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Anna, I hope I didn't come off rude. I absolutely agree with everything you said. I think the measure of peace that the US will bring will help line everything up for a wonderful remainder of your PG and birth. I remember reading your birth story when I was a lurker here on MDC a LONG time ago and was always moved by the beauty of your birth despite everything.

We too will be having a Level II after 22 wks to look for aortic stenosis or any other heart defect. DH has aortic stenosis (and an family hx of mytro-valve prolapse and other heart conditions) which is an inherited condition. Although my research says that only 20% of the cases (with AS) are detected in utero the measure of peace that it will bring to DH (and myself, as well) in order for him to feel absolutely A-OK about homebirth is worth the 10-15 min of ultrasound exposure.
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hello this weeks ladies.
as for the qotw,
I don't think I answered last weeks, was this baby planned? yup, we knew we wanted them close together and I had one post partum flow and bang we caught the egg. I though it would take about six months like it did last time so I must say I am a little overwhelmed that these babies will only be 22 months apart. Even though this pregnancy was planned I am having a hard time realizing I am pregnant, I haven't gained a pound I look just as skinny as usual, so when I look at myself I wonder could I be pregnant? but with the ms and the sudden drop in milk supply and the exhaustion (and the two pink lines ) my common sense says yes you are you should just admit it. I can't wait to hear the heartbeat at my next appointment. I think that will confirm it for me.

and then this weeks question..... I definately want to know the sex of the baby, we have three boys, and this is definately the last baby for us, I can think practicaly that if this one is a boy we don't need to do much prep at all we already have everything. but emotionaly I really want a girl so if I could find out I would love it. That said hubby doesn't want to know (but I can probably convince him) and the ultrasound technicians here don't tell the sex of the baby so I would have to hunt around for one or do my ultrasound across the border in the us and pay for it myself. to find out the sex so probably not very likely but I could get lucky and have a tech that will blurt it out. wishfull thinking.

anna, and ultrasound is done for just the reasons you want one, and if it will give you peace of mind than it is most likely worth the risks.

velvet, I am sorry you have a migraine, make sure you get lots of rest

nym, ultrasound techs aren't supposed to tell you the sex of your baby here in beautiful bc, because of ethics issues (termination of the pg due to the "wrong" sex) I think you can get around it if the doc requests the info, but they won't tell you there you have to wait until you see the dr after the ultrasound.
have a great day
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I didn't want to know the sex of the baby but this time it's killing me! I always knew what my others were right off the bat. This time I have no idea.
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Got that headache that's going around... Went to bed last night without taking anything thinking sleep would make it go away. No such luck. First thing this morning, I'm up eating immediately to try keep some tylenol down.

First Prenatal - I leave in an hour!!! Yippee!

Also went to a mothering meeting last night where we made birth art and discussed birth. It was so perfect for me. Then I ate red meat for the first time in like three years (weird! but I was craving it). Great night, except for the headache - I was out for hours without my child hanging out with other mommies that I like.
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Hi mamas,

I'm 14 weeks today - time is flying by. Thankfully I don't have major headaches or back troubles (yet) and didn't with dd so I'm hopeful I won't this time. I don't have full blown nausea any more but I do feel slightly queasy in the mornings and at night. Sinus drainage and gagging are here and with me for the duration I'm sure.

It's been a busy work week - lots of meetings and trying to get things in order since I will be out of town next week. I leave tomorrow afternoon for Estonia and will return late Thursday. I work with student exchange programs and this is a business trip. Never been that far east before so it should be interesting. I haven't travelled since June and I'm a bit fearful that dd will really consciously miss me this time. She's 22.5 months and understanding so much but doesn't really have a concept of time. I also wonder if she'll want to nurse when I return or if this will be it. She's such a booby girl but is now down to nursing just-before-bed and right when I get home from work on most days.

Anna - I totally understand where you're coming from with the ultrasound. My dd came early and was in the NICU. I feel really lucky that we were able to establish a nursing relationship. According to stats, I have a 30% chance of pre-term premature rupture of membranes (my water broke early) this time - if there was a test I could take that would let me know if it would happen again, I would do it. I want nothing more than to have a big, fat, full term baby that stays with me from the moment it's born.

QOTW: We probably won't find out the gender. The ultrasound techs here will tell you if you want to know but I really liked the moment of delivery surprise last time. I also don't want a false prediction like my SIL got -- my niece was "supposed" to be a nephew. Last time, everyone I knew thought I was having a boy. All those old wives tales about how you carry the baby, etc. Well, two prediction methods I used (the Chinese chart and some other questionnaire) said I was having a girl. I didn't really have a strong vibe but did have a sense that everyone I knew was wrong about a boy. It was great fun to say to my mom just moments after dd was born that she could buy pink. (She really wanted a girl but thought it was a boy.)

No strong vibes this time. But, I guess if I had the ultrasound tech predict the gender, and it was a boy, I could get dh to stop threatening to name a girl Frederica. (No offense to those named Frederica but it's not really an option for me.) A boy will be named Frederick after dh's grandfather but we're at a loss so far on a girl name.

Well, I'm checking out early today so I've got to get things wrapped up before I go. See you in 10 days or so.

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Hi all, I had my second MW appointment yesterday and I am 15 wks 3 days, although I am measuring at 17 wks! This is my second baby so maybe I'm just showing early? I have been wondering if it's twins, my dh is a twin and I have twins way back in my family. I would love twins but I wish I kwew already. We are not doing ultrasound so we will not find out the sex. I did hear the heartbeat at our last appointment but after more research we decided not to use any more doblers so we can't listen for more heartbeats untill next time ( I hope)

We did plan this baby, and I was still surprised when my test was positive. We were trying for about four months, I am really excited to be having another May baby, my ds was born May 1st 1998, and he said I can have the baby any day except the first- already he doesn't want to share

I have had at least four dreams where I had a boy, and I would love another boy. (but I am hoping for a girl)
I also have so many dreams where I feel the baby move, the last one I had a week ago; My dh was in the shower getting ready for work and I was laying in bed, I felt a movement, then i felt what I thought was an arm and then it felt like a tiny hand was pressing against my hand and holding my finger! I can't wait for my guys to be albe to feel movements too!

It's so nice to read about what you other Mama's are going threw, I am so glad to say the MS is all gone, only gaging once and a while YAY!!

peace kathleen
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Anna- Good luck with your first appointment. I hope all is going well for you. I am sorry you have a headache. Mine is still off and on. I got dizzy from it again last night while at wal-mart. I hope yours doesn't last as long as mine has.

peacenlove- I am facinated with twins. That would be really neat... a lot of work but very neat and rewarding. That is so sweet you felt the baby and maybe it was the hand

schatz- Have fun on your trip!!!

I do not have any ideas on what the sex is except it's either a girl or a boy. I want to find out (as I have said before) but dh is not keen on the idea. The thing is I believe I can change his mind on the day of the u/s
I haven't had any dreams and neither has d/h. I do keep visualizing him walking around with a baby girl. From other peoples opinions it 6 for a boy and 4 for a girl. I should give a prize to the correct group just for fun. :LOL
It really doesn't matter. We will love our baby either way boy or girl, but dh has been surrounded by boys his entire life -He has 2 brothers and a male cousin that grew up with them. There is always so much testosterone at family gatherings just my mil and myself are usually the only females around.
It would be nice to have another female family member around the house. Naturally though all the men (dh NOT included) "Woo Hoo we're having a nephew- another boy around the house" Maybe- Maybe Not.....
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Appointment got canceled. I swore it was at 2, turns out it was at one and there was a woman in labor anyway. Rescheduled for next Friday. Really really bummed out today...
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Anna- I am sorry your appointment got cancelled. I know you were looking forward to it.

I am excited because I had coffee this morning for the first time in 3 mos ....
decaff of course. I have really missed my morning cup. I didn't want it for a while and then one morning last week I woke up and wanted it again. I just didn't feel like making it . I am going to spend my day cleaning and then at a football game. I hope everyone has a good weekend.
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Tish, if you're drinking decaf, be sure to get organic, swiss-water process decaf because the chemicals they use to decaffeinate regular coffee are way worse for you than the caffeine would be. If you can't get that kind of decaf, just drink regular coffee - every now and then shouldn't hurt anything.

Feeling better today myself. Finally able to visualize birthing here. Feel like it would be best if I just did it alone. Maybe it will happen...

Am I the one posting the most here?!??! Should stop that.
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Uh Oh... I didn't know about the decaff. I wish I would have known this morning before I drank 2 cups. I would have rather had the regular. Now for yet another question.

My lower back just on the right side of the spine hurts and my right calf and foot hurts too. My leg and foot has a constant dull ache. I am wondering if I have slept wrong and caused a pinched nerve or something, and is it safe to visit the chiropractor?
I am full of problems this week.
I don't know what is going on but my head hurt all week and now that feels better my back and leg hurt. What's next? I have not usually had so many aches and pains and been so whiney.
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Tish, that sounds like sciatica. It is safe to visit the chiropractor and I hope it helps! Go ASAP! Otherwise, it's just one of the perks of pregnancy.
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That is what I was fearing. I did look it up before posting but still thought it may be too soon for that. Thanks Anna for your replies. I will call the chiropractor on Monday.

I am glad you were able to visualize your birth. I hope you can do it alone as you wish.
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