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Nose bleed ?

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Is it normal to have nose bleeds during pregnancy? Yesterday I woke up blew my nose and there was a little blood in the mix but no big deal. This morning I wake up with a full blown nose bleed. I used to get them all the time when I was young and had to have the veins in my nose carterized (?). That fixed it and it has only bled maybe 2x since I was 15. I was just wondering if this is common for other women during pregnancy and if there is anything I can do to keep it from happening?
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Tish, it's very common. The higher levels of estrogen and progesterone in pg cause an increased blood flow to your mucous membranes (like in your nose) and they soften and swell up and bleed much easier. I have tons of them during the 2nd and 3rd tri- esp. in the winter. Try a humidifier if you have dry air, that helps some, but you'll probably still get them sometimes.
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Thanks. I will try a humidifier. I am not really concerned about it hurting the baby only because I have experienced having so many in the past. I know they can be pretty common for some people (my dad had them ALL the time too). I just haven't had one in so long I didn't know if being pregnant was the reason I had one today. I appreciate your reponding so quickly
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No problem! The first time I had one while pg, I was pg w/my older dd (the pg right after my miscarriage) and I got a horrific nose bleed in the shower. I almost stopped breathing- thought the blood was coming from somewhere else. It was horrible! Then I learned about nosebleeds during pg.
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Yep, I tend to get nosebleeds when I'm not pregnant, so I got even more when pregnant. Or maybe not more frequently, but they are definitely more intense. During the second and third trimester, your blood really starts to pump faster (I could feel my heart pounding sometimes), so the bleeds can be really bad ~ I would hold my nose pinched for 20-30 minutes, which would usually work, but my poor nose and fingers would get so numb! Thankfully, my M/S was gone by this time, as I could often feel the blood running down my throat at the same time ~ yuck!
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