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I've been outed~they know I'm a Pagan~HELP!

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I've stuck my foot in my mouth and hopped around on a hornet's nest!!
I live in a VERY conservative, VERY Evangelical Christian area. Even more concentrated in the homeschooling community around here. Even the groups considered *inclusive* are very Christian-centric, all are welcome, but 'other' beliefs are not considered, included nor tolerated.
A pagan mama wrote to our little group asking about the local meaning of "inclusion" and I took the opportunity to finally be honest about who I am and offer her some support (and to encourage her to move here ~ I'm tired of feeling alone!). The Jesus Freaks are in an uproar, to say the least. If it were 200 years ago, I would sincerely be afraid for my life! Instead, I'm gonna suffer the label of "freak" which I don't mind, I've just never been *this kind* of freak before.
As a newbie, fledgling wicca with Pagan beliefs, how do I do this??? I'm taking all of the attacks very personally ~ I want to move away or crawl under a rock and hide til all this is over ... I know I've been called to live here, I feel compelled to be honest about what I believe ... This is my first admission to anyone other than fellow Pagans. I don't want it to be my last, but golly this is painful! Have you *outed* yourself? How did you recover?? What do you say to these so-called Christians? Do you socialize but keep your faith secret?
I am so thankful to have MDC to come to when all else is crazy...
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funny, we are riding that fence

Is there a Unitarian Universalist church around you could attend? They are very supportive of all faiths even if that specific congregation has Christian leanings, ours does, but there's no dogma, so it's OK!

Chin up. You are a strong woman who perseveres. I am sending you even more good vibes than I did at the Group Manifesting Party!!! I'll light a candle at my alter for you and your family!
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I just wanted to apologize for my religion . . .I'm a Christian but the thought would never cross my mind to harass, attack, badger or otherwise make unhappy someone that doesn't share my beliefs. Esp. if we had something in common like hs. . .maybe you should gently remind them that Jesus spent more time with the "corrupt" than in church. I'm really sorry, ,and it makes me (and God, IMO) sad to hear of Christians being ugly toward other people. We're not all like that, promise!
I'll be thinking about you and praying for you (if you don't mind!)
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sunmountain ~ I just called the UU church They're having a "Potluck Sunday" this weekend, and the kids will be working on a unit called "Who is God" thru the month of September! The woman on the phone musta said "You're gonna fit right in around here" about 20 times!! Exactly what I needed to hear after a morning of ugliness!
As I'm discussing the services, etc, I ask if there are any homeschoolers in the group... No, she says, but I did just get an e-mail from a homeschooling family considering a move here... ~It's the same woman who opened the fateful discussion on the Homeschooling board!!!! What are the odds? She e-mailed me this morning and teased about what kind of storm I had brewing in my cauldron...Her move here may just be part of this fateful plan :LOL

Hi nernie! Thanks for apologizing on behalf of others who use your title inappropriately (Christian, that is). I have been a part of this online group for over 6 months and have said *nothing* about blessings, prayer requests, even prostelyizing ... I really don't mind, I have no intention of begrudging someone thier beliefs In fact, when DH was ill, so many people were praying for our family I joked, "well, whoever is in God's favor today, someone there is saying our names" Thanks for your prayers, don't forget to include the others in your prayers too, I am lucky to have a place to get rid of this negativity, they may not (P.S. Glad to still see ya around here )
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I swear you have better kharma than Ghandi
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I think Mitch has chosen to be "Social Director" on the other side and is living vicariously thru me instead of coming back himself!
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We have always known you were a freak. We love you anyway . You're my little freak and don't you ever forget it.

Sandra, Chad, Madeline and Lilyka

PS. This is why I don't do things with specifically Christain homeschooling groups. I'm an ever-lovin' Jesus freak and I am scared of those people.

PSS I have some fabulous pictures of Hannah from ballet. oK one really, really cute one and a pile of OK ones. PM me your address and I will send them to you. hey then you'll have my address and can send me my SLING! (I will even send you a great big envelope and address lable to ship it in). What a plan
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I am glad you are finding a spiritual home. I have had my share of christian ostracizm (which I cannot spell at the moment) and I am christian and it is not fun and very painful.

Maybe you could set up an open religion homeschooling group...it really sucks they are treating you like that but some denominations are assholes.
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try not to take what they say personally. keep in mind that they are not really reacting to you, they are reacting to their own issues/fears/insecurities. it could be that part of why you are there is to help those around you evolve their consciousness, just by your being there.

be who you are and be an example. let them know that you accept them as they are and where they are, and you respect them and their belief systems. you are not prosthelitizing or trying to convert anyone, just as you do not want to be converted.

remeber that what you put forth...
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Diane, you're AWSOME! I'm glad you were honest. I know I've mentioned my parenting beleifs in a group of mainstreamers and felt the same way.

I was born and raised Roman Catholic and have been swaying more and more toward Pagan beleifs. The onlyh hold back is that I don't have time to pursue it all!

As you can guess, my in-laws are outraged and choose to ignore it. Be strong and proud of who you are. I think your an amazing woman!
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I want alainameow to live next door to me!
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i am not that far...nyc.
peace out
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I am definitely in the broom closet at work.. though i do wear a pentagram and so i guess people could figure it out if they thought about it.

I am out among my family and friends.. but then most of my friends are Pagan anyway.. family is cool with it, mostly. Mom says she knew i was a little witch when i was a girl.

I am sorry you had to go through difficulties.. but it does seem like those difficulties are leading you to community and a friendship.. so i am happy for you for that.

My husband and i are just starting to reach out to the Pagan community here and considering the UU Church.. I really want Caleb to have other Pagan kids to celebrate holidays with.
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Originally posted by lilyka
[B]You're my little freak and don't you ever forget it.
I'm an ever-lovin' Jesus freak and I am scared of those people.
See, I've been sooooo spoiled! I expect all the *other* Jesus freaks to treat me with the same level of amused disbelief that you guys do!!! I just don't know what to do with this ajesus attitude (as in completely without Jesus in their thoughts). Again, I remember if we are all made in the Creator's Image, there must be something redeeming in all of them... If I can bring them one step closer to the Christianity that Sandra and her family not only represent but *live*, it's a job well done for me. Thanks for pointing out a worthwhile calling here
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Originally posted by Ms. Mom
Roman Catholic ... been swaying more and more toward Pagan beleifs.
What today's Catholics don't want you to know is that what you're practicing is a Christianized version of Paganism :LOL I've got my standard examples, Christmas moved to hide Solistace and Resurrection Sunday called Easter after a Pagan Goddess of the Spring... I've just discovered the Goddess Freya, her holy day is *surprise!* Fridays, and on her sacred day, her followers ate *surprise!* fish, her sacred animal
Oh the walls are crumbling, all the secrets are coming out! I am taking some kind of giddy pleasure in uncovering them... :LOL

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ooo, it feels so good to be right

We forgot to drop the bomb today about the fact that we won't be celebrating Christmas this year. We're planning a Solstice celebration. But we will do it soon...can't WAIT to see their faces...
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Hi there.

I'm a Christian but am labeled (well, correctly I guess) a little new agey and earthey.

I'm ashamed for what you've endured it isn't right. In fact if you live in the southeast PA area give me a private message so we could hang out together or something

Anyway, I know what it's like to be ostracised by Christians. I was kicked out of my church to pave the way for the Ezzos to infiltrate that church (yukyukyuk )

Hope you're feeling better now go, woman, howl at the moon and ride your broom!!!

Debra Baker
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We've had a bit of a taste of that too.

Not moms pulling their child away from ours, but a friend of 14 years deciding she can't be friends with someone of such different beliefs(I didn't realize I was hiding so well, I was generally just myself: ), and fundie neighbors who didn't control a bully child who was harming our son. That wasn't directly a religious issue though, other then they wouldn't hear anything that would burst their bubble.

Other neighbors around here are just never around and/or make no effort to return visits.

What little I know of the local homeschool community tells me it is very Christian oriented. Just as well I don't have the temperment for homeschooling and that DS does well with the outside contact. We'd be Completely isolated if we tried to homeschool.
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my older daughter, now 14, was in a conversation a couple of years ago (during an art class) about people's belief systems and adam and eve. two of the girls were fundamentalists and they tried several times in the course of the conversation to put my daughter down and intimidate her because of her belief system. in the end my daughter let it go telling them that they could be who they wanted, but she was sticking to who she was.

for the long term (although she never confronted them about it) she had a very difficult time understanding how people could have such a strong belief in system in something that she felt there was so much contrary scientific information on i.e. adam and eve v. theory of evolution and those sort of ideas.

what she did understand was that each of us believe in what we need to believe and that those beliefs are what is part of our own individual experience of being in this incarnation.

however, while one of the girls accepted my daughter as she was, the other spent three years of middle school tellign my daughter (each time she had the chance to), that her soul belonged to the devil and when she died she was going to go to hell.

my daughters response to this was "i find that hard to believe since there is no such thing as the devil or hell, those things are not part of my belief system and i would have to believe in them to to end up there."

this is the same daughter who woke up a few minutes ago to tell me, "if you nose runs and your feet smell...then you are built upside down!" -- it cracked me up, so i had to share that.
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Your daughter's got some head on her shoulders!

Back when he used to play with the youngest boy of the family up the street DS and he had a conversation to the effect that it didn't matter who you prayed to: Mother Nature or Jesus. That was when they were 6 and 4 respectively. Too bad that attitude of acceptance didn't last.
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