out and about. Hang in there and also try accupressure points... a friend/DH can help if you get the info on where...there's lots of books about it. Be carefulish, as some points are uterine stimulators (ankles, predominantly). Ciao all, andy
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PS - according to Sheila Kitzinger, too much iron during pregnancy will delay labor and can stall it if your count is too high during labor (blood is too thick or something... A doc. office can do a count, if you're seeing an ob/gyn. Don't want it too thin, either...that I get, too. Good luck!
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hey mamas! this seemed like a good thread to get all our complaints out! this way, dh's ears get a break, lol. I've had some symptoms that i never had with any other pregnancies, maybe some of you have them too. Muscle spasms in my belly, these really surprise you with how fast they hit you ! A pain in the uppermost part of my thigh and going up to the lowest part of my belly on the right side only. This pain is soo weird! it's like everytime i get up or move my right leg, it feels like this part is sore from working out or something. Does anyone else have this? it's soo hard to stretch this area, and even if i kinda do, it seems to make it hurt even more, so i don't know what to do. Oh yeah, and there is of course the back aches! it's getting hard to bend forward to stretch your spine becuase you feel the baby in the way. It's like all of the sudden, babies space is getting pretty cramped in there. poor guy! well that's all i could think of for now. oh yeah, the lovely feelings you get when the baby pushes down into your cervix! i wonder if this means he's head down now? Hmmm...will have to ask doctor at next appointment
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