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the $6,000 head butt

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One of my babes butted me in the teeth pretty hard a while ago. Well, turns out she cracked it and tomorrow I am going to have it extracted and get an implant. Insurance might cover up to about $1500 of what is sure to be at least $7500. Ugh. Is personal injury (of the mother!) more common with twins? Certainly I could have avoided being headbutted that badly if I wasn't always juggling two babes climbing all over me and getting exhausted by all of it.
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Yikes! : I'm so sorry mama. I'm not sure about twins, but I did see a mother on tv yesterday that had 2 of her teeth knocked out by her toddler.
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Thanks for the empathy...I was/am definitely feeling all sorry for myself.

The tooth is gone now...they weren't able to do the implant yet, maybe in four months when the synthetic bone has set in. Yeh, guess I should be thankful it was just one.

For the extraction, I had IV anesthetic, not general, which the dr. said would not affect babies through nursing. Let me just say: NOT. I was wired the day after, and then the babies have just been totally wired. Finally today they are napping: three hours so far! (With some nursing in between of course). Which is unheard of. Just didn't have the time to do the real research on affects before having the procedure, guess there was not much alternative anyway except tons of pain. Or maybe some type of hypnosis? Not very realistic. At least so far no need for painkillers or antibiotics. Hooray!
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Mama, that is terrible!!! They had to put a synthetic bone in?!? Wow, your little one did a number.

Dd gave me a huge black-eye last year. Of course it is nothing on the level of what you are going through, but man, oh, man- who knew there were such serious hazards to the job? It was funny though, because she also had some bruises and when we were all out as a family dh got some pretty bad looks!

Take care.
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OOOHHH!!! I thought I had been hurt by head butts before, but that is TERRIBLE! I've never even had a black eye.

This is off-topic, but I wanted to ask if your twins a suprise (I'm guessing from your signature)? Mine were, and I've never met anyone else, so I was just curious to know if it had happened to someone else.

Best wishes healing!
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oh my gosh mama!! i'm so sorry. that's sounds so painful! now that's a headbutt. never heard of one that hard before.

The morning I had my twin girls, my then almost 18 mos son knock me hard in the mouth with a headbutt. My lip was pretty bad. Well the girls ended up coming that day and after they were born the nurses kept saying I better not kiss them...they thought I had a bad case of herpes on my lip. :LOL

to you mama!
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