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14 weeks

Hello everyone,

I had a crappy week last week so didn't keep up. But I am really feeling that second trimester love this week! Nausea mostly gone, energy back up. I feel like I must look pretty pregnant and have been wearing a few maternity things...but when I look in the mirror, I just look--well, pudgy. I don't know how much weight I have gained, maybe 3-5 pounds.

QOTW: Yes, this pregnancy was very much planned. I didn't get my period back until ds turned two, and was ready shortly before then (though now I'm actually glad it was delayed 6 months or so). After that, I got pregnant the second cycle, but it took about 3.5 months (long breastfeeding cycles!).

And now I have to vent a little. I'm kind of depressed about this, actually. Today I met with the OB who is the backup for the mw group I'm seeing. Personality-wise, I really liked him. And, he is one of the very few docs that will even do a VBAC in this town. But, he says he will not let me go past 41 weeks without scheduling a repeat section, and wants to do weekly NST's starting at *38 WEEKS*! He also wants it done at the hospital I don't like (I have a choice of two), which the mw told me afterward she thinks will be negotiable and she will work on it on my behalf. But the NST's really bothered me. I am worried that he is treating me like I have GDM or am high risk just because I had a big baby before. I am going to once again check into having a home birth at my mom's house. I did find one DEM there, but did not have the highest confidence in here after our conversation. I guess it is time to check into some more options.

robugmum--No history of sciatica here, but I have had pain in my low back/sacrum on one side on and off since the middle of my last pregnancy. It is worse since I became pregnant again, despite regular chiropractic care. Although I think that is helping. If you can find one, a good prenatal yoga class is great for general aches and pains, too. I had a wonderful instructor last time who gave me a couple of specific exercises to do that help me even more than an adjustment.

aslmere--Good luck with the procedure on Friday. Hopefully someone will be with you through the weekend while you are on bedrest?
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wende- I didn't know your dh works that much. I should think about things like that first. I still feel bad that you are having a hard time. And I repeat ... You are not a failure.
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Originally Posted by Velvet005
wende- I didn't know your dh works that much. I should think about things like that first. I still feel bad that you are having a hard time. And I repeat ... You are not a failure.
{hugs} No problem. Most people don't work that much, haha. Thanks!

I am feeling a bit better. I've gotten the kids back on a semi-schedule when it comes to school, though my house could still use some work! The kids have been wonderful at helping out around here though. They are great!
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Its Wednesday!!!

Aside from Friday - Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. Why? Because DH and I are freaks and love to watch the show Smallville. I feel silly because it really is only a semi-good show. Maybe Tom Welling (Clark Kent) also is a little incentive to watch - shhhhhh don't tell DH! HEHE. I don't "lust" or anything..just watch. lol

I had problems with my feet getting cramps when I was PG with Elijah. Well, I'm starting to get them again. I hate waking up in the middle of the night with them. And this time its different, because I can't get out of bed to relieve them. I'm next to the wall, Elijah sleeps in the middle, and DH is on the end. I - for selfish reasons - do not want to sleep on the end, so I don't have to be the one getting the alarm clock in the morning. DH always gets it, gets up, showers and then comes in and wakes me up. I get an extra half hour in that way! So I have to stretch out the cramp while laying in bed, instead of standing up and walking it off. Perhaps I should just get some banana's and get some more potassium in me..and it will help?!

When the new born comes, DH and I are talking about getting a co-sleeper, so Elijah can still be in the middle, then I will definately move to the end - and the newborn in the co-sleeper. Did any of you use one in previous pregnancies? How did you like it? I've never even seen one, let alone though of buying one....but now it sounds like it might be a good option.
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Yes, Wednesday IS a good day (but I don't watch Smallville...my show is ER)! Only b/c it means only two more days of the work week left!

Well, I read up on the Dr. Tom Brewer's Diet....to some it up in one word- DUH! I feel silly for even having to go read it now as it is SO common sense. But it helps to read all the pros for eating healthy. Helps me *remember* that I have a little living, breathing human being growing inside me and that my overwhelming need for crap food is far less important than a healthy diet to nourish baby.

I also started walking at the gym next to where I work. I don't have much time before or after work...and I don't get a lunch break as I work 4-8hr. days and usually eat at my desk...so I have to sneak out at some point during the day and go walking. I figure 15minutes is better than NO minutes.

DH has totally screwed my mind up now by saying he wants to find out sex at next month's u/s! : Simply b/c he is willing to now I will want to. Ugh! Oh, well...it was exciting finding out what Ava was and it will be just as exciting this time. I feel either way (finding out or not) it will be a wonderful surprise.
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I like Wednesdays also. It's my dh's Friday He gets Thursday and Friday off and I love having him home! Plus, Wednesdays are my HS group day. Usually we go to the park but it's looking kind of bleak. It's raining Maybe Barnes and Nobles instead.
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Hello Ladies! Busy week here! LLL meeting, and Dh being off to run some diagnotics test, and the kids haveing minimum days, I feel like I am running!

Sounds like most are recovering from M/S, that is great.

This baby was definitely not planned. Some of you may remember my post last week. I have to say, I am doing much better this week. I have not cried about that this week. (Extreme Makeover home edition, still made me cry. How dare they do that to a pregnant lady!LOL) I feel like my greiving for school is over, & finally talking about better made it much better. Thank you ladies.

I understand about feeling behind in everything. Boy did I go through that too. Things are better, and DH is wonderful. I came home yesterday from LLL and he was dusting & vacuming. I am blessed.

My son has had a cold, and I think my daughter is getting it.(Praying I don't!) Last night he threw up, but I think that is because he overate at dinner. He has not since & no fever. He did fall out of bed last night & split is lip open & had a bloody nose to go with it. But he is much better. They are playing outside in the leaves with their Dad!
DD has her big cheerleading competiton this weekend, so a long weekend!
That is all for this week. Take care all!
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Ugh, sounds like quite the week, Cristina! I hope everyone feels better soon!
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Well, I had a good appt today. I lost 3 pounds! (Woot!) My blood pressure is great! And we heard the heartbeat! YAYAYAY! It was steady at 130 bpm. The doc found it right away. My fundus is 1 cm below my bellybutton.
The doc said that he doesn't do ultrasounds at 20 weeks either. He does one at 35 weeks. He said that they wouldn't be able to tell me the sex either, since U/S techs here are not allowed to diagnose, and the doc doesn't have his own machine..

I am going to go test drive a toyota 4-runner. We are hopefully buying it this week. We got approved for a loan today. Thank god, because we can barely fit in DH's little truck right now!
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Why are they doing the ultrasound if they can't diagnose?
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I mean, they can't say " oh it is a boy." Only doctors are allowed to.
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I still don't understand. So they can check the heart chambers and the lip and the limbs, but they can't check the genitalia? Can they write it in your chart and tell you later?
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12 weeks 2 days

We had our second mw appt. today, but our first with the new midwifery team (well, one of the 2). I feel really good about her! Best of all, she lives in my neighbourhood and has a teenage daughter who babysits! Yippee! A good friend of mine has used the daughter and has raved about how good she is. I feel like I've gotten a fablulous two for one deal! Great, quality midwifery care AND a reliable babysitter who doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
I have been feeling so nervous about this baby because of the early bleeding that I opted to have the mw use to doppler today and heard a good, strong heartbeat (150 bpm). It was so thrilling to hear it! I'm not a huge fan of technology, but today it was worth it, just to have the reassurance.

How about a new question... Are you going to find out the gender of your baby and have you had any intuition about the gender of your previous babes? Were you correct?

by the last couple of months I was absolutely sure that ds would be a boy, no doubts whatsoever. With dd, I had pretty strong girl feelings but I didn't trust myself as much because I thought it might be wishful thinking! With this one, its too early to tell, but I'm definitely having more girl thoughts than boy thoughts.
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For the question - I knew by the end of my last preg that DS was a boy due to a dream. We never had any ultrasounds. This time, I'm now considering an ultrasound to check for a cleft (which I think just yesterday I was convinced I wasn't going to do) since DS had one, but I don't think we'll be asking about the gender. Having a lot of girl feelings however, though I too wonder if it's not just wishful thinking. This pregnancy is definitely different than my last though in that all my symptoms are stronger or I didn't have them at all last time. Definitely feeling a girl. Time will tell.

My first prenatal is Friday. Going to talk with the mw about this new ultrasound idea since my mom recommended a level 2 u/s to diagnose the cleft. My mom can order it for me with a perinatologist she knows (she's a CNM). Basically I had a dream last night that said "go get an ultrasound" and now I'm a little freaked out. Of course, I was talking with a friend yesterday about ultrasounds, so it could have been just that. But my mom had a dream too, though she thinks hers was about a client of hers who had a still birth a couple of months ago. Still freaked out. Discussed it with DH. Feeling now fairly certain that I'm going to go ahead with it.
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Only if the doctor specifically asks for it.

Weird huh. Pisses me off!
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Vanessa - Why the 35 wk U/S? I just wonder because late term u/s are usually done to "predict" the size, which are notorious for being WAY off. I hate hearing about mom's who are pressured for an induction (or elective c/sect) because of the fear of big babies. Hope that's not the case with your doc!

Anna- I didn't know they could diagnose cleft palates in utero with a Level II u/s. Very cool. But (my doula brain talking here) as with every test you have to weigh the benefits vs the risk. What will you do with this info? Continue with the PG or terminate? What would happen if you get the news of another cleft palate? What if it a false positive? What about the opposite situation? I'm sure you've probably already run the scenarios in your head, I just wanted mention it.

Crunchy - I would be wary of any practitioner who routinely looked for problems when there aren't any clear cut reasons to be looking. Fluid could be low because you are a bit dehydrated. Happens all the time when it's warmer outside... Would that be a reason for a RCS? Or induction?

Big babies get born. Our bodies know what to do when me don't go meddling with the natural process. Look at me. Induced with #2 at term, who was 9½lbs, FTP and wound up with a C/sect and was told that he was "too big". #3 came 1½wks "late" and was 10+lbs born without a problem at home. So much for the "too big" theory. Babies come when they are ready, at how big they were meant to be. Our bodies don't grow babies that are too big to be born. But I think I am preaching to the choir here.

As for the QOTW: This pregnancy is the LAST thing from planned. It took me almost 3 weeks to get over the shock and sometimes, if it wasn't for my expanding belly, I am still a little bit taken back when someone mentions *MY* pregnancy... Like "What'choo talkin' 'bout Willis?!" Oh yeah, I am pregnant. Heading out of my first trimester, one third of the way done pregnant.

The boys are getting very excited, especially our 6y/o. He drew some pictures today, that almost made me cry, of our family and Peanut. It makes it easier for me to think of being a mother to 4 children with kids that are happy about it.
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Desa - A level II ultrasound can indeed diagnose a cleft. My mom didn't recommend it so much as when I asked about having one she said I would need a level II. Aleks was born at home with absolutely no intervention last time. We used a doppler during my last pregnancy, though we were unaware of the effects of it at that time, but we declined all ultrasounds. This time, we are only using a doppler during labor and were planning on doing everything with even less intervention than last time. Then I started getting a bit worried because Aleks was born with a severe cleft lip and palate. I took a ton of folic acid before conception and for a while after (until the ms got severe), so I'm fairly confident that this baby will be fine. For the longest time my husband Jon was the one saying, "maybe an ultrasound would ease your mind" and I was the one saying what you did, which is that knowing wouldn't change anything. Then yesterday morning I had a dream and woke up and realized that if I birthed another baby with a physical defect and I didn't know about it first, that my reaction upon finding out would probably be one of great disappointment along with some repeating of the word "no" (aka an attempt at denial). I don't want to be disappointed at my birth. I want to be ecstatic. I think that some reassurance would do me good and I think that it's a reasonable choice. Starting out day one with a new baby with a defect and not knowing anything about it is hard. I certainly do not recommend routine ultrasounds at all. I have spent a lot of time grieving the loss of my perfect baby and I think that I deserve a chance to be prepared this time if nothing else. Letting go of nursing was incredibly painful for me (though I pumped for 13 months, it's not the same thing). I really just want a shot at what so many other women out there have - perfect babies, and the ability to nurse them.
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Hi all... I've had a rough week w/ DH gone for work again. He'll be getting home later this afternoon and I can't wait for the break I need it so badly. Last night I was running a fever of 100.5 which is rather high for me and just felt horrible and of course DD didn't want to go to bed when I so needed the rest. No fever this morning but still feeling run down. I don't want whatever this is to blow up since you can't take a whole lot while pg... last pregnancy I ended up with a sinus infection that lasted a few months and didn't go away until Grace was born. I don't want to deal w/ anything that frustrating again.

Anyhoo I'm sitting here next to my cat and it just farted and can I say ewwwwww! Stinky :-P
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Severe Headache

I will get back to personals..........

I have had a major headache since Monday and Tylenol provided NO relief. Yesterday I came home and went to bed at 3pm. Got up at 8 this morning for school with my headache continuing. This is day 4. I got to school and began my exam and felt faint. So, I informed my instructor of my situation and excused myself for a few. When I came back I tried to finish my exam but I just couldn't. I began feeling really faint again. I got up to tell her and had to sit back down in the nearest seat before finishing my sentence. I am so thankful she was very understanding. Of course, I am sure I lost all color in my face. I talked to the doctor and apparently I am having a "horomone related migraine" which can also cause you to faint. I feel better knowing this but since this is not a common occurance I thought something major was wrong like a tumor or something (just like me to start overreacting : )

Have any of you ever felt like this while pg? Am I an oddball?

Again, I will get back to personals later on.......
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Got nothing new to report...so I guess I'll try do personals!

Rogumum: *new* QOTW: Well, interesting you should ask. With DD I was bound and determined to find out sex even though DH did not want to know. Mostly b/c of previous m/c and my "issues" of not really knowing what sex that baby was (although I deemed it a girl ). So, we made a slight deal that with the next baby we wouldn't find out. Well, first, I didn't think the next baby would come this soon - and that DH would've "forgotten" our deal by then. BUT it did happen sooner and so I've been going off the notion that we wouldn't find out b/c DH didn't want to. But then out of the clear blue sky one eve. last week he just said "let's find out the sex." I was like huh, what, excuse me?! This after I had all but come to terms with not finding out. As I've posted before, I was the type of child that hunted for her x-mas presents as well...patience is NOT my thang! So now I have NO clue what to do...now that DH is ok with it I might just find out. I figure either way it's a surprise just depends on what time you get it. Doc wants u/s anyway since I am slightly high-risk with m/c history and pre-eclampsia with DD.

Nym - Just goes to show ya' that all docs/techs are different! Where I go the techs asked me "do you want to know the sex?" and I was happy they could do that. But other than "here is the heart, here is the lungs", etc. they don't say much.

Velvet - ONLY while I am pg do I get constant migraines. : Nothing seems to work for me either but sleep. I try to take as little meds (including tylenol) as possible...cuz I'm paranoid and weird. Hope the headache goes away soon.
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