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we did pretty well, overall. I think we mostly just went over budget on food because I was making the Christmas breakfast. But, it was relaly nice. and we are headed to California Friday to visit with dh's family and we were going to buy some frames to make pictures of dd for everyone and a CD for his brother and decided that instead we will send the money to the relief fund in Asia and tell everyone we made a donation in their names. Seems silly to buy gifts now. After the holidays, we will be back on track with our cash. Also are getting the house reapprasied and are crossign our fingers that it appraises enough so we can pull some cash out ot pay off the cc we put the remainder of the renovation on. we shall sell... at the very least, hopefully they will roll the closing costs into the loan. we have homeowner's insurnace coming up- dont' need another $1200 expense on top of that!!
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we were doing pretty ok, but we are now looking forward to a c-section bill (insurance told us when we 1st went through them they would never cover us for one since i had had one before, so this is no surprise...).

i'm still in a bit of denial there. i'm also contemplating giving up my car if i can get out of it w/o debt via the dealership -- it's at their mechanic (and has been for a month!) & i think he's trying to work out a deal w/ the dealership for us...i'm thinkin we were sold a lemon!

on the up side, i've avoided post holiday sales, and made all my family's gifts!
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i'm still here. I don't have much to say except we did ok over the holidays. i returned a bunch of stuff and shopped at sears today. Buying a new lands end winter coat for dd 2 sizes bigger (for next yr) for 30 bucks. YAY!
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Originally Posted by lunchbox
Has anyone ever heard of making your credit card payment every two weeks instead of once a month? Bascially, you split the payment in half and pay every two weeks. Because of the way the interest is calculated, you can pay your ccs off faster... I heard about this from www.clarkhoward.com but have not tried it yet. I makes sense though.
Yes, the interest is calculated for most cards on a balance-per-day basis (I'm simplifying, but you get what I mean!) For that reason, you should pay your credit card bill ASAP when you get it every month, and not let it sit in the bill box. Paying it as early as possible will save you $, as will paying 2x/month. The overall savings are negligible, though. (Well, I guess that depends on your balance.)
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Subscribing to this OH-SO-NEEDED thread! I've just recently taken over the household finances and I am *determined* to get us out of this dumb hole we are in. We could live quite comfortably on DH's salary... if not for all these cc bills! I know it's going to be a struggle, but I know we can do it!

Looking forward to sharing ideas and infomation!
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I just found this thread & we too are determined to get out of debt! It feels so good doing so. We are doing it slowly but surely. And can't wait to cut up all those credit cards, etc.
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Welcome to all of the newcomers to the thread!

We are still moving along, I'll admit it feels tedious right now, I'm having a hard time "seeing at light at the end of the tunnel", but- I won't let that weaken my resolve . Each month we are throwing extra at the CCs and putting a bit into savings.

How are all of the other old timers on this thread doing? We've been at this for like 6 months (or more) now.
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Hi! I'm a newcomer, and honestly, this thread and the frugal mamas thread inspired me to get on the bandwagon. I owe y'all a LOT of thanks. DH and I used holiday money and university refunds to pay off three CC this past week and I feel so awesome! They were the tiniest amounts (about $2500 in all) but I feel like I just paid off a student loan.

Count me in for January too.
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OK mamas, in the spirit of doing things *before* they need to be done (like paying bills), I started our January thread here:
Come list your GOOD resolutions, and stay MOTIVATED! We can do this!
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