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Febrile Seizures

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I have an 18 mo old son and he had what his Dr. called a "febrile seizure" at age 14mos. He just had another one last week at almost 18mos. What's scary is that both times he either stopped breathing or has had a very difficult time breathing and required oxygen. I've done some research on Febrile seizures via the internet and have not seen anywhere that difficulty breathing or stopping breathing altogether is normal during this type of seizure. Also, during these seizures, he does not convulse.. his little body just goes completely limp and he gets this "dead" stare. He just looks lifeless. We're going for an EEG this Thursday to determine if the seizures are being caused by something other than fever.. Has anyone ever heard of a child that has stopped breathing during a febrile seizure? OR has anyone ever had this type of "seizure" happen to their child? Any info is much appreciated. Thank You.
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What a ruff time you are going thru. My son had several "febrille seizures". Both were within two weeks post vaccine. And both times his temp really spiked and he developed ear infections. (could have been caused by the vaccine also.)

We had short term eeg and 24 hour eeg and nothing showed. But he now is autistic. The docs wanted to put him on phenobarbital and I said "NO" loudly. I'm glad I didn't.

PM me if you wish to hear my son's entire story. It is rather long.
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