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Maybe this doesn't count because it does cost some money, but I'm attempting to make homemade gifts for almost everyone this year. We don't give DD much for Christmas as her grandparents get her plenty, so she'll just get a couple of things we picked up at garage sales or on clearance earlier in the year. I'm making a duvet cover for our bed for DH (I admit, this is one expensive duvet cover, I'll probably end up spending $50 for the fabric but I wanted to do a duvet cover anyway). I'm making blender and/or mixer covers & fabric plastic bag holders for my mom and my sister (total cost for fabric, around $8 I think). My dad is getting a new Christian T-shirt that I bought a couple of years ago and keep forgetting to give him. I will buy a gift for my brother unless I can think of something to make him (what on earth would you make for a 21 year old guy, anyway??). We're making a clock with a picture of our kids on it for DH's parents, and birdhouses for his siblings to put in their yards. I'm making cookie-mix-in-a-jar for DH's nephews and iPod holders for his nieces. So it won't exactly be a $0 Christmas, but it'll probably end up costing us no more than $50, including buying a gift for my brother (but not including the duvet cover fabric). We probably spent $350+ on gifts last year, not including what DH & I got for each other, so this is a big improvement. Hopefully next year I can do ever better as I'll have more time to think of ideas and keep an eye out for giftable stuff/fabric/etc at garage sales. I wish I could do more food gifts for DH's family as I feel like they're hard to get gifts for (short of giving gift cards at $50 a pop) but they're all wonderful cooks & bakers so that out.

Oh, I liked the idea someone had earlier of giving coupons for homemade baked goods or for making someone dinner...too bad none of our relatives live near us or I'd definitely go for that idea!
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Well, since I lost my job it has been really important to handmake our gifts this year. I have used yarn I already had to make:
Each of DH's Grandmother's a shawl
His parent's a blanket
And my friend a shawl.

I still need to make my parent's a blanket. I am off to raid my yarn stash for that one right now
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Originally Posted by daylily View Post
Here's what I gave FIL one year:

I made a little card enrolling him in the "bread of the week" club. Every week, (for 6 weeks) I'd bake a loaf of bread and deliver it to his house while it was still warm. He loved it,--as soon as I walked in the door, he'd snatch it away and start buttering himself a slice-- and it cost almost nothing.
That is an awesome idea!!!
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Here's some ideas and some gifts I am going to make this year:
Crochet dishcloths and matching dishsoap dresses
Crochet bath pouf and back scrubber
Crochet afghans for my 5yo bg twins
Crochet bowl
Small quilts to set on the table or hang on the wall
Jar candles in baby food jars
Crochet toys (niece and babies)
Hats and scarves
Bible covers (crochet I think)
Swiffer Sweeper covers (crochet---tip-if you wash with a pair of nylons, use no fabric softener they get really static-y and pick up well)

And...taking from a pp...a cookie of the week club. I can do this for several friends. I think I will present a card (shall I use Cookie Monster?) and 1 dozen cookies at Christmas and then deliver a dozen every week for 4-6 weeks...I just love this idea!!!: Chocolate chip, oatmeal, Snickerdoodles, Peanut Butter, Sugar...I will have to browse the internet and my cookbooks for some new and interesting recipes. I could even do that for my mom who lives across country. I could ship her a box once a month!!!
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I am also looking for homemade gift ideas. I have dehydrated apple snacks and banana snacks that I am going to make into gift bags and have a list of books that I am going to check out from the library tomorrow.
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