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Ugghhh... I'm awake, again!

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Well, it's 3:43 AM and I am awake. It seems like the third time I get up to go use the bathroom my body just decides it is time to stay up. Anyone else experiencing this??? This time, in some attempt at positivity, I thought, "this is good.... when the baby wakes up at this time to feed, I will be used to it!" But, even the baby has good enough sense to be sleeping at this hour - he hasn't even woken up while I eat these yummy dried mango strips (sugar usually gets him moving!).....

Okay, I am a little loopy, not sure if any of that made sense. Happy sleeping to all!
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I feel your pain. I was up at that time last night but not on the computer 'cuz DD was puking for three hours straight. But I have been up at wierd hours a lot lately...and stressing about it because my daytime hours are so busy that I cannot afford to be sleepy and out of it. And 10 more weeks of this to go! Arrgghh! Overall, I know this baby is much easier to care for while it is inside of me...but I am starting to get a bit uncomfortable and crabby...already.

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I can definitely relate!!!!! The first 5 months you couldn't wake me with a bomb. The past 4-5 weeks, however, I wake for the littlest noise!!!!!!!
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geesh, I'd say that 5 nights out of 7 I'm awake for about 1.5-2 hours in the night. I get up to pee (1st, 2nd time, no matter) and I'm just wide awake. I've been reading in bed, or surfing in bed (have wireless- though it's not all that comfy these days).
Surprisingly, I'm not all tired during the day- though I am falling asleep soon after 9pm, which is early for me.

And my baby is definitely UP with me!

It's all par for the course!
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yup, me too. Have been since about week 2. I can't explain it. Usually it's a pee thing, but sometimes I just wake up and there I am, all awake and Dh snoozing away next to me, I can even hear the dog snoring! I sometimes take moon drops (homeopathic and very nice) which help, but I do get a bit drowzy in the am with them and I have to get Dd on the bus at 7:25 (brutal, that). Lunch, breakfast and school bag, not to mention teeth and clothes (minimally!). So there we are ... awake at the oddest hours. Try to nap whenever you can, is all I have for suggestions. andy
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Hi Ladies-

It's good to know I am not the only one! Mamabeca- I feel your pain, getting my ds out the door has been a chore!! I guess the nice part about not working is that I am not in so much of a rush. The weird part for me is that I have had trouble napping lately... hopefully this will pass!

Chiromom- I hope your dd is feeling better!! Was it a 24 hour flu?

Malama- wireless in bed.... that sounds nice! It has been snowing here and I would love to curl up in my bed with a down blanket, surf the web, and watch chick flicks....

PS- We should have a little middle of the night chat room that we can all visit if we're up with nothing to do!
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