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Traditional Foods NT Mammas - November Thread

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Starting off the November thread. Here is a GREAT link to a site with TONS of NT recipes!!! It's awesome!


Cheers, Happy Holidays!
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I am learning so much about NT ways from everyone. I am exciting to be on board for another month!

SO my question today is about youghurt cheese. I am wondering if I can make this out of store bought (good quality, whole milk plain) youghurt? I have two containers that were gifted to me and I have my homemade stuff too.

I would like to do something with the gifted youghurt. I thought cheese would be fun. Any ideas?

Also my dd turns three this Sunday and I want to make a punch for the party. I was going to make homemade ginger ale but does anyone have another idea?

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You can make 'cream cheese' from any yogurt or Kefir. It's usually more bland tasting if it's store bought....so it blends nicely and has a mellow flavor.

I know you can make a yummy cheesecake (if you have enough yogurt to make enough 'cream cheese'.) That would be festive and WOW so impressive!

You could make the raspberry drink in NT or even lemonaid from fresh lemons. It's cold, so a spiced cider would be lovely too!

My son will be three in January, so I've got to start planning things too, and warm drinks, as it's usually snowy!

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Thanks for the advice!

Would you mind taking me through the steps to making the cheese?

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Originally Posted by mountain mom
Thanks for the advice!

Would you mind taking me through the steps to making the cheese?

I'd already posted 'my version' of how to do Kefir or Yogurt 'cheese' on the October thread, cause I saw your question there first. Here is the link, but the October thread is still on page two of the forums:


If you have more questions, ask here and I will try to 'fine tune' the method for you here, if I didn't make 'sense' .... I was rushed. I normally try to type it up nice and 'recipe' like for saving.

(I'm eating a bagel with it now, and YUM)
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Thanks Heather,
So let me recap to see if I have it correct.

I take the youghurt I have and run it through several layers of cheesecloth and what makes it through is the cheese? What about the stuff left behind in the cloth? What is that stuff?

Thanks for your help. Maybe I have it backwards. Is the stuff in the cheesecloth the cheese?

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Ahh, I can see why you ask that. It is the other way around from what you thought.

The whey, which will be a clearish liquid will 'drain' away from the milk curds formed by the culturing process. The whey will be 'cultured' from the Kefir making and can be used for various other stuff, but it's not what turns into 'cream cheese'.

The white curds that remain in the cheesecloth or in your strainer, are the cheese or what we'd call 'cream cheese'.

This is actually how all cheese is made or at least the start of it (it's really a facinating area of food making to look into). You somehow get the milk (goat or cow) to 'clump' and form curds, then the watery (whey) is drained away and then the remaining 'curd clumps' are pressed, shaped and aged to various degrees to get the various types of cheeses. Things like additional flavorings or other bacterial strains can also be added before aging, to get a cheese like, blue cheese. Special equipment is needed for consistantly good results if you wanted to really get into true, cheese making, but it's an area I've always wanted to know more about myself! Oh, the power....
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I'm getting ready to try my hand at cream cheese tonight! I've got a quart and a half of kefir so hopefull I will get enough out of that amount!! Can't wait!
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So once you've got your cheese/cream cheese, make a nut crust, add stevia to the cream cheese, put it in the crust, refrigerate, and you've got a sugar-free tasty cream cheese-like dessert.
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I discovered something during an experiment making Kefir. Usually I brew it in a glass mason jar with the lid on, a bit loose.

So I found this large piece of really fine 'mesh' material in one of my 'stashes' for who knows what project...anyway, instead of putting on the regular lid, I used a piece of the mesh, doubled, and screwed on a metal band to hold it on. Now, this mesh is way too fine for using as a strainer, but it does allow air to circulate good. It's too fine for stuff like fruit flies too, or gnats.

Anyway, the next morning, I noticed the Kefir had a much 'milder' smell to it and was 'smoother'. I drank a 12 ounce glass straight up, and it was much easier to drink plain. I also added a tsp of Maple Syrup and a dash of vanilla extract to another bit, and drank that, and wow, yummy!

So, even though from what I have read, most directions call for a regular lid, though the Dom has mentioned a 'dolly' made of cotton, being used for a lid, kinda like how they used to do it. But most dollies have a larger open weave and I was worried about stuff getting IN, rather than the gasses getting out.

ack, gotta go, baby waking up, will finish later...
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Hi mommas. I've been lurking in these NT threads for awhile, I just read the NT book and I'm trying to incorporate some of the ideas into my diet. I have PPD and I'm wondering if my diet has contributed to it, also my toddler is very high needs and I have the feeling that something about his diet is not suiting him well. That is what has got me interested in NT, I thought that we were eating healthy; vegetarian, soy products instead of dairy, and whole grains, but it obviously has not been working for us, so I'd like to try something different. I'm a little overwhelmed after reading NT though, and not really sure where to start. I started some grains sprouting tonight, but I'm not sure what to do with them once they sprout. Anyway, sorry for rambling, just wanted to introduce myself.
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Welcome junaleda!

It can be very overwhelming. Most people seem to make one change at a time -- sometimes switching to raw milk, better meat, eating eggs daily, soaking grains, making broth.... whatever suits them best at the time.

I've had a lot of getting really enthusiastic and into it, then backsliding, then getting back into it again, etc. I found breakfast was a good place to start, I think it can easily be a simpler meal so things weren't too complicated. I would make oatmeal (starting it the night before) or fried mush, or have some form of eggs.

We were already big yogurt eaters, and I would occasionally make yogurt, so it was a matter of improving the kind of milk I bought (organic whole milk at the store, any reduced-fat milk I've seen has skim milk powder added to it; I'll be able to get raw organic milk in the spring) and making all of our yogurt. The kids really missed the little yogurt cups my dh liked to buy, so I picked up some of those little gladware containers and make up individual cups with chopped fruit. I think I'm going to get a bunch of baby food soon so I can have the glass jars to use instead.

I then started working on the grains. I didn't get very far with it before a bunch of things came up and now I'm eating junk , but I found it difficult. I started off borrowing a wheat grinder from a friend, and using that flour to soak to make her muffin recipe (though I don't bother with muffin tins). I would use whey or yogurt to soak them. I found it was easy for it to get smelling a little funky, I think we don't have great yeast in the air in my house. But when it worked well, the bread was really yummy. The kids loved it, I would spread it thick with butter and my oldest said it was like cake with icing.

I also started buying organic meat and making stocks. One way that I find very easy is to cook the meat -- let's say it's a bird, I would roast the bird, and we would eat some of it for a meal. Then I would strip the bones, and package the meat in small portions in baggies for the freezer. Then I would make a stock, and do the same. Then a quick & easy meal would be to make gravy, add a baggie of meat, and have it on bread or potatoes.

Lacto-fermented veggies and beverages I haven't really tried yet, but some ladies here are great at it.

There have been other threads here, and in other forums too I think, so doing a search will get you lots of good info.
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WElcome to the thread! I have also had very bad depression in pg and postpartum and it appears to be getting under control, finally! I see that we both have babies from the spring of 02.

Many alternative healing people argue that depression is caused by some sort of biochemical imbalance -- deficiencies in certain vitamins, minerals, toxic levels of heavy metals, etc. So with that in mind, I had a series of tests for all of that and definitely had deficiencies related to my vegan diet (and all the years growing up nearly vegan except for the snails in our salad that made the journey in from our organic garden. LOL). I've been on an NT-like diet for 18 months and things didn't change for me immediately. I have also been supplementing my amino acids for over 6 months now -- that made a huge difference for me. So the right combination for me has been the diet change, some supplementation, and time. Something I've struggled with is tea and wine and have spent the past two years either getting re-addicted or weaning myself. But I have been off again for about a month and noticed a big change. It may be a coincidence but it may be that my liver is able to do some of its regular work. ANyhoo, search for my username and "amino acids" "uranium" and perhaps "lithium" to read more of my story.
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Welcome June!

Ok, back to the kefir, I was gonna say, I've been brewing it with just the mesh for a lid now for several days, and it's been way smoother, milder smelling and creamier like a true 'yogurt'.

So if you find your Kefir is getting curdier too soon, or smells strong, maybe try brewing it with a 'mesh' lid small enough to keep out fruit flies and such, but that will allow it to 'breath'.

Made Kefir d' Aqua with lemon, and malt/sugar water. It brewed for three days as I was using some milk Kefir Grains that I've converted. It was good tasting, but the smell was kinda strong. Any other D' Aqua moms find the smell a bit much ?? I just cut the lemon in half and dropped it in. I didn't squeeze it or anything. It was kinda on the ripe side, but organic. I did wash it off good before dropping it in. I think next time I"ll squeeze and drop only the juice in.
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Hi everyone. I've been keeping up with you all in the NT threads, well and everywhere else too. Just wondering if anyone can help me with my yogurt. I've been having a heck of a time getting it right. I've made it before with pasturized milk, but now that I have raw milk I can't seem to get it right. It seems way to runny to me and I can't force myself to eat it. I usually heat it up to 180, let it cool to 110, stir in my yogurt then put it in the oven on warm at 150 overnight. Getting really frustrated and missing my yogurt :

Oh and yogurt cream cheese is great I really wasn't a big fan of cream cheese till now!!
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I tried out my new grain mill today. I've got freshly ground spelt soaking now for tomorrow's pancakes.
K-TEC has their grain mill on sale now for $50 off, if anyone is interested.
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WAs it the old thread where we were talking about drinking whey? I have just been flying through here as I work on my for-pay projects, so I can't remember what's what. Anyway, I think the whey is pretty good. with enough stevia of course (Kal brand only).

I have been plowing through work this week. It feels pretty good. It's been over three years since I've had this kind of energy.
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I have no idea about the yogurt. But do you pay a premium for raw? We do, so I use pasteurized for my yogurt since you have to pasteurize it yourself anyway.

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Alright, I made the yoghurt cheese, slrrrrp its soooo yummy.

My question is the whey, its a somewhat clear yellowy juice and I put it in a container in the fridge overnight. Then I today I noticed that about 1/4 inch at the bottom of the container is a little more white and youghurty. I guess I didn't strain as well as I could?

This whey, can I use to make the gingerale in the NT cookbook?
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ummmm, what is NT?
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