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Low blood pressure?

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Anyone been told their blood pressure is low? I had a doc. appt. today (not at OB) and I was told it is low. You only have to worry if it's high, right?

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From what I understand, the only way to really diagnose low BP is by any physical symptoms you might experience as a result of it. Otherwise, I don't think you need to worry.... but it wouldn't hurt to double check!
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babytime, i wouldn't worry about low blood pressure unless you are feeling fait and/or fainting. I have been told my one dr that my pressure is low and by another that it is good, both drs getting the same reading Just make sure that if you are feeling fine your dr knows that. I had to go the er once and my pressure was "dangerously low" so they rushhed all around and made me lay in the bed with the cathater so that I wouldn't injure myself trying to walk to the toilet. Mind you I had just taken the bus there and walked in on my own. Granted I was quite ill but I don't think I was in any danger from low bp
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Thanks ladies!
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I always run low and haven't been told to worry
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I also have very low pressure, both with my first pregnancy and now with this one. I wouldn't worry at all (provided you have no troubling symptoms) ~ my midwife definitely sees it as a positive thing!
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