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I haven't posted here since the first trimester!!!!!! We had visitors the entire summer (which was great) and I had little time. May I join in again?????? It feels good to look at this forum and see how everyone else is feeling and dealing with their symptoms!!! This is my first pregnancy so I'm just dealing with the symptoms as they come up. I had some leg cramps for a day or 2 but it seemed water, EmergenC, and bananas helped because I haven't had them since!! As for the sleepless nights, I have started lurking on MDC again after a long break. The body pillow certainly helps!!!!!!!!! I am 31 weeks and have gained about 25 pounds so far. Some days I feel good and others I have absolutely NO energy!!!!!!! It amazes me!! I try to listen to my body. Its much easier when I am not working though!!! At work, I just try to increase my water intake. I am going to take some of the wonderful advice from the previous posts!!!!!
Well.... it looks like its the beginning of the countdown for us!! It feels nice to be in the 3rd trimester!!!!!!!!!! Best wishes to everyone!