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?? about my compost pile

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I have a questions about the food scraps I am adding to my compost pile.

I have one hole pumpkin and a bag of potatoes that I am going to add. Do I just cut them up? Do I have to be worried about the potatoes growing do I?

My compost bin is just a garbage bin out side with holes drilled in it.
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I am not a compost expert, hopefully others will chime in here. However, I would probably at least cut the pumpkin up a bit so it decomposes faster. I do a lazy compost and don't turn it often (it's a closed bin) and I have had things start to grow out of the seeds, since it doesn't get hot enough to kill the seeds. I don't consider it a big deal and have actually transplanted a couple of things (like pumpkins) out of the compost and into the garden.
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cutting them up will make them decompose quicker, but not required.

And yeah, stuff might grow in there--even if you cut the potatoes up!
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Here's the deal to a compost.

1. if it is hot nothing will grow
2. you have to have layers to make it hot.

To do the layers you need to have some manure on hand. Any kind will really do, but if you only want a small ammount of manure to go a long way I recommend turkey or chicken manure as it is particularly hot. Just add manure between your layers of organic material. This will cause the organics to break down faster.

Other things that will keep your pile hot,

1. moistening it with water to keep the oxygen in the middle... you fuel heat with oxygen.
2. turning it (I turn mine approximately once a month.

if you are just useing a trashcan you can consider it turned if you just dump the can into another... then the stuff on bottom is now the stuff on top!

Happy composting!

If anyone needs manure in the west michigan area just email me! you can have it for free if you are willing to use a shovel and wheelbarow! I have both horse manure and rabbit manure.

email me if interested

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Sometimes when I add things like whole pumpkins I use the shovel to chop it or at least break it open so it will break down faster but it's not necessary. It doesn't seem to matter what I do to potatoes, they are always slow to decompose. But I still add them. Composting is pretty easy, just throw stuff on and it will decompose eventually.
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