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soaking up all these ideas...
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check out this site too for lots of food gift recipes!
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How about cute ornaments for the Grandparents using popsicle sticks to make a frame and putting a pic of the kids in it? The kids can decorate the frame. I have a bunch of ideas for homemade ornaments that are really cute and inexpensive (I used to teach pre-school so I have lots of inexpensive ideas!) let me know if you're interested and I'll post some.
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I would love to hear your ornament ideas!
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Ok, once I get the munckin to bed I'll be back!
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Originally Posted by mom2tig99Nroo03
soaking up all these ideas...
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im making cookies. I bought 12 tins at the dollar store for $1/each. Some of these will be given locally, some will be mailed. Since we are living with FIL at the moment, and since they wont let us buy anything, lol, they will be buying the supplies. I have bought a few other things for certain ppl that I know they need and that didnt cost very much. but so many ppl want my peanut brittle and cookies, i might as well make 'em.
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oh thanks so much cj's mommy. I have a long list of things I keep for the future for ds and would love to add these!!! the frame is a good one though, maybe I will do that this year.

anyone have any ideas for handprint crafts? ds is only 8mo and we made the cutest shirt for DH for Father's day..I would like to make something like this but different for the grandparents as I'm not sure they'd wear a tshirt.

Christy- would you mind sharing your peanut brittle recipe?
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We did one that had the prints on the back (you could do a sweatshirt) that said "My dad/grandpa/peepaw deserves a pat on the back!"
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Handprint crafts:

Handprint wreath

Trace childs hand onto green construction paper, or paper that has been fingerpainted green. Depending on how big you'll want the wreath, you may need to cut a lot! Overlap you cut out hand prints in a circle with the fingers facing to the side. They don't have to be too close together, but close enough so it looks "full" Add a red bow for decoration. I made one of these when I was small and my mom loved it so much she bought a frame for it and puts it up each Christmas.

Handprint tree

It's pretty much the same as the wreath, trace and cut out handprints. Starting with one handprint for the top of the tree work your way down each row adding another handprint with fingers facing down. 1 for the top row, 2 for the second etc. Kids can decorate with all kinds of things to make ornaments and lights.

Someone mentioned salt dough earlier too, you can roll that out and cut a circle large enough for your childs hand with a bowl so you get a nice circle and make a hand or foot imprint. You can leave it plain or paint it when it dries. You can also write in their name and age.


Reindeer ornament or magnet

Using popsicle sticks make a triangle. Kids can color or paint the tirangle. The tip of the triangle is the nose. Make antlers out of pipe cleaners glue them to the top. You can buy those googly eyes or draw some in. Glue a red pom pom to the point for a nose. It can be hung with yarn, or you can buy the strip magnets and put a small piece one on the back. You can add the childs name and year or age it too.

Cinnamon applesauce ornaments.

I don't have a recipe for this but I'm sure there is one out there. Your basically going to make a 'dough' out of applesauce and cinnamon. I would start with a SMALL amount of applesauce and keep adding cinnamon until a dough forms. I usually also add a good squirt or two of white glue. When you get a dough consistency, roll it out about 1/4 inch thick. You don't want it to thin or the edges curl and it will crumble easier. If you make it too thick they'll never dry. Using cookie cutters cut in into shapes. Use a straw to make a hole in the top for a string. Let them air dry for several days. They smell wonderful! These also make really cute additions to tie onto gifts. Just make sure you let people know they're not edible!

My creative juices aren't flowing tonight, so that's all I can come up with. I'm sure I'll think of more and I'll post them when I do.

HTH some!
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Wax paper ornaments or window hangers

Shave red and green (or preferred colors) crayons with scissors. Take a large piece of wax paper and fold in half and open back up. Have your child sprinkle the crayon shavings in a thin on one side of the wax paper covering a large area. Fold the top piece over the shavings and iron (set on low-med) until the shavings melt. When it's cool cut into shapes - stars, Christmas trees, Snowmen (you could use blue and white shavings for this) bells (if you had metallic crayons this would be cool!) You can 'frame' the shapes with construction paper, brick brack (the wavy fabric stuff) leftover fabric or yarn scraps, etc. Punch a hole in the top for hanging. They're really pretty if put on or hung near a window so the colors can come through like stained glass.

Gingerbread people

Cut large gingerbread people out of brown construction paper, have children decorate with whatever you can think of. Glitter, fabric scraps, buttons, yarn, the list is endless!

Photo album

If you happen to have a lot of pics of your kids and their grandparents, print them out and put them in a small photo album. You can usually find some nice ones at the dollar store. If you buy an album size a bit bigger than the picture size you want to do, your kids can color a backround page for each picture.

Back to those picture frames. You can buy alphabet noodle letters and use those to spell out words like "Me and Grandma" the letters you don't use you can cook up for soup.
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Rainbow mom - Would Grandma wear an apron? They also sell canvas bags that would be nice.

I bought a package of Computer Printer Fabric craft store it was $6 for 4
8.5x11 sheets. You can print a pic onto this fabric and then sew it or use bonding paper to put it on a canvas bag or apron too.
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Hi-I normally just lurk, but we're doing lost of homemade gifts this year because of $$ reasons so I thought I'd post.

I second the melt and pour soap idea. This can be done very cheaply-last year I added green tea and oatmeal to glycerin melt and pour and used washed out yogurt cups for molds. If you can swing it www.brambleberry.com is a great source for fancier molds, scents, etc.

Stenciled Picture Frames-My sister was admiring a picture frame that I painted and stenciled years ago and said it would look great in her living room. I'm kind of attached to it, so I'm making one for her rather than giving up mine I have tons of acrylic paint and stencils laying around from craft projects over the years, but you could purchase stencils paint and brushes for less than five dollars and do a number of frames (buy basic wooden frames at the $1 store).

Handprint ornaments. We're going to use either salt dough or applesauce-cinnamon dough depending on whichever works best. We'll stamp DDs handprint in the dough, punch a hole in the top, bake or dry the ornament and then attach a ribbon and card that says this (I copied this from a post on another message board so I can't take credit for it)

I miss you when we're not together
I'm growing up so fast
See how big I've gotten
Since you saw me last?
As I grow, I'll change a lot,
The years will fly right by.
You'll wonder how I grew so quick
When and where and why?
Now each year when you trim the tree
You'll look back and recall
My very first Christmas
When my hand was just this small!
Love Ellie 2004

We're also doing calendars for our moms with pics of the grandkids, but I splurged and ordered the calendars from www.exposures.com and I'll add the pictures myself.

Mama to Eleanor Katherine 8.2.04
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Hi ladies

I too am quite poor this year.. and will be registering for salvation army or something in my town to help..

now i need to come up with a good Yule present and Birthday Present for dd.. she is turning 6 on dec 17.. and the problem i have is i cannot sew, knit, or anything.. im not all that creative.. so what can i make or do...

I need HELP!!! MDC is full of creative ppl... especially the ones on this thread...
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for all these great ideas!!!
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tricia, I am in the same boat, my ds turns 8 on the 19th of December. It is hard enough to buy for one thing, but two! whew!!
Okay, can you scrap book at all? I would make her a little scrap book.
What is she into? You can make her a book by printing up pages off the internet, or hand copying them. FOr instance, I am going to nose around online until I come up with 50 silly jokes, and I will write one per page for my 8 yo.
Assemble the dry ingredients for a loaf of bread, package it nicely, include a recipe card, and help her prepare and bake it.
make her personalized play dough in her favorite colors, and add glitter to it. Look around online for a simple playdough recipe.
My puppets were super easy to make and I am not creative at all. I listed them on page two.

OH!!! These are the things I am jealous of moms of girls for!! Give her a certificate for a SPA DAY!!!

Wash her hair in the sink and put in up in curlers, paint her fingernails(if you dont have nail polish, use markers or little tiny stickers), make necklaces and bracelets together out of macaroni for her makeover when it is done, spread some fancy lotion(if she will stand it) on her face, use some lotion to give her a nice massage, oh, and when you are washing her hair, give her a mirror and do lots of crazy hairdos while the shampoo is still in, paint her toenails, make her FANCY smoothies out of yogurt and fruit, put makeup on her(if you dont have any, maybe go to the dollar store?), dress her in her nicest clothes(or her silliest), put on her jewelry, and take lots of pictures. then put on workout clothes and have a yoga session.

Or, give her an invite to a tea party and make scones and tea, have all the stuffed animals over, play classical music and sit and drink.

OR-give her an invite to a fancy restaurant, have her invte a friend, and you play server. You make a lovely table and a lovely meal, and use the best dishes, and go whole hog on the stuffy restaurant server thing!
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Okay, how do you stop yourself from feeling deprived and feeling like you arent doing enough? Right now this all sounds well and good, but around the 21st of Dec, I start to think, "I am not giving everyone the most fabulous christmas ever" DOes anyone else deal with this?
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Getting together with other mamas and making stuff would be fun to!! Save money and talk
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I LOVELOVELOVE the little poem to make with the handprint ornament. Since it isn't my boys 1st x-mas, I'll have to change it around a bit. But we're definatly doing that!

Boysrus~ I hear ya! I used to feel that way. But just make sure every body is having fun and happy holidays, ya know? I had to find that balance between wanting the Better Homes & Gardens Christmas, and what I could actually pull off! We have found a happy medium that would probably make Martha Stewart scowl, but we feel great about it!
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I've actually tried to tell all my friends that we're either making or recycling all of the gifts that leave our house. Somehow that was the hardest thing. Once I'd mentioned what we are doing, I feel absolved of the guilt. Now if they choose to buy us gifts, it's because they want to, not because I expect them to spend money.

I just phrased it as a novel idea I'd heard, trying to cut down on consumerism, handmade and chosen from our house gifts mean a lot more...
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