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homeopathy for eczema: update

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I said I would post an update after we tried homeopathy for ds's eczema (see thread: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...eopathy+eczema)

It was a very interesting appointment; because I am exclusively breastfeeding ds, the homeopath looked at me mainly to see what it was that I was passing along to ds that could be causing the eczema. He asked a lot of questions, and then prescribed a remedy for both of us to take; (it is the same remedy for both of us). He said that ds would need to take it until his eczema cleared up, but that I would need it for longer since my problems run deeper from years of being exposed to toxins.

Anyways, I didn't get around to picking up the remedy until Saturday. For several days, I didn't see any difference, but then since last night (Wednesday night) ds's eczema started getting noticeably better. Today, it's like it's getting better by the hour. It's gone from all red and chaffed looking just yesterday morning to pinkish and quickly disappearing today. I am so happy, and hope to be able to come back and report that it is gone in a few more days (fingers crossed). He has had it for nearly 2 months now, so this is wonderful progress.

I like the idea that the homeopathy is supposed to help him from the inside out- of course we try to eliminate toxins from our home and environment, but the remedy that we are taking is supposed to help to strengthen our systems and help us better deal with those nasty things when we are confronted with them.

(I want to add that the homeopath we went to is very reputable, and has legitimately helped several people I know with major illnesses. I tend to be a little skeptical of medical practitioners (western and alternative) and think that it's definately worth checking out a person's track record before spending the $$$ to see them.)
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Great news!
Keep updating us okay?
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Well, here we are about a month after our appointment, and ds's eczema is finally gone. We have continued with the remedy (petroleum 1M if anyone is interested) and will probably continue it for a few more days. He still has generally dry skin, so I am trying to increase my EFA (essential fatty acid) intake and I have been *almost* completely off dairy for a week or so.

A few interesting things I thought I would add:
After the initial "getting better", things seemed to come to a stand-still. Shortly after we began the remedy ds seemed a little not-himself. He was more sensitive at night and for a few days he was difficult to console when he was tired. I rubbed rescue remedy on his wrists at night when he would wake up crying, and it seemed to help. Then he started spitting up. I didn't make much of it for the first couple of days (babies spit up, right?) but then he started spitting up after almost every feeding. I called the homeopath and he suggested increasing the dosage from one drop/day to one drop several times/day. So we did that and within a day he was barely spitting up at all. In my reading I have found that sometimes other symptoms will arise out of dealing with the primary symptoms. I would like to know more about this, as I am still very much a novice in my understanding of homeopathy.
I spoke to an LC friend of mine and she suggested that since milk irritates my eczema, maybe I should try to eliminate it from my diet and see if it helps ds's skin too. So I waivered on that for a bit, but eventually managed to get most of the obvious milk products out of my diet.
About a week ago, I noticed that ds was teething and he was seeming to be getting sensitive and miserable sometimes, so I started giving him chammomilla along with the petroleum remedy as necessary. The chammomilla seems to give him relief from his teething woes quite quickly.
Yesterday I was taking him pee (we do EC) and I noticed that his bum was completely clear for the first time in 3 months. I was so excited. I know that it may well come and go, but at least it has gotten better and I have an idea of how we should be dealing with it. His skin is still dry, but the eczema is gone.
I plan to stay away from milk products for a few weeks (oh, chocolate at Christmas, how I shall miss thee!), continue with the homeopathy for a bit, and focus on eating more EFA's.

It is difficult to know forsure at this point what is teething-related and what isn't, but between the homeopathy and diet, we seem to have found something that is working. I hope that eventually if the homeopathy does it's job we will be able to go back to dairy.

So that's my update; I hope there has been at least a little info in here that can be useful to some of you.
btw, if anyone knows more about "other" symptoms coming out that I mentioned, I would like to hear from you.
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More good news, I'm very happy for you and your guy!
One thing that really helps dry skin in winter is a humidifier.
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Thanks for the update. We're still having a heck of a time. Right now, I'm trying an elimination diet, which has been so hard, and probiotics. We haven't tried homeopathy yet, but I'm definitely planning to.

Glad to hear things are going well for you!
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we've used homeopathy on ds's eczema with great success. it got rid off the rash on his body, unfortunatley i couldn't find the right remedy to help the itch on his face. but i am still impressed, how quickly it cleared up everywhere else.
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That's great news! Congratulations -- it can be so hard to deal with eczema and allergy stuff, especially with Western med docs.

Homeopathy has worked for us too -- now we need to find a new practitioner since we moved far away from our old one
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