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Vegetarian Barbecueing!

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We're entertaining this weekend, and I've promised a lakeside barbecue. I just realized that most of my guests are vegetarian. I'd like to do something a bit more creative than just garden burgers! Any ideas?
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Corn on the Cob in their husks cooked on the grill. YUMMY!!!

Also, veggie and tofu kebabs - mushrooms, peppers, onions, potatos...
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Dh likes portabello mushroom caps on the grill. I like to parboil potatoes, slice into thick slices, brush with olice oil & season then grill--top with an onion slice seasoned & grilled.
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I make an awesome grilled veggie salad. Use a couple parsnips, zucchini, a red onion, green or red pepper, all cut kinda chunky. Marinate in some salad dressing or olive oil, grill until tender, then toss with some baby spinach leaves. Throw on some toasted pine nuts and you will think you're in heaven!

I also make a lot of foil-wrapped veggies. Cube baby potatoes (skin on is yummy), wedge an onion, and throw it on some foil with garlic and a couple good lashings of olive oil. Season with salt and pepper, maybe some cayenne. Fold over the foil and seal well on the remaining three sides. Shake well to get everything coated. You can put in an ice cube or two if you want more of a steamed effect. Grill for about fifteen minutes (check the potatoes before you pull it off the grill).

Have fun!
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I just want to second the veggie kabob & portabella ideas - we do those all the time! The portabellas are really good on buns like burgers. We usually make a simple pasta salad with some fresh herbs and then toss the grilled veggies in there with some good crusty bread on the side. Yum!
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yes, and for the corn, soak corn (leave husks on) in ice cold water for 1hr before putting on the grill. I add butter, lime juice and cayenne before servng.

We do kabobs and i cook some basmati brown rice to serve with it. pour teriaki sauce over all.
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this is kinda weird but...

so am I. Grilled whole onions are great! Clean them up and peel them, but a pat of butter (or I suppose olive oil if vegan) and salt on some foil, put onion on top, more butter or oil and salt on top and wrap it up. They take about 45 minutes, rotate them occaisionally. I think they cook best on a not so hot portion of the grill, or in smoldering coals. They are done when soft when you squish them. They are very sweet and melt in your mouth!
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We get those baby white onions and do the same, or put them on kabobs. Very yummy. Especially with soy or teriaki sauce.
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Marinate strips of tempeh in something yummy (something like soy sauce, honey, garlic, cayanne, olive oil, etc) and grill them. SSOOOO good, nice alternative to gardenburgers. Veggie dogs are an easy classic too, good to have on hand for picky veggie kids.
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mmnnn...thanks for all the yummy suggestions! I think I'll be barbecueing well before my guests arrive this weekend! It all sounds so good!

Thanks again for the inspiration!
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If you are into meat analogs, Gardenburger makes a vegan riblet that is just incredible on the BBQ.
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Vegetarian BBQ

Seitan is really good. You can find it in most health food stores and it's usually marinated in some kind of soy sauce. It looks like meat but it's made out of wheat gluten. You can cut it up into chunks and make shishkebabs (sp?) with them and your favorite veggies. Enjoy!
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