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Anybody made a fairy bower/canopy?

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I really like the ones from Hearthsong, but they're a little expensive... I thought maybe I could figure out a way to make one with some tulle and a big wooden circle. Does anybody have any experience with this? I could use any pointers/advice anybody could offer!

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I'm not familiar with Hearthsong but I bought a Simplicity pattern that shows you how to make a canopy that you attatch to an 18" embroidery hoop. I haven't gotten around to making it yet, but I was just looking over the instructions tonight. Basically you cut 3 panels 100" long across the width of the fabric, sew them together and gather. They have you attatch it to the hoop with velcro. The actual patern is for the tent shaped part at the top and the different design ideas. And I believe all Simplicity patterns are on sale at JoAnn's through Saturday for $1.
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we used the simplicity pattern for one for my mom's wedding but we used a 24 inch oval quilting hoop instead It's super easy and they look absolutely gorgeous ours was done in gold and burgundy tulle and the florist added yellow roses with deep red tips around it to "hide" the hoop.
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I used to make and sell these the shipping killed me though

The 'hoop' I liked the best was a metal hoop (they come in many different sizes at hobby lobby). I feel like it was the best quality and it's so sturdy that kids even yanking on it or trying to hang on it (yes, the will try) will not break it. After putting the tulle on however I wanted, I just wrapped the whole hoop with a matching ribbon...hope that helps

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ohh great idea! I have been wanting to get the ocean one like this for ds room when it's finally finished.

I'm so sure I could make it cheaper than $80! Thanks for the tip about the hoop! now where do you buy the tulle? is it tulle or organza?
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The best place I found to get the tulle is Hobby Lobby or Walmart, they both have a great selection of colors. I've never tried organza but I bet it would make a beautiful canopy! And the tulle wrinkles fairly easily if it's shoved into a corner...I always think one made with dyed muslin or a pretty woven print would be neat to...be sure to post your pics after you make it!!

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rainbowmoon i've been wanting to make the same one for ds!!!! i feel like i wouldn't know how to start. could we compare notes along the way?
(not trying to steal this thread, just getting excited )
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Thanks for all the great input! I bought a bunch of tulle at WalMart, and I'm using an embroidery hoop that I already had. I couldn't figure out how to gather the material and have it look nice, so I sewed on a wide ribbon, and I've been threading the hoop through (like a curtain rod). It seems to be working well so far

Does anybody have any ideas/knowledge about how to do the very top? Do I just tie a ribbon around the gathered tulle and use that as a hanger?
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Lisa- will you pretty please post pics when you finish?

springbabes- can you please post the pattern #?

sarita (sarah) I would love to make this along with you! honestly though I won't probably get to this until after the 1st of the year though (too many other projects to finish!) but I will be shopping for supplies between now and then.

btw I already have some sea life shapes saved (think coloring pages) from ds mural. I think those would work great for the stuffed critters..and the velcro part would be easy.

how do you finish the edges of the tulle/organza? by hand/machine?

anyway I will PM you soon sarah!
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i think the ribbon idea is good for the top. you could sew it on one end around the circle in 4 places. or you could use strips of the tulle or organza instead of the ribbon.
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