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Can't wait to find the Keeper. Where do you find it? Do you use it forever (or is it reusable or do I have to keep buying new ones)? Can't wait
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They're supposed to last at least ten years. You can order them off the internet at almost any site that carries washable pads or at www.keeper.com. I think theyeven seel them in some natural food stores outside of the US.
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Are keepers latex?

This all sounds very interesting, and I know I'm jumping in late, but what is a keeper made of? I'm allergic to latex, so if it is, it'll go the way of my old diaphragm.

Today in the coop I saw little natural sponges to be used like tampons. Anybody tried these?
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I checked on the website, keeper is made of "natural gum rubber". I also saw that I will need a size A. Ha-ha!
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Okay, I'm in. Just bought my first. We will see how it goes and I'll report back. CAN'T WAIT!
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making cloth pads

I don't usually come to this forum, but LaLa posted in the other one "in praise of cloth" that there was a discussion over here as well.

I made my own cloth pads based on the many moons style. I made them all in one, meaning that there isn't a holder and inserts. I made three different thicknesses using differing numbers of layers inside for heavy, medium and light flow. The outside is flannel and the absorpant part inside is natural cotton batting (used for quilting). They have wings that wrap around and snap together. I bought something called a Snapsetter which makes putting snaps on something so incrediby easy. Doing the snaps is actually my favourite part, lol.

They work really well and are so soft and comfortable. I have way more pads than I can use in a cycle so I don't have to wash and reuse them for the same cycle. I just rinse them out, hang them to dry and then wash them the next time I'm doing laundry.

I also made some other ones with the envelope and inserts and gave them to my sister since I didn't need them. I just wanted to try and make some - heehee, how sad is that?

All these pads cost me about $20 (that's canadian $$) to make. I have so much scrap flannel given to me from my work that sometimes I think about whipping up a bunch and selling them, but my sewing is less then perfect unfortunately.

Well, I hope this helps and if you have any questions then fire away!
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KPduty: I want to try to make my own. I have to find ways to cut expenses and at the came time try to find things that are reusable. Do you have a pattern? And what about the material? I know you all said flannel, but what about the dyes? I'm new to this domesticated stuff and not so good w/ laundry. :
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You can put a waterproof layer on the bottom of the pad like gortex or PUL so that it won't soak through. I have not used a waterproof layer and don't have a problem with soaking through because I change pads fairly often. I think it would be good to have, I just didn't think of it when making mine.


I used the pattern from Many Moons, but enlarged it because the one they give is for the mini pad. There are lots of different absorpant materials you can use. You can even re-use receiving blankets, sweat shirts, t-shirts or old towels. I think any 100% cotton fabric would work well.

If you want to buy new fabric to make pads then I suggest a dark print so that any stains will not be noticable. Just wash dark fabric with your darks and light fabric with your lights. I don't do anything special with mine and they're holding up great.
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