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Originally Posted by Pepper
I've been feeling so so so so bad lately that my mood is getting dark. Feelings of pity for myself and hopelessness....I'm monitoring it closely but it's getting tough. I'm just holding on to that 12 week mark where I hope this constant nausea goes away.
Oh me too, sweet pepper! (hee--sweet pepper--get it?)

Every morning I drink a regular Coke and that helps--but it's really bad at night for me. I throw up at least twice in the evening--so I've just stopped eating after 3 or 4 pm. So now I'm hungry and sorry for myself about that. LOL

God, I hope it gets better!

At least we found the DEAD SMELLY RAT that was polluting the house for days! Monkey's dad was forced to rip out walls, but whatever! Pregnant women can NOT live with that!
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All of a sudden I really feel pregnant. Whereas before I was tired, now I am EXHAUSTED. And although I still don't have proper m/s (thank goodness!) all the little smells in the house are starting to get to me.

Ugh. Off to drink some seltzer...
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We told family this past weekend and it is so cool to be able to talk about it to people. I am SUPER exhausted and pretty much feel like a useless slug. I'll type more when I get a second.
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Oh My gosh Monkey's Mom, that is awful about the dead smelly rat!!!! Like you don't feel bad enough allready?? I can't stand any kind of smell right now except for a few sticks of incense that I love. Any kind of cooking, even if I'm not doing it, sends me gagging. I can't imgaine a freaking dead rat. Rip Out the Walls INDEED!!

i must admit i very very rarely indulge in caffinated beverages but a real Coke sounds so good to me lately. I really wanted one yesterday but was able to hold off... but for how much longer??? :LOL

We have only told a very few of our very close friends and I regretfully told my mom as well... there's like five people that know, which is nice because I'm enjoying having this lovely secret all to myself and not answering everyones ridiculous questions for a few more weeks. Thats why I said "regretfully" about my mom because she's allready making comments about my plans to homebirth....

Gotta go ladies, it's a beautiful day and DD and I are off to enjoy it while I'm feeling decent
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ugh, my mom can't seem to keep her mouth shut about the homebirth either. i told her it was not open for discussion, but she still keeps making little comments. grr. she was so pro-homebirth until the day we found out i was pregnant. she wants to be at the birth, but i don't know if that's gonna happen. the only reason i have not told her flat out no is because my sister really wants to be there and i would love to have my sister there (we are really close, and i just think it would be so awesome to have her there) and i seriously doubt i can tell my mom that i want my sister there but not her.

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Aja, my mom wants to be there too. I've told every single person at my mw's office that she is not allowed in the same zipcode. I was told they'll call out the national guard if they have to, but she won't be anywhere near me :LOL

It's not that I don't love my mom; it's that she's not 100% supportive of me having a home birth, and she tends to over exaggerate things, and get overly dramatic and overly anxious. Drama and anxiety are not going to help me push the baby out. I'm sure she'd be fine if it were just myself and my husband with the mw there, but I'm planning on asking my sister-in-law (who is super supportive, btw) to come assist; be my "secondary" support person. Also, because DH wants to catch the baby, and I'm gonna want someone up by my head with me, ya know? :LOL

Anyway, because I'm gonna have my sister-in-law there, I KNOW my mother is gonna pitch a bitch, and give me the whole guilt trip about being closer to my inlaws than I am to her. WHATEVER :LOL

Aja, as a dear friend of mine always counsels me, Just nod and say yes a lot, and then do what you want to do anyway. :LOL
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Sharon-Anne - we must be sisters and I had no idea!! It sounds like we have the same mom!! My mom is SO dramatic and LOVES being the center of attention. She has such a stong personality and I tend shrink right back to being a 5 year old when I am around her. It had only been 10 min or so since I told her I was pregnant when she was asking if she could be there. I told her I thought I just wanted dh there but we hadn't really even thought of it yet. She has been super pouty about it. Then a few days later she starts complaining about how my brother's "girlfriend" wants only her family and not my mom in the room during her birth (long story short - brother got this girl preg, even though he wasn't really dating her he wants to have a family more than anything so he proposed and now they are going to live "happily ever after". Now she won't marry him and makes no effort to get to know my family. Basically, it is obvious to everyone EXCEPT my brother and mother that she is just after his money and will take the child and run-she has a history of this). My mom also wants to come to my prenatal group meetings (the centering thing I talked about earlier). Mind you - she lives 9.5 hours away!!!! She has already marked her calendar (even though no appt has been made!) for the 20 week u/s. I don't know how I feel about her coming to that but I have some time to decide. Aja, I am so glad you brought this up. I had no idea how much all this was bothering me until I started typing.
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ugh! you girls' posts made me so angry! lol. this is really bothering me too. i think we may decide not to call anyone until too late. they live over an hour away, so we could call after the baby was born and say it will be soon, then when they get there be like - oops, too late. my only problem with that is, if we have people there while i'm in labor - it's a big house, i know i could make them stay away - and i don't really care. my problem is people i don't want there after the baby is born. i am thinking about not letting anyone hold the baby after he/she is born and telling them they can look but don't touch, and they can come back after a couple of days when we call them. would that be horrible? there was an incident after my aunt had a c-section where the nurse came in and handed my mom the baby and my aunt kept asking to hold him and my mom kept saying just a minute. it made me crazy.

my mom also made a comment recently about how peter is acting like this is all about me and him when he needs to realize it's about me and her and it's not a guy thing at all. wtf? she's always been kinda fake nicey to my husband, and that just annoyed the hell out of me! i said "say one more thing like that and we'll see if you get a calol at all" and she got all offended and said, of course you know i was just joking.

ugh. we should start a bitching about our mom's thread. i could go on and on!

i'm gonna go get a snack, because now i'm all worked up about this. grr.

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comic relief

I have been very gassy and am getting more so. The other day I was laying on the couch and a little "toot" escaped me. Dh came in and said, "Did you say something?" I started snickering and finally told him what had happened. He shook his head and walked out and I hollered after him, "What did you think I said?" He came back and said he thought he heard someone with a British accent say, "Hello there!" and that maybe I should go on Howard Stern or something
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OMG! that's so funny! i have had the worst gas, and at first, we jokingly say "lucy!" like the dog had done it, but now when she hears it she hides her head. i think she is starting to beleive it is her. poor puppy.
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: Melissa!

Oh, I can relate to the Mom stuff, too. When I announced my pregnancy to my Mom she went on and on about how many grandchildren she will now have and how she can't wait to tell so and so and yadayada yada. After about 10 minutes she got around to asking me how I felt

Ok, who is the genius who mentioned Peppermint Patties? I had dh pick me some up yesterday and they are really helping with my nausea. Last night I was running the kids' bath, picking up toys, and folding laundry (..she wants to lead the Glamorous Life...singing a little old school Sheila E. there..) and I realized I was humming and cheerfully going about my business. Well, that hasn't happened in weeks because I am usually living every second trying NOT to hurl. I actually felt decent. Now, I don't know if it was because of the Peppermint Patties or maybe the worst is over (please please please) but whatever, I'll take it!

Today is a bit better, too. I'm thinking of getting some peppermint tea to sip or some other peppermint type candies. I've never tried peppermint for morning sickness so maybe this is the trick for me?

To those of you suffering horribly, it's worth a try.
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ps, monkey's mom, that rat story was awful! That would have done me in. And I haven't had a cola beverage in years but the thought of a fountain coke right now sounds heavenly.
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Mmm... Peppermint Patties ... sounds wonderful!

I got some pickled ginger yesterday at the advice of a friend with three kids, and it's nice, too.
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homemade lemonade, fresh and frozen blueberries and coke have all been my friend this week. I've had a cold and been miserable with a terrible sore throat. So I figured I deserved a coke or two at that point. (Did you know target sells those little airplane-size half cans?) I drink tea anyway, so it was mostly the sugar I was guilty about.
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: Melissa, that is hilarious!! My dh passed gas one day and our 3yr old asked what the sound was. Dh told him it was a wookie. :LOL For the longest time ds would say, "There's the wookie." every time he heard any funny noise at all.

When I told my mom I was pg with #2 she said, "Oh." And that was it. Then this time, "Really? again... well... hmmm." Uh, love ya too, lady.

I'm thinking of calling when baby is about 3 days old. :LOL
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Originally Posted by twouglyducks
I'm thinking of calling when baby is about 3 days old. :LOL
we debated this too!!! ugh, i dont even want to think about my mom today, im feeling too good :LOL she's a wonderful person and all and I talk to her pretty frequently but she leaves something to be desired in the support department

anyhow - peppermint patties - do you mean the hard candies or the chocolate covered ones?? i have been drinking peppermint tea and that is quite helpful at times.
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The chocolate covered ones....

So much for my short-lived feeling of decency. Last night I was on deaths door again. I am going to sleep around 9-10pm just to escape the horrid sickness. Damn, I am so ready to feel (somewhat) normal again!

On a brighter note, I swear I felt some flutters last night. I know, you're thinking it's way too early (I'm 7 wks, 5 days) But I felt my first dc at 10 weeks and my second at 8 weeks. I'm impossibly thin and tiny and I know what those flutters feel like. It lasted about 15 second as I was laying on my side/back. I was shocked! It wasn't food or gas either, I know what I felt. How amazing! I checked and the baby is about the size of a grape right now....
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here's my theory about those wacky little tickle/flutter feelings that come so early - for me, I have it for a day or two, stops then starts again later when it's clearly the baby. I think it's the placenta growing.
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Well the nausea has set in. It started yesterday and hasn't stopped yet. Nothing sounds good to eat. My dh got Taco Bell for dinner and it smells so bad! And I'm working 6 days this week!! Ughhh. Think good thoughts for me!
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Yesterday was the first day that I actually felt human--I didn't even throw up once! I think it is the TV--last pregnancy, watching TV made me throw up, too. Yesterday I didn't watch any TV, so I'm thinking it might be the same. This will be a big drag for my movie-buff son. Or me.

I'm waiting for a neighbor to bring me some Gatorade--I'm really not doing well staying hydrated. Oy.

Have I mentioned that I hate being pregnant?
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