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Feeling sooo impatient!

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I swear, I'm going insane I feel so impatient to have this baby that I'm actually looking forward to labor! I'm literally obsessing over labor preparations.

This pg is dragging on sooo slowly, how can I make time fly and keep things in perspective?

Any ideas? Nope, travel to exhotic places is out of the question. I'm so bone tired all the time that it seems like most fun activities are off the table, I can't even read or watch TV because these things make me queasy.
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I wasn't feeling that way until yesterday. I was going along just fine thinking April will get here soon enough. Then when I was at the doctors office I kept hearing comments like " Boy, you still have a ways to go." Now I'm feeling impatient. The power of suggestion. Hang in there. April really will be here before we know it. The holidays will fly by and then we'll only have a couple more months.
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ummm, you could come down here and help me with two children under 3.5 yrs old, while i pack and clean our house LOL. the days are flying by for me.

i went to the spa today for a day of pampering and i told the ladies that i wasn't that far along. then i went to use the bath room and i sat there thinking, "how far along am i?" and i realized i am 19 WEEKS!!!! i'm almost half way done. WOW, where does the time go?
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LOL to coming to help 2 kids under 3.5!!! I have 2 kids: ages 2 & 3, so I can totally relate! LOL

My thoughts on the matter of feeling impatient... and I know having a new baby is a happy occassion... but just think about the sleepy nights, round-the-clock nursing, sore nipples, 10 diapers/day, packing up 2 kids vs. 1, loading up 2 kids in the carseats, going grocery shopping with a toddler & a newborn, trying to return to pre-preg weight, etc, etc. Wears me out just thinking about it!!! Don't get me wrong, I'll enjoy caring for and nursing my new baby just as I have #1 and #2, but just try to enjoy your time with "one" child because you will definitely busy busy busy with two children! I am savoring these nights I spend after my children are in bed, sleeping through the entire night, because I know my nights will be unpredictable once there is a newborn in the house again.

Maybe something you can do to help pass the time and the impatient feelings is to catch up on things you may be behind on. If you're like me and most I know, you might be behind on scrapbooks/photo albums. Maybe that's something you can do in a non-queasy manner (LOL). If you enjoy reading, maybe you can find a non-baby book to read to help get your mind off of things. I know it drives me NUTS when I can't stop thinking about something!!!! Dr. Phil's 'Family First' book should be a good read. Or go for something a little daring, like 'Gulag Archipelago' about the mass Russian imprisionments (surprisingly interesting me! and I don't like history nor do I like to read much!).
Then once the queasiness subsides, reorganize a closet, the pantry, etc. Just some thoughts.

You'll get through this , and before you know it, your new little one will be here!
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Can we trade places?

I've only known for 1 week and 1 day now that I'm due in April, so to me I feel like a lot of time has already passed by! Instead, I'm stressing that there isn't enough time to get everything ready for #2.

But with number one, I felt the same way you do. I was eager and excited to become a first mama, so some days it felt like dd would never get here. I did a lot of house cleaning then -- just ask dh (who had to keep moving the furniture and such around for me! :LOL)
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